Asmongold Forced to Watch VIDEO Requests (Welfare Wednesday Ep. 8)

Asmongold Forced to Watch VIDEO Requests (Welfare Wednesday Ep. 8)

Oh guys this is what dine feels like catch me ridin dirty hey that boss fight was pretty hard that was smoked by the way that was good actually it was good it's always good you know I got my helmet I know it's fucking great okay champ make Azeroth really we have to do that one like why would somebody paid money for that stupid ass shit right there you really is this what we're already starting this up I like other kid holds his hand in there dude that's a fucking psychopath right there holds a kid's hand in there too it's a fucking fiend I love it action what is this guy this guy so much as I do oh we actually killed him still though I think that'd be a lot funnier if I knew what the fuck he was trying to say the did it fucked up there it is that's like expectation versus reality what BFA was supposed to be able to actually was this is how professional eSports foyers walking around in public contrast in temperature across the UK just 12 degrees over coastal parts of eastern England with cloudy skies but in the sunshine in Northwest Wales at RAF Moana just up the road from plan by the critic winger to go get AK wind Robert fantasy leo go go go the template you've got to 21 Celsius at 70 in the fair enough what that's gotta be bullshit like there's no way that there's actually a place called that like I that's gotta be bullshit what is this the new is this the new gnomes like it was that it couldn't do to you spongy au revoir Mon Dhoni congedo you okay okay hey asmin big fan you know I've been trying to recreate your art here anyway I just wanted to show you something I had it somewhere here I think you know the wrong way I think it's this one I don't know Rowan was it this way oh no that's my car oh shit I'm Sam sorry that's by my old Milo it's by my own mod infidels okay I bet he was mad in that video was that supposed to be funny from the sky it's a bird hi the two time there's a real band hi everyone Ann's here from heal versus but I gotta say he's mad a little bit low energy today so if he's mad don't mind I'm just gonna deny guarantee his mad ship well just a little simple look pick me up right that's good so use it work drive it home gets home pops up in a beer goes on the computer goes to bed wakes up again is this Fight Club just play classic wow man what the fuck Wow that's why I love this fucking song I still actually like a t-shirt this song and I was actually gonna buy it I love the eight I think probably the best part of it is like the aim messages just makes no fucking sense I used to watch this all the time back in the day fucking love tea man that's such a good fucking song man back in the 90s I should have come out on Cartoon Network I get so fucking excited Yeah right live Oh imagine be I met was it where's his dad yeah where's the dad I mean what is this this is this is sad well yeah cuz it's like her you know 35 year old son still living at home trying to make his youtube career by making goat sounds at her turn opal I haven't watched this before so I don't really know what the hell this is all about watch it it's really good I only really like watching things with swords and Dragons but maybe I maybe I'll do this one it's okay it's a great show a lot of people say it would be terrible that happened in real life that's spray paint spray paint man it's uh custom it's not expensive that's incredible you guess yet that's fucking hero is the best moment I've ever seen in my whole life that's incredible Wow and diabetes that's kind of funny I guess it could be a lot worse I'll say that this is Europeans thinking that they they're smarter than Americans that's what you're oh yeah oh my god this was so long ago this is back and wide this is more like God just started my stream at this point and that's I think is either Meccano or nasty number dude that's like years ago that's so crazy I mean I think it was that long do it whoa child abuse man that shit's funny I'm Rena brilliant I love dogs oh you want to go the other way probably that's not good at all what the fuck just shut the door like that IIIi would not want to have that together especially cause news about me [Applause] absolutely should be Tony someone called her on skype we're what the fuck what the fuck is this where the fuck does he record this shit oh wait what the fuck yeah that's insane okay okay dude okay oh wow oh my god that Mike was just so bad it was just peeking over and over I remember this very well go back in time fifteen years let's walk this guy was such a fucking idiot like in evening when all you do is play World of Warcraft for like four or five hours yeah done yeah back in high school back when I had no obligations and now he has to make his Gundam models he doesn't have time for that anymore that is exactly whenever I think of a redditor I think of him all right true true brother no girls allowed [Applause] ah okay meanwhile America goes to the moon I mean hey you know whatever whatever works for Europeans okay this is recorded on a on a razor razor foot bone in 2005 imagine like being somebody that works that when at Walmart and just walking over and seeing that guy doing it huh better than we usually do oh my god he just ran in david bungee stick it clean let's go it was a good time man even though it was fake nobody I don't think I even knew it was fake back in the day or just assumed that shit was real Russian history these videos right here are why I feel good to be a fucking American like there's nothing more than media here that makes me proud of my country I am the glove glue gap collab the sh wobble double bubble gum flavored water Blankfein full of swiftlift the kind I am the East of thoughts and minds people clap it'll double and that's the American culture right there like obviously that that's American culture right there yeah that's good this is that was actually dude those are the good days an xbox live man yeah let's actually find you even if it's tick-tock I don't even care I was really funny [Laughter] putting middle finger up to that guy supposed to make them bad yes dude I saw this error – you're so funny running away man that's the best part that's a nice chair I'll turn it up a little bit it might be a little bit low awesome that's not pleasant at all how the hell do I even make it oh shut the fuck up hmm I should turn to my quest I bet you can make it come on Matt well really hey watch this what's wrong to you watch what I'm gonna do watch I'm gonna pop a swiftness pot and then do it yeah I think I think it's possible look that just jump dude you'll be fine he doesn't know I thought this with this pot he doesn't know he doesn't know it's gonna fall obviously I knew but so is it gonna quit rich Evans you are pac-man expert yeah yeah this is true about rich Evans played a lot of pac-man Wow that's a that's impressive isn't it sure I didn't know yeah okay I'm glad all you need to know is to squish that cat and you just gently squish them that's not comfortable for the cat or that safe to be honest with ya that works by the way you have to put your hands around its face just go move and then that [Applause] this is ksi who's ksi we to see the guys they got in a fight with Logan Paul is those a guy got fighting Wow damn okay that everything makes sense now fake is fuck of course it's fake it's YouTube everything's fake on YouTube or just everything's fake on the internet if you go on the internet to have like an authentic real experience with other human beings there's something wrong with you man it's gonna fall out yeah I knew it is this you're broke I didn't point up this bro case of the Mondays no man no no man hell no man shit no I believe you get your ass kicked saying so Marquette I've watched this movie like Zach and I used to watch that movie every fuckin night whenever we grind in fucking Burning Crusade I love that fucking if you got a girlfriend do you think would impact the stream under a game-time all right you know I'd be able to stream our cuz I'd make that bitch bring me a sandwich every time so I wouldn't have to go to the store don't show her that looking great do not show her that so I know the girlfriend don't show her that no no no don't don't show her that I bet his parents were the herd they watch that shit happen to young asthma not white [Applause] [Applause] I don't know if that's actually Chicago because I can't visibly see any robberies in progress but you know we'll just kind of take their word for it oh oh here we go remove GeForce experience the GeForce experience bro hey do you wanna and mess up every single game that you play oh boy you know my favorite part about GeForce experience is the fact that they try to make you create an account for it like I want to make an account to use my graphics card like we're at where I want to join a social network give me a fucking break this is a funny video what's or does he have there yeah where's this I don't know if he was laughing now pretty sure he wasn't I'm just waiting for Greek to come in here with a laugh – just to be cut in there randomly [Laughter] what sword is that dude I don't know what fucking sword that is it's honest the only thing that I'm thinking about I forgot Dark Souls was such a funny game good holy shit well that's smart she's trying to get herself a drink that's good look at that take it for a drink coffee no big deal right I got almost fell over – oh she's going in Wow okay no she's just climbing in there just don't mind if I do they've been Xena oh this is Russia again I know it's gonna push him up right I know wait what the hell isn't this what the fuck be my we'll get that hair the fuck is wrong with this hair well guys enjoy it well it is the loot see is this what they do that fucking hair can we do whatever you're gonna do let's go let's see it I'm ready oh here we go here we go to follow you're some fucking rednecks advertisement is intended for Jim boonie only it's free real estate we're giving you land it's free cool oh damn look at those shoes well I don't they I've ever pair I've ever had a pair of white shoes that clean before my whole life oh excuse bad Mike this is part one a Skippy hey you can't win them all right how great one of two key barometer for the crowd the holy water cook you didn't even go inside so he just sits out there didn't even give a fuck alpha well look dude over in Russia like what else are you gonna live for I mean come on you want yeah what do you want some money take it oh no he caught that shit what the fuck damn yeah you know you gotta look like you got these spurred Lords like the spur gourd artistic furries man sitting there in their in their desert and they just like Boozer can't fucking keep control of them with the goddamn with just buying loot they can't keep control of them cuz they're sitting there mm-hmm so they gotta make boxes and then they put boxes all I would do back in WOD was QB Jesus and complain about the fucking game and now I complained about the fucking game and watch youtube videos oh that was it that was one of the presidential debates is this the same one this is part two of old country road right here yeah that's after you know it's the second part of the song I guess that'd be funny if I was a soccer mom I guess Oh see if thieves oh boy okay Wow it's actually looks badass this makes you want to play the hitman what that was that was awesome that was actually really really cool why the fuck is it not like that all the time god damn I don't know who wait that that's okay all right yeah that's not a reasonable person a very reason except that my existence is character sorry guys that's the kind of thing I wanted to skip that my internet trolls on channel 4 then there would be nothing but broken windows and riots Oh wouldn't that be funny look the fuck out wow you know I got some fucking banana bread out where today dude oh yeah all right good my mom told me if I wait for things like good things will happen to me dude and funny and I waited for some things and I got some banana bread at work today dude hell yeah so it just goes to show that waiting for things is like worth it but there's a lot of bad things in this world dude like fucking skunks tiss hell no scratching your eye but it's still fucking HEA dude hell no the fuckin Cubs dude the Cubs no like getting paid not a lot of money dude for fucking working hell yeah yeah yeah banana bread bro fucking work dude hell yeah likewise number 1 skunks like why isn't the first bad thing you think of there you go dad we got really stolen Dodge Hellcat oh shit you see him right there there ahead of him coming up damn dude this guy's is here yo he's got no time for this shit holy fuck man we're gonna be going southbound he got away Melanie Lawson in art Brasco Wow that's GTA 6 dude this is the best ad for a Dodge Charger that anybody could have made bro why they should've just literally like Dodge should have just bought the rights to that that fucking news stations like the recording and just played that as a fucking ad for the for the car like straight up like it just should've been that easy the White House is it's beautiful it is all inspiring it is some the Challenger show again with you well I don't wash the dishes and and make your bed you know I well look there's still some things we're not adjusted to like where do I start we've got a lot of problems I don't know I'm not true hey hey you can't win them all okay meet swamp Lennox my mauritania hunt ultimate Ironman since December of 2018 I've been living strictly in mauritania I'm an ultimate Ironman account all right I can't again I I don't know anything about runescape so ultimate Ironman doesn't sound impressive to me at all cuz I don't know anything about it see like the first time that this is played I didn't even realize what happened but they just like fired artillery and the guy didn't even fuckin boom he didn't even care always okay okay we're not blow up the shooter who keeps donating videos of bombs like you you know what I mean like who gives Tory videos of bomb it's kind of funny but it's also weird I don't get it maybe it's not real I don't know okay I walk out of my room I look at him in the eyes and say leave that's all I do go back in my room and at this point I'm actually live-streaming I'm I'm sorry so I say fuck this kid and then I think he's like tearing up and crying or something I don't know I feel bad the kid but like what the fuck this is my hat hey that's the way it goes like I wouldn't never let that kid in my house not for a second the CI me I said Casilla yeah he's dead I never know how to pronounce that guy's name I had no idea I hope that I hope it is a culture you're not familiar with actually evening nice name I've seen it I thought that shit was funny I knew it was coming hard man I knew those who know I've lost me goldfish could see what I'll be fighting me goldfish oh shit damn that shit was funny wow that's three head man what the fuck what the fuck is that no you can't use the stop summoning stuff oh here we go okay unstuck wait oh you can use unstuck okay I'll teleport to graveyard this is actually a good idea thank you guys yeah well teleport the graveyard smart I like that good job guys let me take a piss wait I actually didn't know you could die I didn't know it did that so teleport degree very didn't say die it didn't say die until he's a brave man he'll be able to do it you

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26 thoughts on “Asmongold Forced to Watch VIDEO Requests (Welfare Wednesday Ep. 8)

  1. I love how he says Europeans think they're smarter than Americans like a minute after saying "it'd be terrible if it happened in real life" to Chernobyl 😂😂😂

  2. If anyone is wondering what they are doing at 22:04 – they are using calcium carbide (from oxyacetilene welding & cutting), they add water, let the gas build up in the barrel and then light it up through a nozzle (or a tiny hole) at the bottom of the barrel.

    I used to do this with metal coffee cans when I was a kid , and with a one meter long steel pipe for massive booms to scare away the wild boars from plantations.

  3. everytime i watch asmond its like looking into the past and seeing all the kinds of people that play wow and the kind of humor they enjoy, and hating every single one of them for every second of all of it

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