Asmongold Comments On Etika's Death And Streamers Mental Health

Asmongold Comments On Etika's Death And Streamers Mental Health

I guess I'll talk about that now since people are waiting right basically here's how I feel about it obviously it's it's a real shame whenever somebody like that you know decides to kill themself I mean like that's kind of like obviously like I mean what else is there really to say there you know I don't need to repeat myself there I mean it's just really kind of shame because I saw you know I'm watching one of this guys videos back in like I don't know 2000 and like 16 or something and he seemed like just to be like such a happy and like vibrant person that was just like full of life and to see somebody like that reduced to having to do that and feeling like they have to do that it's really disappointing and it truly is and like regardless of that I mean I hope this tells a lot of people because you know people were just like accusing him of acting crazy or you know like being you know I guess dramatic or whatever why people think they control and abuse online personalities forget they're not immune to mental health problems because they perceive that because these online personalities are able to make a living online and usually are pretty well off financially that they're not allowed to have social or mental problems because they have money for most people money is the main problem in their life so they view anybody who doesn't have money as a problem in their life as not having any problems that's why they're true yeah I mean that's obviously why I mean there are a lot of people that are like just kind of naive about this kind of stuff and that's gonna if you go back like you know maybe like five or six tweets that he made you're gonna have tons of people that are just like talking shit about him in the comments right and thinking that oh well you know like if we just you know he'll just man up and you know he's just faking it he's just doing it for attention etc apparently not cuz now he's dead I hope those people feel as stupid as they should unfortunately I'm pretty sure if you're stupid enough to think people are faking mental illness for attention on social media you probably don't have any self-awareness to begin with so it's too bad obviously like there's a lot of stress that comes with like trying to create content online and it's something that a lot of people don't really understand because obviously they don't do it and I can see why a lot of people wouldn't understand it at all and I think that people don't really like the idea of you know people like as an example like complaining about streaming is something that a lot of audiences really really don't like and so and the reason for that is that a lot of people are actually very envious of streamers I think and so if somebody who is in like a position that you envy you know is like not very I guess like thankful for that position a lot of people feel like resentment towards them because they're jealous and I think that's kind of what happens with like streaming and like you know like just doing content online in general I'm Joey as fuck yeah I mean like you can you can see this sometimes like most people don't really say it outright because they're probably like kind of shamed of it or whatever but every once in a while you'll get somebody who actually just says it and I think that's always really helpful to see I mean also was Nielsen bipolar well yeah but I mean like he's not the first person who's expressed you know mental like how many streamers have had like mental disorders that have been manifested or at least encouraged probably by streaming I would say it's very common so I don't think it's ROI just as simple as saying it's because of the bipolar disorder and also like how much did streaming feed into that that's another was depression phase but you got help and got over it well a lot of people have had depression and like different mental disorders sort of like I mean think about how many streamers I mean it's not really hard everybody can think of probably half a dozen streamers that have had mental disorders and it's like also you know it's kind of like a weird thing because with like streaming you kind of have to I don't know it's like if you're not like right in the head and like not right in the head meaning like crazy but just like in a good place mentally I can be really hard and like damaging for somebody's like mental state to try to like stream and pretend to be somebody else for like a long period of time so it makes sense that somebody like that is gonna you know there's gonna be a lot of like bad things that like kind of come out of it what about the guy in the wheelchair I don't know about that oh yeah yeah that was like oh yeah yeah the guy the fucking what was that what was his name Sylvia no P yeah so no P in the in the well I think that's very different right because you can see that some like one thing about mental illness right is it's not visual you can see somebody is you know like handicapped and are not able to get out of a wheelchair for example much more easily than you're able to see somebody who you know has mental illness or depression or whatever it's a lot harder to to communicate to people that don't understand it fundamentally so it's like if somebody's missing like an arm it's like you don't need to worry about that person faking it because it's obvious now I think mental illness like because you do have I mean like there are people that fake mental illness for attention of course this happens to say it doesn't happen is stupid but I think that you should usually give people the benefit of the doubt and hopefully with more situations like this happening it'll be less socially acceptable to be critical of it I mean do you get arrested a month ago for suicide threats I can see that yeah I mean like obviously it seems like it's pretty pretty serious about it he's up there Paul I feel basically to dare suicide people to kill themselves I don't think that they dare them to do that I mean like I feel like that's generally socially unacceptable already it'll always be socially acceptable to make fun of men's issues no well I think that's just a stupid thing that m-ras and insel say in order to rationalize why they're not part of society it's not true at all okay yeah I mean the thing is that I yeah I do I think there's a lot of streamers obviously that you have to have like a certain amount of disconnection or like of a disconnect between like an audience because whenever you get too emotionally invested in it I feel like that's really whenever you you know you kind of start to lose the plot and you get a little bit too crazy and you know I could feel myself kind of drifting into that before I took a break for a while and that's why I took a break because I could see like you know I'm getting a little bit fucking weird so I've got to just take a step back and just take things a little bit less seriously I think not giving a fuck is probably the most important trait to have as a streamer and if you cannot give a fuck much you're gonna be in a really good place but yeah just don't feel a fuck no I'm serious like not caring what people say and like what feedback is and you know basically just like having like a high like sense of like I guess it a personal self-esteem is really important for like a streamer just in general okay I'm pretending to give a fuck no okay like people people consider it very what's the word for it like me virtuous or like a my admirable whenever somebody is willing to like accept like abuse which I always find is a really really weird national it's a very very really like toxic mentality to have but it's very common and for Josh playing for a whole day after inviting over the way his girl they rage craft a stream didn't stream for a whole week well yeah I mean nobody likes that kind of stuff right I mean everybody the thing is that like there's a lot of people that think that being on the Internet gives the lot of people that view somebody else putting themselves on the Internet is an open invitation for them to receive abuse and they also make the logical jump between because you will receive abuse on the Internet which is inevitable you will receive abuse on the Internet because you will happen it's okay if they do it and that's like the rationalization that they use and obviously that doesn't help anybody it's very very bad and I think that's just like kind of the live streaming community in general yeah that's pretty much it yeah tolls is truly amazing yeah of course it is the only thing I'd abused is your butthole when you're also using my chat by typing that stupid fucking message in my too many goddamn times thank you okay I mean you have people are fucking retarded well I think it's more than that they're retarded I think that they're jealous and they want to kind of lead Trump they're jealous or unhappy with that and they want to use that unhappiness or jealousy is like a tool to like you know like make other people unhappy that way they feel like they have some sense of you know connection with them in some way that's why I like usually like less streamers like if you're always happy and always positive about stuff people will they won't like you as much in general and I think there's like a lot of like more nuance to it than that but I think there's very very you know a lot of commonalities there well I think there's also like I mean if you're always happy and like always in a good mood etc there's a certain amount of expectation that like by doing that you're probably being fake and I think that's why people feel that way quite a few subjects you dress however I don't give them the introspection they deserve well that's not really your that's not an argument that's just you saying that I'm wrong so don't take that very seriously okay but yeah I don't know like to me and generally I I worried that like the live streaming community right it's like they there's too many people in like the community that are like jealous I guess of the people that are the streamers in the community and because of that there's like always an element of resentment it occurs between like the audience and the streamer yeah I don't think that's very healthy at all and I don't really know how to solve that problem though I have no idea because it's a self-perpetuating problem you

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22 thoughts on “Asmongold Comments On Etika's Death And Streamers Mental Health

  1. Honestly, I think the streamer was cool, from his point of view, but my god the chat in his stream is toxic as fuck

  2. It was kind of stupid for him to talk about someone’s death in a twitch stream of all places. There’s way to many ignorant morons who don’t care about anyone, he should just made a separate video.

  3. Wanting to lie about having a mental illness is actually mental illness in itself. People lie about wanting to kill themselves will go through with it if people think they're lying. So people that are lying still need help.

  4. “Unfortunately I’m pretty sure if your stupid enough to think people are faking mental illness for attention on social media you probably don’t have any self awareness to begin with” I guess he’s never been to Tumblr

  5. The worst thing is that once they have commited todo it they seem all well, bwcause they have finnaly peace with thenselvs and a clear goal. Have a friend who did it. The mental hospital said that we was finally no longer Ill 2 days later he drowned himself :/

  6. Problem os that people connect problems they have with money and they think that if they have money things will start to go better that is why so many people do not think rich people can be unhappy

  7. The bigest problem is that always the most positive and happy people strugle the most.And these people always act like they will never do such a thing like suicide.Its a mask

  8. quoting etika himself in his last video where he literally announced his suicide: "social media can be a very dangerous thing indeed"

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