Ashwagandha’s Many Benefits for Men: From Test levels to Nutrition

Ashwagandha’s Many Benefits for Men: From Test levels to Nutrition

Hey guys, do you want to be
better? Find out why Ashwagandha maybe an important plant ally for you. Hey, I’m Logan Christopher from Lost
Empire Herbs and today on a talk about Ashwagandha’s benefits for men. Ashwagandha is a root that is used
from ayurvedic medicine and has been for thousands of years and lately it’s
become quite a bit more popular. And as far as the different
herbs that are out there, a good amount of science is being done
behind Ashwagandha because it is doing so many different things in the
body. So let’s talk about this. What do you want as a guy? All kinds of different things you
could be going for it. But, let’s start with exercise. Some of the research is showing
improved exercise performance, improved muscle strength
from taking Ashwagandha. And before we get into these
specifics or dive further, let’s talk about kind of the basics
of it. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. It is helping the body better
be able to adapt to stress, both physical stress and mental
stress. And in doing this, what does that really mean? Right? So in our life we are bombarded
with different stressors. Now back in cavemen era, we had the
saber tooth tigers chasing us, right? We had that acute stress. Today where
it’s much more of a chronic stress. We’re not being lunged at for
lunch for a tiger anymore. Instead, we have deadlines at work,
we have financial loads, we have issues with our family and
friends, all kinds of different things. Plus there’s all the stressors. We’re not necessarily even thinking
about the chemicals in our food and water supply and even the air we breathe.
Electromagnetic pollution, all these different stressors that are
on a chronic but more subtle level that are attacking us. So what’s important
to know is that with adaptogens, right? These can help stimulate our body. They’re actually stressing our body in
such a way that our body ramps up its own defense systems are its own ability
to handle these stressors. Now, Ashwagandha specifically works a little
bit differently than some of the other popular adaptogens such as Rhodiola
or Eleuthero, Siberian Ginseng, or even the normal Ginseng, right?
A lot of these can be stimulating, which they can be great, right? Giving
you these, this energy and stimulation. However, we’re mostly an overly
stimulated society, right? Downing, cups of coffee, drinking red
bulls, this sort of thing. Even just the hyper normal
stimuli from social media, from TV and movies, from
porn and all that stuff. So we’re overly stimulated. Ashwagandha works a bit differently than
these other ones. It’s more relaxing. It even can help people sleep
better. A not for most people, it’s not something that’s going
to knock them out right away, but you take it over time and it just
helps you to get deeper sort of sleep. It helps you to be able to handle these
stressors better so that a thing that would’ve set you off in the past,
say your boss yelling at you, something like that. Now
it’s no big deal. It can be likened to water rolling off of
a duck’s back. This is a really cool attribute that Ashwagandha seems to have, it just helps you better to deal with it. That I say is kind of the main thing. So with this, we can see biochemically in the body that
cortisol often comes down and cortisol works on an inverse
relationship with? .. testosterone. So as Cortisol’s too high, because it’s stealing the starter
material for the hormones, testosterone tends to be low.
If we can lower cortisol, often we’ll see testosterone going up.
And that’s another really cool benefit. While we have at Lost Empire Herbs, some other more like directly boosting
testosterone herbs such as our pine pollen tincture and Tongkat Ali, I like Ashwagandha. Like I feel like I’m good
on the testosterone front, but just taking Ashwagandha semi-regularly I feel it’s, it’s kind of a more balanced, herb by itself. It’s not more directly boosting, but it’s helping with these background
functions to allow the testosterone, the natural testosterone to
emerge from it. In addition, Ashwagandha has some effects on
neurotransmitters on the brain. Specifically can be working
on the GABA receptor, which is one of the reasons it may have
these kinds of calming effects to it. Because that is one of our kind of
empty stimulatory neurotransmitters. Uh, In addition, some of the science
is showing that it’s neuroprotective. So if you have a say
Alzheimer’s in your family, you want to be looking at what can I
do to help mitigate that from being a problem in the future? Something
that you can do to prevent, then Ashwagandha may be something that is helping on the brain health as well. Not as much detail in
the science going there, but it’s showing that Ashwagandha, it’s having this systemic
effects throughout the body
from the physical to the mental. Working all across the body to
really help the body better handle these stressors. So there’s a lot
more detail about Ashwagandha. You can check it out at Lost Empire herbs dot com. We have in-depth articles
and details about our stuff, but that’s some of the benefits that most men may just be interested in. So to recap, it can help with
exercise, it can help with testosterone, it can help lower stress, it can
help protect the brain. I didn’t even mention
sexual function. Of course, along with testosterone and
exercise being very similar, that can happen along with that. Lowered
stress certainly helps there as well. Improve sleep, so lots
of different benefits. This herb by itself is kind of like a
formula just because it’s half doing so many things across the body, having
these systemic effects. Of course, there’s many great
Ashwagandha’s on the market, but I’d recommend you try
ours at Lost Empire Herbs. We have a spagyric tincture that is
grown around the Portland, Oregon area. Biodynamically farmed, organically
farmed, really cool stuff. There’s not nothing quite
like that on the market. If you head over to our Ashwagandha
page on, you’ll find the details that goes
behind all of that processing, all that preparation to really bring you
some of the best Ashwagandha out there. It’s an amazing, amazing herb.
It’s one of my favorites. I definitely recommend you give this
a try. If you’re a guy, as I said, lots of benefits for you on this one.

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