Atos – Well Being At Work – Firm of the Future

Atos - Well Being At Work - Firm of the Future

in 2009 artists took the first steps on a journey a journey towards a radical destination nothing less than a new kind of company a place where 74,000 business technologists feel proud of their work their career and their employer and where global communities lead to innovation through collaboration global communities such as the well-being at work council its exists to foster disruptive thinking and new ways of working so that we can build our company around people the council has already initiated some big changes creating ripples that will be felt for years to come but today's headlines are only the beginning as well being at work and other communities drive our progress towards becoming the firm of the future so what ideas and ambitions can you expect the next blueprints to lead to what will the firm of the future look like well imagine a company where you can work wherever you want to so that sustainable IT deals can be arranged from any location where professional and social network connections are always available no matter where you or your team find yourself enabling collaboration in real time on all devices secure and encrypted mobility connected to productivity applications posted on our cloud with learning on-demand 24/7 imagine a company where our talent shapes the innovation of the future where our vision attracts the innovators of the future and where our talent seals partnerships for sustainable global deals with global teams working across diverse cultures as global communities connect through our social enterprise network imagine all these elements fusing to form a reality not in some distant future but tomorrow this is a tous where there's so much more to come imagine the possibilities for unleashing your potential let's build the workplace of the future together

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