Asmongold – Viewers Requests #5

Asmongold - Viewers Requests #5

right pause this all right so I have never had a media share stream without technical difficulties it's never happened and we'll see if today is the the day that it changed that's it no this is this is this is it this is the one that I would say oh my god Nick see how did you and he's in Alltrack Valley just like I wanted to be I knew I should have joined the Robotics Club fuck man no I feel so stupid dude I used to watch these every day like all day every single Halo 2 montage got probably Tina 100% dude like I used to love this shit Wow like montages were the fucking shit man that's what any good player had a montage and they would do that oh you fucking loved it dude you're amazing gun collisions jess was happening is 1 and 30 billion with a 1 in 5 10 what the fuck 14:50 dude imagine if he had gotten sixteen that'd be like one in a trillion or something that's fucking insane man goddamn I haven't seen in the game so Trailer Park Boys was probably one of my favorite shows like the first like three or four seasons was something that I based my entire life off of me what the fuck dude you know I feel like I'm I'm in command & Conquer yo you know who you should always trust someone with an injury related to their job pop I just wrecked another one can you wire me another what do you hear do you hear a little girl having an orgasm if so we'll do all we can to put you in jail since that was very negative we're going to wow that one but that was that was pre oh no no this is actually a new record like can we let's have a round of applause right now for me I'm really really doing a great job professional streamer here hey you know I'm gonna get myself a pat on the back and a suck on the dick later on this is just absolutely amazing let's go ahead and see if I can do it again all right let me now again Real Talk that looks really good hey little infinite oh yeah I saw this man like if they make a good halo I'll be surprised just bought this new Lamborghini here fun to drive up here in the Hollywood Hills but you know what I like a lot more than knowledge this new Lamborghini here but you know what I like a lot more than the new lamp yeah that's the real talk version it's cuz they said balls I remember laying in bed with Jeff and watching these videos like he would just watch YouTube videos all day and he'd watch every single while video that there was and we just lay in bed together and he'd just show him to me and I would I just I didn't want to see him I didn't give a fuck not for profit sorry I was pretty quiet but that's fucking funny she said that three doctors have told me that if she drinks it she's gonna die but then the doctors died first she's a hundred and four years old even the child can build massive structures where people drive cars to imitate real sports these are all the twelve-year-old games best body armor is the cooking utensil we're heroes guys who just refuse to move on what introducing June Secrets Age of Empires the Viper did you know this is hype right I used to play this game like every day like wow this game that guy is really good a micro holy shit oh my god Wow yo that guy's a god holy shit what a play did he just suicide one of the guys to make sure that is the catapults didn't die oh my god yo boys I felt good whenever I was able to 106 dollars I want the million dollars 2000 top of it million dollars in five dollars the only part of stem that I know because it was now I really like that video that's a great video like I don't know why but seals are very calming maybe it's because they're fat and they're supposed to be you know what I don't like is this the same guy that did take you to the movies what the fuck oh my god is this this is so weird no I'm not snipping it wouldn't work we're watching this one I kind of like it Oh I just it's so weird like this is making me uncomfortable to watch I don't know I just do uncomfortable watching this video it's just so weird to me what the fuck man I see these videos and they're just so fucking stupid and so weird I wonder was this on purpose like were they trying to make it this weird or did this just happen on its own okay I guess I used to call trebuchet tree buckets cuz that was an idiot I was just a big dumb fucking idiot I mean how long have we gone we goin almost an hour I mean this is hard to do right like I've never played piano like this actually this isn't pride I don't know how to like judge piano skill is this really impressive I don't know okay William Wallace died for this oh my god yeah the text is fast okay that was actually funny I don't know why I thought it was kind of fun even though I knew I basically was gonna happen but oh my god whoa whoa that was loud oh my god holy shit my god this was back whenever gear mattered in PvP the the good days oh wait turn this one up I don't know why the volumes are all messed up everything's messed up okay there we go dude that's as high up as it goes in terms of the volume man holy shit dude I used to fuck like man I never want I never watched the third Lord of the Rings man everything I've said this under time so I feel like I never watched one hour I used to have that armor dude oh wow what the fuck holy shit you look guys our God okay why the fuck to have weeps Oh that'll make them go away it's Sunwoo so is this what the kids do nowadays is they just pretend to be nuns and they dance around like I didn't record Oh was just like a twitch meme I didn't know this was an actual tick-tock meme what the fuck sup y'all d2 boy ask me gold I can guarantee you whatever I was talking about I was actually upset about it I've never told the story ok just a second okay just a minute let me take this up alright so Zacks first character that he ever made his paladin that we made together actually was this first this is the main character met together his name was hanky panky and the whole reason why he named this character what the hell oh now it's pausing he named his character hanky panky because the guy in the Barbie song said hanky panky he named his entire character after then I don't know why she's funny for me to think 14 minutes of dank memes bro that was 14 seconds of wasted time we do make here boy [Applause] Wow holy shit it's the same thing that they're saying I'm pleased more of these I if there's anything can we please just get together and make fun of furries yeah see that kid yeah where's your fucking mom go call the police or he's gonna slide down to man like y'all Americans Oh weirdo I wonder where he's going he's probably on his way to ram ranch okay you ever notice how shitty this country looks like every every video like imagine the entire country is Detroit oh wow I'll watch this again fucking let's go dude oh my god we're gonna be playing this soon it's no longer just a meme it's not a joke anymore this is actually gonna be happening wait I guess this is so fucking bad-ass man I honestly need to pay this guy just to make height videos for a while like just put out a new one every month or something people will fucking love it no one goes home and tell our job you know what they should do imagine if like the world first killed you know a que method probably whenever they kill the boss on mythic they actually make a video like this where it has all the players in method actually fighting bosses the stylized versions it'd be still fuckin badass so funny okay I was she really smart I wouldn't I always wish like I wish I could no intro and welcome to the men who held hotline if you are obsessive-compulsive press one repeatedly if you are codependent to ask someone to press two for you if you have multiple personalities press three four five and six if you are paranoid we know what you are and what you want stay on the line and will trace your call you general press 7 and your call will be transferred to the mothership if you are schizophrenic listen carefully in a small voice will tell you which number to press if you are depressive it doesn't matter which number you press no one will answer you gorgeous Lex express six nine okay that was that was kind of cover I didn't know why how do I have that many weaves like almost like half of these things are like it's just hi thanks for checking in I'm still a piece of that's what happens whenever that's basically what people see whenever they come into my stream you did it wrong president movie good man my favorite colors blood all right okay see that you won I want no more than bass waiting to be smashed see that's what human paladin's are really like oh wow what the fuck y'all say that's fake hey that's great that's great and he got he sounds so young oh my god man he was 20 [Laughter] whatever happened to David Spade I know what happened to Chris Farley but like whatever happened at David Spade he's still around yeah I guess so I was it's a soul yeah [Applause] that's a nice guy he's a really nice guy okay he knows what's really important he cares about their personality both of them sometimes hell yeah brother so oh were you thinking about playing boss online that was such a good day super good art like me press though it is a girl with the penis not funny free with your fucking xbox you fucking tard well I don't have it you fuck [Applause] see this is xbox live was beautiful because that was just a normal conversation between friends oh my god Louise any part yeah that was that was kind of clever where yeah Lily was that the best reaction oh ho that was fucking close so of that okay apparently that was like the highest voted or like the most seen clip like ever whenever that guy got startled Gilda fucking chicken okay dad fucking chicken as I said hey your fucking chicken listen somebody made this because they had a beautiful way to kill them KFC yeah okay Wow holy shit goddamn yes I never saw is that movie actually funny because it came for demos seat up in the ass of the moment okay III didn't even I didn't understand what the fuck he was saying we wanted you to have moments of relaxation but not not too much all dude 4 strength 4 stam leather belt Oh level 18 alright skiff off dude I'm watching not Y&T M&D whenever I was in high school that's how old that fucking thing is I've never watched the second guardians of the galaxy I did I was not expecting that I mean it was at the beginning what's up you mean loving fuck what's up dude all right hey hey there it is those were the good days back then are you stressed because of work family or relationship problems yes are you tired of focusing your time and energy on projects and activities without seeing any positive results yes do you feel like you have the weight of the world crashing down on your shoulder no well we have just the solution for you try not giving a fuck not giving a fuck improves your quality of life significantly by drastically version of giving a fuck Wow just have proven that the average human being gives 6/10 too much of a fuck about most daily activity that's true why worry about your finances your health your reputation and the well-being of your friends and family what you can simply not give a fuck about those things – hey public peeing on children then yelling at their parents for trying to stop you having hookers for lunch everyday masturbating with stolen cheese all right I got two check boxes there okay I always works right Benson but I always do – like if a place is so nice that I can't wear sweatpants there I'll just go somewhere else no just go sometime for that for porn my favorite part about the whole thing grab your dick and double-click

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  1. 🎬REUPLOAD🎬 – Due to a Copyright holder of one of the clips restricting viewing to many country's including US. If you don't want to watch again, try one of the suggested videos.

  2. Watchout for the sound level the video volume is low and then you put a super loud fkn song cmon dude are u trying to kll me?

  3. i hate myself for the second clip cause my aunt got it after two days and then preoceeded to get the sandstone drake during the pot event on her third vase. needless to sya she is also the talented artist of the family.

  4. WHOS HYPED FOR WOW CLASSIC!!??!?!?!!? i didnt play WoW in about 12 years….BUT ILL COME BACK IMMEDIATELY for wow classic…I LOVED these times. WHEN WOW STILL WAS GOOD AND WORTH IT!no death knights no CRAP JUST GOOD OLD wow…i really really HOPE THEY CAN BRING IT BACK!i LOVED these times so much….THE FIRST MOUNT…t0.5…and working SO HARD TO GET THERE and finally getting THE GOLD for the FIRST EPIC MOUNT….and how you CHERISHED IT!….PLEASE BLIZZ don't JIZZ THIS UP!

  5. UUUUUHHHH SECRET!!! GO VIPER….the best!!!!YES HE IS a GOD asmongold…YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY SUBSCRIBE TO t90OFFICIAL! HES AWESOME the AoE2 community IS 2´…there you can watch THE VIPER..and liery and THE MAX and others RULE the world of AoE2 and hear t90 comment their games AWESOMELY!

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