what is up ladies and gentlemen CJ the cheese DJ here we are back with another R value or a video for you guys today and today we'll be showcasing to you the bosses of Val Giro now guys there's three tiers of the bosses very similar to all the other maps you can see here easy medium hard and we'll be going through each of these and seeing what the bosses heltah like and then obviously comparing them at the end now between the two between the three sorry you do need different artifacts so it's three sets of different artifacts across the board so it is rather I mean I mean I don't know you how annoying it is because I haven't actually done any of the artifact caves on Val Giro but the hard one is scorched earth artifacts and then these are you stand and island artifacts so it's gonna be interesting to see how easy or hard these artifacts to get are because I haven't actually done it yet but we will be covering videos on it in the future so guys if you find yourselves to join the video don't forget to leave a like and subscribe down below but without further ado let's activate with the first one so we're gonna teleport in we've got creative mode activated as you guys can see this is just gonna provide us with invulnerability and pretty much what we'll be doing is we'll actually be comparing the health of the bosses now we have a superspy glass mod on it as well which is what's gonna help us compare the boss health except I'm not 100% sure if it will work just so time will tell and I guess we will find out so I will be teleported in there a sec now I actually don't know where the boss arena is on the center you can kind of tell where it is like in the redwoods oh damn whole damn alright oh okay so what do we got so we got the dragon we've got the mega Pittacus and is that the manticore so then where is the brood mother or is it different for each obelisk that is something else we have to look at okay so it does give us health so we've got 100k 432 K and then put a little make-up ethicist chillin over there at 180 K so I'm not a hundred percent sure if it's different at each obelisk but we will have to find out these two it just they're just doing their own little things that's fine so okay so for 30 to 100 and 180 well the manticore is actually really weak at least we know these guys look there's some water over here in case you get a bit thirsty I do kind of like the boss map though there's like a ruined castle and going on I don't know if there's anything behind the castle but it's all ruined the Dragons just taking hits from the manticore he's just like dude I really don't have time so these guys I mean dragon and remains cool aren't too bad one thing I do want to say is how much damage they actually do because I don't know if they would be nerfed because there's three of them so what we're gonna do we're gonna spawn it in and gonna spawn in a race just to see how much damage these guys do all righty guys so we've just spawned in a level 1500 Rex he's trying to attack but he's just getting on slaughtered by a wave of monkeys and he is on fire I don't know why he's moving so slowly please or maybe some angels venom but he's literally doing nothing he can't do anything the dragon he's gonna decimate him well somebody in another one for backup purposes so I'm not too sure if they do reduce damage or like what the cases but it looks like these guys I mean we obviously summon in love with boosting and country races so they're gonna be doing damage to the dragon how much health other ex is actually on they were on 35 so these guys getting now getting beat up pretty badly so I can see this being a very intense boss fight that's for sure because like look at the damage that the bosses are putting out that is some extremely high damage numbers like twelve hundred and six I don't know if I can't remember off the top of my head if that's what they hit like on the other map for like that's some serious damage going out right now so our X is about the diet and then we'll be able to tell whether or not the main booster yes they skimmed milk straight through his health heart so that Rex is dead so now we'll see how much damage is actually take so he's getting damaged for about 233 okay so 23 33 these guys have no saddles on either by the way so it's interesting disease 233 from the magical dragons going back up in the age pretty damn low mega-pick is still his name of the game this is yeah this is intense because in the trailer you see the Broodmother but you don't see mega Pittacus so I'm just a bit concerned okay so 1800s it's still the same from those three alright so I think we've compared enough for these now let's just kill the bull you have learn the emotes no more sure alright sir and we actually only got 20 element where is okay we're gonna get all the stuff now so doesn't make a Pittacus where's the drag killer dragon there you go dragons dead and that was 40 elements so we got 40 head off the dragon 20 off the mega Pittacus thank you for that and now we need to kill the manticore everybody okay and he's dead so we got 25 so the menticles gives you 25 and he's probably the easiest to kill if you can get him to land that is why once he lands he pretty much just won swarming so let's take a quick looks and see what we got so we got some elements are 85 element split between it so it was 25 for the manticore 20 from the watchman call it the mega Pittacus and 40 from the dragon the skins the flags the trophies okay so that was the first boss fight so we're gonna see what the next one entails whether or not they've got boosted stats higher than what you currently just saw as well as that we are gonna see if different obelisks have actually different buses because I what would like what would it be for like so say they do different buses for three different obelisks you've got the Broodmother you've got the mega Pittacus rock well no they can't do rock well though so I don't know we'll just have to see wait and see so J stay tuned guys alrighty so here comes the second wave the medium ones so we're gonna see just how tough these guys are and whether or not they hit for the same amount of damage as the easy bosses but tawa-tawa will spawn in our level 1500 wrecks you know well this one mm right now they're all in there oh okay survivor evolved you wouldn't achieve it oh that's a pretty look Rex so yeah we're gonna get this guy and see if he takes more damage from the bosses see if the bosses have different amounts of health as well alrighty guys so here we go now oh oh okay so they've got double health well so far the Dragon has 864 Manticore only has an extra 30 K and the mega Pittacus is 396 so uneasy he had 180,000 he's now doubled that more than doubled and he's on 396,000 the dragon is on 864,000 so he has doubled literally he was on three sorry he was on 432 so his health has doubled and then the manticores gotten an extra 30k health so I don't know if the manticore just seems to get sucked away kind of funny all right so let's see if they hit four more gonna come get anybody dragon all right so 291 that's how much she was hitting before so it doesn't look like they've gone up in power they've just gone up in home now that is a pretty big deal obviously because well it's gonna take more to kill and it means you could potentially lose more dinos so what we're gonna do actually before we do that we're just going to drop the element e so you see how much forget we're gonna kill the dragon now we know how much damage it doesn't know how much health it has so that's cube at 110 element off that bad boy I'll take that all righty sorry becoming heat would test it marries the baby because he's just running around doing his only thing he's like I ain't even care I'm just doing whatever I do alright we're gonna get out Rex to attack this guy come on big guy let's go oh he's attacking the manticore never mind all right so the manticore is hitting for more damage okay so the menticles doing more damage than he did previously so that makes sense as well and I was obviously gonna get harder but he's only got an extra 30k health so here's a bit on the lacking side in comparison to the other two as well as that the mega P because it does do more damage that 2700 days from a Boulder toss from the mega Pittacus so that is a big difference in damage quite a large difference all right so we know how much damage these guys do let's kill them off so the dragon gave us a hundred and ten element let's see how much the manticore gave us so ninety element from the manticore and fifty-five element from the mega Pittacus which is a bit weird no it's not makes sense so we got twenty previously off the mega Pittacus and 25 off the manticore and 40 and it has almost tripled for the manticore and the dragon so that's pretty good so okay medium buses are done let's move on to the hard bosses all righty guys we are in the hardy area let's take a look at these bad boys health oh all right so the Dragons obviously gone up a little bit of health and hasn't doubled but he's gained about an extra hundred and ten thousand which is quite a lot of health the manticore has gained an extra 30k and we can see the making appeals against the mega pizza kisses grained about a hundred eighty K so that's a pretty solid amount of healthy Rexy get in there see what damages yeah obviously it's gonna take more damage so 436 damage so it is a an increase in damage as well so this is gonna be a very very tough fight for those I mean if you're not um if you're unprepared obviously you can bring the best stuff and it's cool but I mean at least we know how much hold these guys have so well don't double check here some export did you have a hundred see yes he's gone up an extra 100 an extra 30 K and he's gone up an extra about a hundred and DP roughly cuz he was 396 before so he's at 540 now which is pretty good so now I've seen how much health they have they obviously hit a lot harder so there's no point in testing their damage because we have really no way to do so I mean we we obviously do this doing it right now but we're gonna see how much element these bad boys give so let's kill them off alrighty guys so we're gonna drop the old element just plunk that out boom all right now we're right underneath us okay so I will kill the manticore first so juicy 190 element which is an extra hundred on top of what he gave in the previous level and oh that is a very nice-looking dossier okay let's kill the mega Pittacus okay so the mega Pittacus gives us a hundred and ten element which has doubled his previous amount at 55 and the dragon gives us 220 which once again has doubled the amount he gave us so that's uh that's pretty good at least we know what they give us and obviously you get your trophies and your flags and stuff like that but from the hard you get 520 element which boy oh boy that is a lot of element so let's get out of here and we're gonna just do a quick flyover to see whether or not the other obelisks have the same bosses cuz I'm not I understand sure so that's something that we definitely have to check out but I'm really digging this sort of castle setup they've got it is pretty cool it is probably one of the nicer our boss arenas that I have seen especially with these like cascading waterfalls all around you it's really nice so yeah it looks really safe is there anything back here no okay you can't get back here there's no there's like an invisible barrier so let's head over to the other obelisks and see what the deal is over there alrighty guys so we are at the red obelisk and it's the same so magic Omega P thickest and the Dragons so I don't know if the broodmother is a separate dungeon and you just face her in there but we still do have one more obelisk to go to so it might be over there I don't know we'll find out all right guys and we are after the last obelisk and it's the same here as well exactly the same tributes as well so we did see the broodmother in the trailer so I'm thinking it's in a dungeon now if someone's priority or someone's property you're probably already done a video on it and I just have no clue so if you guys know where the video is or if you know what dungeon it is let me know and we should be able to cover that as well also these guys are polar bears you can actually tame these so that is pretty good now they're just like variants of like the divers but you can't tame them up and they look differently which is uh pretty good if you ask me so we're going to show this to you real quick I mean there's no real point in actually actually us showing you guys right now but yeah you can't tame these guys up so that's pretty good so yeah but we're gonna wrap up the video here guys so just a brief summary of how much damage they did and their health and the ailment they gave so uneasy the mega Pittacus had 180 K health he gave 20 element when defeated the magical had 100 K health and he gave 25 element when defeated the dragon had 432,000 health and gave 40 ailment on level 2 the medium the mega Pittacus had 400 K health rough estimate he had 396 but it's easier to say that magical had 130 and the dragon had 900 the mega Pethick is gave 55 element Manticore gave 90 element dragon gave 110 element and the mega Pittacus on hard had 540 K health 110 element the manticore had 160 K health 190 element when defeated and the dragon had 970 to 2,000 health and gave 220 helmet so just a brief wrap-up for you guys there so we're gonna wrap up the video here so guys thanks very much for watching hopefully you enjoyed it if you did don't forget to leave a like and subscribe down below for more arc but other than that I will catch you in the next one

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