ASMR – 6 Health Benefits – *Soft Spoken British Accent*

ASMR – 6 Health Benefits – *Soft Spoken British Accent*

Hello, I’m The ASMR Psychologist. And in this video,
I’m going to explain some of the health benefits of ASMR, and there are quite a few—maybe,
more than you would imagine that there are. Now, in the previous video, I suggested that
ASMR has been designed by nature to help the developing brains of small babies. If you’re
interested in finding out more about this, I’ll put the link to that video in the description
for this video—it should also pop up on the screen, here. But, we retain the capacity
to experience ASMR a long time after our brains have finished developing, and this is likely
to be due to the fact that there are so many health benefits.
I’m actually going to talk about six today. Let’s start with the first one, probably the
most well-known, the most popular, is relaxation. So, ASMR has the capacity to release tension
in the muscles of our body, but, also, to calm our minds. And this is due to the fact
that when we experience ASMR, chemicals are released into our body. The first one is endorphins,
which are really important in the initiation of relaxation.
But, also, a chemical called ‘GABA’, which is a strong stimulator of calmness. Okay,
so, this would suggest that ASMR could be used to boost existing treatments for stress
and anxiety—maybe, things like progressive muscular relaxation, for example, diaphragmatic
breathing, mindfulness meditation, and, maybe, imagery techniques.
Okay, so, the second health benefit is for sleep. So, there are many reports that if
you listen to ASMR just before you go to bed, it can lead to an incredibly restful night’s
sleep. And, in fact, some of the most popular videos on YouTube, the most popular ASMR videos
are those ones designed specifically to help the listener to sleep. And ASMR is so good
at helping us to sleep because when we experience it, a brain chemical called ‘melatonin’ is
released into our system, and that is pivotal in the initiation of sleep and also the quality
of our sleep. So, this would suggest that we could use ASMR to boost the effectiveness
of existing treatments for insomnia. Okay, so, the third health benefit, and maybe
slightly less well known, is pain relief. There’s been numerous reports that listening
to ASMR triggers can help people to manage chronic pain—in particular, to manage migraines.
And this is due to the fact that when we experience ASMR, we have the endorphins released, which
I’ve already mentioned, but, also, serotonin, another brain chemical, is released into our
system, and both of these chemicals are very important in our perception of pain.
So, there is more potential here for ASMR to help in the management of pain, to be incorporated
into existing pain management programmes, to help boost their effectiveness.
Okay, so, the fourth health benefit is fatigue. So, there, again, have been many reports that
ASMR can help us when we’re feeling a little bit tired, fatigued, or run-down. And this
is due to the fact that when we experience ASMR, dopamine is released into our system,
and dopamine is a very powerful stimulus for motivation and for focus. So, it seems likely
that we could use ASMR to help people who are struggling from conditions like chronic
fatigue syndrome, or, maybe, just to help ourselves if we need a boost mid-afternoon.
Okay, so, the fifth health benefit for ASMR is depression—it helps depression it would
seem; it, maybe, acts as a buffer. There was a study in 2015—and there haven’t been many
studies looking at ASMR—but this study found that those people who were at a higher risk
of developing depression reported a boost in their mood, improvement in their mood,
after watching ASMR videos. The final health benefit, number six, is really
a benefit for overall well-being. So, in addition to all those other benefits that I’ve mentioned,
it seems that ASMR could just help our general health and well-being—a little bit like
going to yoga, or doing a meditation session, or visiting a spa. Doing things that we enjoy—that
bring us pleasure—but, also, have a meditative element to them are really, really amazing
for both our physical health and our emotional and mental health.
So, it seems like there’s a real opportunity here to use ASMR to boost our health, but,
maybe, also to boost the effectiveness of treatments for certain conditions like anxiety,
depression, insomnia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue.
Okay, so, I hope you enjoyed that; I hope that it was interesting and helpful. If it
was, give me an up thumb, and maybe pop your comments or any questions that you have down
below. Also, if you have specific questions for me about ASMR, or positive psychology,
mental health and well-being, if you go to the ‘About’ section in the channel description,
there’s a link there, and you can follow that link and ask me any questions that you have.
But, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you for watching.
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  1. I know you do mainly whisper videos, but your soft spoken voice is incredible! I find your analysis of asmr from a more clinical perspective absolutely fascinating. Thank you!

  2. I have experienced most of these benefits and it is why I decided to make an ASMR channel so maybe I could help someone else!! Great video!!

  3. No wonder we love asmr so much! This was really interesting but I had to listen a few times because your voice is so relaxing I kept drifting off! Great channel, thank you. 🌺

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