Asking Trump About Healthcare Like Asking Gerbil About Physics

Asking Trump About Healthcare Like Asking Gerbil About Physics

we talked about Donald Trump with Stephanopoulos before the interview apparently coughing Mick Mulvaney was coughing and interrupting things we don't know if that was planned or what this story was with that here is another moment as Stephanopoulos had a lot of access to Donald Trump we've seen him now sitting in some type of garden we've seen him in the in the Oval Office and now he's driving in his limousine it's weird it feels like this was shot with a an iPhone doesn't it which is conceivable that they did decide like let's go with a smaller camera the idea being that he will not feel like he is on TV on TV I mean I know that is the theory that a lot of people have when they do some some stuff like this maybe that's what was going on here here is Stephanopoulos talking to Donald Trump where Donald Trump's pretending they're gonna roll out a new healthcare plan I feel like this is the fourth time he said this since the other health care plan went down in flames the III think the Democrats would would would love this but here is Donald Trump insisting insisting I mean there is a there is a sense that he's like flailing around panicking now when I I say that I don't mean to in any way imply that he is capable enough to know whether he is genuinely in political peril or not could be he's just panicking and he has just as good a shot if not a better one of getting reelected than he did last time so there's only so much value to this and as long as it does not end up being like maybe I need to start a war – you know it may be largely irrelevant but here he is talking about healthcare whether you go to boners over this next year what is the big unfinished piece of business you're missing this is so we almost had health care done Healthcare is a disaster Obama care but we've managed it much better than they manage it so we've made it serviceable but it's not great we're going to produce phenomenal health care and we already have the concept of the plan and it'll be questioned tell q2 with the plan yeah well we'll be announcing that about two months maybe less it's unbelievable it's Jay he's changed though cuz he used to be too weak yeah yeah it's always the increments of two but yeah two months will get you to it I wonder if there is some type of like some type of I don't know sales research they used to give me two give me two minutes if you're on in two hours let's go to

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47 thoughts on “Asking Trump About Healthcare Like Asking Gerbil About Physics

  1. I take issue with the headline of this video . Comparing Trump to Gerbils in any way , shape or form is completely unfair to Gerbils !

  2. This Healthcare stuff is hard, myself, the Conald Clown Tyrant Trump, don't like to think.

  3. Trump's "plan" is a bait & switch, like it was before. He & the GOP want to repeal the ACA & leave voters with nothing.

  4. Unless the Gerbil is stuck inside a politician (like Lindsey Graham), please leave innocent Gerbils out of political talk. Thanks.

  5. In 2 days we'll have a plan drawn up that will take two weeks to implement and in two months from now, you won't even believe how good your healthcare will be. In two years from now, we won't even need to talk about it anymore because we'll have the best healthcare in the world.

  6. I’d take my chances with the gerbil. Additionally, I feel third-party claustrophobia with how closely Trump is sitting next to George.

  7. Trump might actually ask a gerbil about physics himself. Might be as much physics as he’s able to understand.

  8. Two years campaigning, two years (going on three) in the oval office talking about replacing Obamacare, and all they have is a CONCEPT of a plan? WTF?

  9. Trump didn't know what he was saying or doing. He just knew ooh yay camera. His all consuming need for attention overtook all. Trump isn't even self aware enough to know if he is panicking or not.

  10. "2 months" is just short enough to seem soon, and just long enough for people to forget that he said "in 2 months" 2 months from now. He is brilliant in his own twisted psychopathic way.

  11. 10 seconds into Trump's answer: three statements 3 lies. I can't watch this psychopath anymore.

    "We already have the concept of the plan"…by concept does he mean 'think about coming up with a plan for healthcare'?
    I guess that's better than not even attempting to have any plan for the last 10 years.
    So what Trump is saying is "we still have nothing planned."

  12. The sad thing is, the gerbil's answer will be WAY less inarticulate than Trump's.

  13. As a gerbil I resemble That remark. Sure a lot of us have orange hair and cubby cheeks small beady black eyes. ; but these are genetic not learned, and higher mathematics are not taught at petstores 🐀

  14. We literally have Michael G Scott as president, but not funny, charming, or lovable in any sense- just delusional, obnoxious, and severely idiotic.

  15. Obamacare is such a disaster..but it saved millions of people. And it was better than NOTHING!! I HATE TRUMP!!

  16. Alright setting my calendar.
    By Labour Day, Trump will have announced his healthcare plan. Well, mid-August…. Before the kids go back to school.
    Alarm set. 🕒 🚨

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