Are Lectins in Food Good or Bad for You?

Are Lectins in Food Good or Bad for You?

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100 thoughts on “Are Lectins in Food Good or Bad for You?

  1. It would be interesting to see information about sprouted ( for a few days ) soy beans and kidneys beans.
    Will all negative things ( lectins, phytic acid and so on ) go away or not?
    Or anyway that food have to be cooked?

  2. Really liked the vibe in this video – much more objective and to the point than the last few videos, which were at times a bit silly IMO.

  3. Eating beans and voting for a single-payer health insurance option are like two peas in a pod: You'll be healthier, and the pharmaceutical industry will be forced to be more selective about which research they choose to fund because they'll have fewer dollars to spend.

  4. I got some cramps when I undercooked kidney beans a while ago but it reminded me of a quote from the Matrix that made me feel good. "Why do my bowels hurt?" "Because you've never used them before."

  5. If the lectins make cancer look more like regular cells, wouldn't that just make it harder for the body to recognize the cancer cells, thus making it harder to get rid of the cancer?

  6. I don't think most pharmaceutical researchers even realize how ass-backwards their approach to medicine is at this point. It's not even "how else do we make money?" as much as it is "how else do we do a placebo-controlled trial?"

    It's about scratching that OCD itch to verify a theory beyond even the most unreasonable of doubts.

  7. The word lectins describe a class of compounds (not one – there are likely millions) some may be good – some may be bad. This would be like taking one view on a particular type of fat & generalizing to all fats.

    I personally believe in a vegan diet with proper soaking/fermentation & cooking of beans (more than referenced), etc.

    But it seems studies like this one below are somehow not addressed. I'd love a review of auto immune pathology.

    Perhaps there's more going on that just broad generalization?

  8. Lectins can still be poison and good for you. We are finding that stressing the body can be good for you: Exercise and fasting are both body stressing, and force the cells to fix themselves. If lectins are poisonous they will STRESS the cells the come in contact with. Healthy Cells can deal with the stress. Cancer cells are very aggressive, but they are NOT good at stress. They need that sugar and safe environment or they die. It is a natural way to do chemo/radiation. Lectins, fasting and exercise: All good at protecting against cancer.

  9. For instance – what about the lectins in nightshades? Here's what Dr. Gregor appears to have said about them for those with sensitivity.

  10. Do a video on Mold Mycotoxins in beans, coffee, peanuts, corn and other moldy foods which are a neurotoxin and immune system disruptor causing CIRS chronic inflammatory response syndrome which i have.

  11. Best laugh of the day, comes at the end. Big Pharma wants to sell us "lectin-based drugs." I'll just eat a tasty bean burrito.

  12. Is soaking lentils necessary? They boil so easily in 30 minutes or less. Is that enough to rid them of the "toxic lectins"?

  13. Do garbanzo beans count? I buy a supposedly raw hummus that I’m assuming are dehydrated so it is still considered raw.

  14. Am sorry for Dr. Gundry who just see the negative sides of lectin.. Am a vegetarian and have never seen any problems with vegetables, no stomach pain, no parasites no gastrointestinal disorders. Only thing I wld recommend taking plenty of water after taking kidney beans and you wld definitely digest them… Good luck..

  15. What is the difference between tart cherry and camu camu? Other than the fact that 1 is grown and Brazilian rain forest.

  16. So If lectins do not exist after cooking why do beans cause upset stomach and gas unless pressure cooked? Serious question please 🙂

  17. Dr Greger likes to point at petry dish studies and pretend they mean something. They don't mean shit.

  18. seems as though every season there's a new fad diet being promoted like crazy… is it really to help people or are they preying on peoples good intentions to be healthier? maybe it serves a bit of the greater good as they all seem to point towards eliminating processed foods and refined sugars. i wonder if the big pharma will somehow have financial ties to this book author? wouldn't be shocking… but it would be a sad reflection of how everyone/anyone is trying to cash in on the diet/gut-health promoting industry

  19. Can someone reply to this questions, please, and tell me what's best? Thanks!

    – Whole wheat bread or white? brown rice or white? peanut butter, yes or no? corn, yes or no? starch in general? carbs?

  20. so basically, beans (or white kidney beans) should not be eaten "raw"… rather make sure to cook them in boiling water. this is the assessment i've gotten from this. please correct me if i'm wrong.

  21. I have been eating kidney beans my whole life and the though of eating them raw just makes me laugh lol

  22. in my country there are medicine made with lectin extract taken from a berry, dont remember name, against stomach and colon problems!! It works too!

  23. Every doc is a quack, Gundry says to drink a liter of olive oil a week and Greger is an emaciated balding weak-boned MD.

  24. Interesting.
    There are many lectins of many different types, some of them quite deadly. Ricin is one. Like fats it seems we need to get more specific than just use a general label. The lectins in wheat especially are problematical to many, including me, although pasta is fine, because it removes most of them. But whole grain bread, even normal bread, and other wheat based goodies gives me inflammation and other problems when I eat more than a little.
    And I love baking bread. 🙁 Wheat lectins are not removed well from basic bread. It's mainly in the husk and fibre. The WGA in it is quite a problem for the human gut often and gluten is a lectin that causes many problems.

    We need more specifics with this. We are not naturally grain eaters in bulk anyway. But good video because it shows it's more complex than just ban all lectins. You couldn't really anyway. But we may need to be discriminating against some bad ones it seems. Beans properly prepared are very valuable, from research.
    Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, always the best!

  25. This only apply for people that has problems already. Because the raw food people are doing fine. So relax every body.I have lectin problems, but making people paronoide by talking about foods and cancer.So if we do not eat this and that, we are all going to drop dead and at the same time we will have a leaky gut, become inflamated and get others problems. There are lectins in raw carrots and beets, but that is to healthy foods that is needed. This is really start to annoy me. Basicly, we can't eat anything but cale, broccoly spinach, advocado and blueberries

  26. I have leaky gut and CANNOT digest any lectins, it get violently sick so I avoid it and when accidentally eaten I know very well why. no wonder so many people are "allergic" to beans, peanuts, gluten, onions and garlic, chickpeas (also high fodmap foods are dangerous to some of us )

  27. I just watched a 45 minute video of Gundry bashing beans, legumes, wholegrains and nightshades and my vegan head was melting as my my life was crashing because he was telling me not to eat my staple foods that my life revolves around mainly grains and potatoes. I want 45 minutes of my life back Gundry!!

  28. Some people just prefer beef flavored farts to bean flavored farts. But there's also everything in the video, too.

  29. Gundry did get it wrong but so did Dr Gregor….some lectins are good and some are bad and some do nothing but it depends on the bio markers (sugars) on the cells lining your digestive tract (yes there are 4 different varieties)…and no lectins are not always cooked or digested out…lectin in latin means "to choose"

  30. Watched Gundry's anti-lectin, no-reference video earlier, then came to see what evidence Dr. Greger had on lectins. Thanks for the info…I'll keep eating beans.

  31. OK let's balance things out here, lectins can have beneficial effects but they can harm you as well. I have noticeably reduced my symptoms of GERD by pressure cooking my beans and rice ( a daily treat for me) I did not cut out my healthy whole foods just prepared them in a way that further reduces the lectin content and it really helps. My mom's side of the family and all of us kids have food sensitivity around certain lectins mostly gluten or tomatoes. Not all people have the digestive enzymes to break down all types of lectins and too many of them in your gut can and will create nasty issues.

  32. Thank you Dr. Greger for all your work you are saving millions of lives with all your dedicated time in this field, much love and all the best!

  33. Were you a former QVC salesman?

    Edit: I was just going to be "cute" and leave it at salesman BUT upon listening to some of your other videos I believe you to be a GATEKEEPER.

    Yes, keep the masses in line consuming whatever the gods of industry proclaim.

    For the reader, have you ever asked this one question: Whom does civilization serve?

  34. I wish Dr.Greger stopped pushing bias views and start giving balanced views. I have been a vegetarian for almost 30 years and my heath has been worse than when I was eating meat. There was a time I ate legumes daily and was feeling sick each morning until I stopped. So this is dangerous to claim that lectins are absolutely safe. What is point if their anti-cancer properties if they make you feel as though you are taking toxic anti-cancer drugs.

  35. As far as I know, raw peanuts and cashew nuts are not digestible. Here in India both are normally eaten roasted or fried, however, in the western part of India peanuts are sometimes cooked like beans. Boiled peanuts in the shell are also sold has a snack. And in Goa where cashews grow some people cook them when fresh though the majority are dry roasted or fried.

    Of course one should eat these nuts only lightly dry roasted or boiled, to guard against AGEs. I have all my other nuts raw, and very lightly roasted cashews are easily available ('steam roasted' although that sounds oxymoronic) but peanuts vary, sometimes (deliciously!) rather well roasted. I'm thinking to start having peanuts boiled instead of roasted.

    Great to read this about lectins. I recall your information on phytates too.

    I bought your book 'How not to die' when it came out, 2016 I think and have shared its title etc. on whatsaap and facebook. Great to see your videos, thank you and my high regards, and good wishes.

  36. Everyone has a different metabolic type and if your sick with your stomach or bowls avoid lectins and gluten. If your healthy just do what you think is good for you by your feelings

  37. I did a month diet where for lunch I would eat only stewed beans. I lost almost all my belly fat, became very lean and muscular. Best food on earth!!

  38. Here is a link explaining that Steven Gundry's book is unscientific and does not prove his claims:

    'The Plant Paradox' by Steven Gundry MD– A Commentary

    Although I am open minded to possibilities, I have a bigger reason not to believe what Gundry is saying. Just looking in the Bible. When you consider things from a perspective that is not based in the idea of evolution, but in that God created all things, it doesn't make sense to say that edible foods, such as vegetables etc, are "poisonous" to our system. If something is going to make us sick, such as poisonous mushrooms for example, we are going to know about it right away. But to have so much "sneakiness" lurking in so many foods whereby one may get sick by consuming too much of, cannot be embraced by one who believes in God. It makes sense to eat a variety of foods for the best health, and that is normal to do. However if we want to know the reasons for so much illness today, it's not coming from what's natural in food. It's coming from the poisons added to food or from depleting what is natural in food, and from drugs and how man tampers with the natural. It's coming from man made contaminants. For those of you who believe in the Bible, consider these following verses:

    Romans 14:2 For one believeth that he may eat all things: another, who is weak, eateth herbs.

    3 Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not; and let not him which eateth not judge him that eateth:

    1 Timothy 4:4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be
    refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: 5 For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

    Further: corn, wheat, barley, honey, bread, etc. are all approved as "food" in the Bible. In the beginning God said that every fruit from every tree is good for food (and forbade just one). So if none of this is tampered with in an unnatural way, then they must be fine. It can't be that Lectin rich foods are causing illness. If people are getting better by changing their diet, I would say it is not because they stopped eating something perfectly natural to eat. There is some other reason.

  39. Uranium also kills cancer, im not eating uranium. This guy is so biased its impossible taking him seriously, from food poisoning to 1000 people he goes to talk about petri dish experiments

  40. No wonder Dr.Gundry is pushing "Don't eat lectins". He's in the medical industry and we know they don't want to lose potential cancer patients. Follow the money.

  41. IF LECTINS ARE REMOVED DURING SOAKING AND BOILING, ARE THEY IN THE WATER INSTEAD? IS IT SAFE TO EAT THE WATER USED TO BOIL THE BEANS IN? I can’t tell if lectins are deactivated or leach into their cooking water. Which is it??? Thank you!

  42. I fries my black soy beans (ie, black beans that has green kernels inside the husk found only in Chinese grocery stores) with a bit of water to cover them with celtic sea salt in a fry pan until they kind of crack a bit and they makes an addictive, crunchy snack (ie, if you don't have any fake teeth, because they're harder to crunch into than a typical almond nut but worth the crunch). I eat them all the time during movie time, and my dogs love them as a snack as well. A good movie can't go without them. I don't feel anything bad, nor does my dogs. They're far more healthier than salted peanuts IMO. It gives you big, easy-flowing poops and very detoxifying. OK, sorry, too much info 😉 But may be that's why researchers found them helpful for colon cancer prevention. I don't care what they do, lectins or not; I'm just addicted to them, especially with a good movie to go with; and they makes me and my dogs healthy and happy. Beats pop corns a million times over.

  43. It is amazing how many people conclude that avoiding plant foods is advisable. You need to look at the big picture. The advintages of plant foods that contain lectins far outweigh the dangers, when part of a largely whole food plant based diet.

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