Are You Missing out on a Valuable Nutrient?

Are You Missing out on a Valuable Nutrient?

a lot of times when people decide to take a look at their health they focus more on what they should cut out of their diet than what they should take but could your body need more omega-3s they’re so important for cognitive brain health support healthy blood Florida arteries and may even be good for your skin in here you can choose foods that contain Omega threes like mackerel tuna walnuts and tofu how much omega-3 foods contain is typically not listed on nutritional labels but suddenly find that for them diet alone is not enough and then omega-3 supplement may help them get what their diet may be lacking so talk to your doctor before taking any supplements we’ll be right back brought to you by mega red [Applause] you

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2 thoughts on “Are You Missing out on a Valuable Nutrient?

  1. New research shows that omega 3 capsules are bad for your health, eat some Damn walnuts and flaxseed and save your money.

  2. Good thing foods like walnuts, flax seeds and hemp hearts exist. Honestly, hemp milk is better in every way imaginable!

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