Are Steroids Really Bad for Your Health? Maybe Not, says Steven Kotler

Are Steroids Really Bad for Your Health? Maybe Not, says Steven Kotler

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26 thoughts on “Are Steroids Really Bad for Your Health? Maybe Not, says Steven Kotler

  1. FDA approved, Doctor prescribed, medications made in high tech, Sanitary Labs which are Inspected and graded to the highest RX standards and prescribed to millions of people Have DOZENS of side Effects! Do you think the drugs Some underground, Scumbag, money hungry,Tren, Dbol, winstrol, etc Manufacturer Dont? Made in a Dirty, unregulated, uninspected shack or kitchen by some Bro Science Goofball?! …I'll wait.

  2. It would be interesting to see the lifespan of bodybuilders who only took steroids, compared to those who added growth hormone, insulin, and diuretics, into that game. Abuse of Steroids is bad enough, but when you add the rest?….

  3. Not true! TRT in low doses is ok, but still has risks as the testosterone is synthetic. Even mild doses of anabolics causes havoc on the endocrine system! It also raises cholesterol levels leading to heart disease. Heart enlargement happens at low doses as well! Google deaths of pro wrestlers and body builders. Yes the more you take the more damage. But any use to increase testosterone over high normal range is dangerous, that with the fact that all steroids on the black market are counterfeit or for animal use can cause huge problems!

  4. Testosterone itself, (not referring to the more harsher steroids because there's a lot of misconception) can be very safe when monitored with huge benefits!

  5. People don't realise when bodybuilders die, it isn't the steroids it's the body weight the steroids + diet + training etc allowed them to attain – Putting strain on the heart. Steroids are a minor factor.

  6. Dude you do a 4 minute video and give the wrong message. The issue is no on uses them safely. In order to see mega gains you need to stack them. Dont tell me they dont cause your heart to expand and blood vessels to clot. Im a medical student you are oversimplifying the issue. No one does 2 CC of test and are done with it.

  7. The modern bodybuilding lifestyle, which includes the heavy use of steroids, is what's bad. Just saying they're good, is like saying aspirin is good: Yes and no. High-intensity exercise alone can have enough of a positive effect on hormonal balance so as to rarely need the addition of exogenous hormone therapy. Types of steroids, sizes & frequency of doses, interactions with other drugs, the huge caloric intake and high protein content of bodybuilders' diets… Blanket statements like : "Steroids are safe" will do a lot more harm than good among the young males most interested in steroids.

  8. Unless you're a competing athlete or under 30, just do the roids!! Most people out there are gullible fools anyway who think an Arnold or The Rock physique is possible naturally and are none the wiser.

  9. injectables (and maybe anavar) or SARMS in doses athletes (not bodybuilders) do and lil hgh, hcg after age of 35-40 is ok.

  10. I really didn't like this video, he over simplefied the topic overall, and he only gave us one example. Maybe steroids dosen't effect your liver but steroids can lead to deep depression and suecide. And that i think is verry serious.

    Ps. Iam no expert

  11. My friend did injections pills and the gel for 2 year's he has no health issues just dont abuse it

  12. well alot of things are bad , and sells without problem like the coca-cola, beer, some drugs ofc if you abuse most of them your health will be bad, i dont think steroids are that bad, if you take safe and at your own risk, idk whi people are so afraid of them xD

  13. Long term steroid users look much older than their age bc the drugs ages them which is why many die earlier. They die in their 40s or 50s bc they have the internal organ damage of an 80 or 90 year old. Look at top fitness YouTubers on steroids. They all look at least 10 years older than they are…Marc Lobliner, Jerry Ward, Tony Huge, Coach Trevor, etc.

  14. Most guys at commercial gyms nowadays are taking steroids. None of them have the massive problems the media tells you they will. Society needs to change its opinion on steroid usage

  15. I’ve been running enhanced drugs since I’ve been 19. I’m now 38. I have 3 beautiful kids and I’m healthy as a horse. I feel like I’m in my early 20s, and look better that 95% of kids in that age group. I don’t recommend using them unless your serious about lifting and be dedicated to a clean diet. Do your research before taking anything!!!!!

  16. And now theirs gonna be some dumbass idiot that thinks "hey this guy looks smart right? Yeah, now im gonna take Steroids" and fuck his shit up completely. Look the reality is Steroids are drugs just like anything else. If you take them are you gonna die? No but over time if you do use them over and over again, you'll look deformed, if you masterbait (which if you're thinking about taking Steroids in the first place, im sure you do because of self esteem issues) STOP IT! you'll grow actual man boobs. On top of that their so many other problems. you'll loose a lot of your strength 10-15 years later making you very weak as an individual, and you can potentially pick up a lot of other side effects such as (i forget what its called) but it has to do with your testicles shrinking. You potentially wont be able to have sex, you might even have erection issues. I'm not a doctor i dont know okay? But theses are all common factors when taking steroids. If you're a fat ass in general you'll either gain a considerable amount of weight or if you skinny, look old and wrinkly as fuck. You're better off taking crack or speed then this shit.

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