hey guys and welcome to today's video today I'm doing another update on my foot because it is four weeks post-op and I just had another appointment and got my cast off of my foot which I am so happy about and so I wanted to kind of talk to you about what is happening right now since I got the cast off how that went and what these next few weeks are gonna look like because I want to share the recovery process with you and oh my goodness this time was so different than my last foot so if you've seen my previous videos you know that my last surgery when they took the cast off it was really easy and it was open wounds and I had to wrap it in gauze and do all this stuff so this time we get there he takes the cast off and he's like alright I'm gonna give you this little splint I want you to wear directly up against your foot there were no open wounds it wasn't using there was none of that it was completely healed and I'm gonna show you it in a minute but it was just bizarre how far healed it was with the same exact surgery as the other foot my sister is recording so sorry it's a little bit shaky way she's doing a good job um and yeah it was just kind of crazy so anyways I'm gonna go down to the foot and show you what this is so I have this special velcro shoe right now it's really fancy so yeah basically I have to wear this whenever I walk and do that probably make a difference alright so you have to slide it on and off like that it looks like this it's really cool I guess um I have to wear fuzzy soccer and now cuz my normal socks that don't fit and yes there's a giant bruise on my heel or angle or wherever that is I think it's yeah okay so this is the bunion splint that he gave me right now there's like fuzzy socks stuff right now I I'm supposed to wear this whenever I'm walking um but if I'm sleeping I can sleep barefoot so I'm gonna open this up and if you get like really grossed out maybe you don't like can justify this I'm doing it so this is what my foot looks like and no that is not my crusty skin these are actually well probably a little bit but these are like bandages right here that he's put on the actual like wound um and so those will just fall off in the shower he said don't pull on them are tough on them or anything right now um so yeah they're gonna come off in the shower so I have one like scar there I guess one here and then one here um and so again this is what the foot looks like it is super healed compared to last time it's really crazy how different it is than last time and basically I can get directly in the shower now which was a blessing because my leg hair and like all this stuff was on there and let me just tell you my foot smelled nasty it was in basically a cast for a month and it was really disgusting so like the first thing I got home I like washed it twice it was quite lovely um but yeah so he said I can go ahead and start getting off crutches soon I need to use two still right now and then I can switch to one and then none and he did give me activities I have one activity I have to do 30 like heel raises where I basically lift my foot up and down twice a day so one in the morning one at night and then that's pretty much it and till I go back in two weeks I can take the special shoe off and try and fit into tennis shoes for weeks from now he said most people take around six weeks but he said I can try at four weeks and switch but that is I think everything that I want to share with you that I can remember at least to share with you I don't want this to be too long although I think it kind of already is okay that's so close please alright uh that's really all I can think of right now if you have any questions please leave them down below it is healed super great name just very happy with how it looks and everything really kind of crazy the difference between last time in this time and I'll link my previous videos down below so you can go back and look at those anyways I'm rambling so give this video a thumbs up if you like these and you want more information and for me to continue filming the recovery process and subscribe if you haven't already to see more videos from me and that is all I have Opie have a great day and bye guys

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13 thoughts on “BADLY BRUISED FOOT | Bunion Surgery

  1. Omg had mine done 2 weeks ago, already out my cast….not sure of that's ok….I hirt6 super …and sooo bruised still….not sure if this is the right way?! Lmk

  2. i’m getting my surgery done in a month. do you have any tips or suggestions that can help me be more prepared

  3. you're so brave you're my hero right found your page and you have made me feel a little better about my surgery on February 8th

  4. I'm having mine done Feb 6th. I'm so nervous, I watched ur videos from ur first foot… So the pain should subside after a few days or it just won't be as painful?

  5. I had surgery on 11/27/17, so I am at 6 weeks now. Funny how different surgeons do it differently, I didn't even have a cast I had that shoe from the beginning, and was off crutches at week 5 and in sneakers. I do have a lot more swelling then you seem to though, had to get a bigger size shoe. The exercises are the worst, i feel like I'm gonna break my toe off. I am just now getting some flexbility but have a long ways to go and the pain is still quite real!

  6. Hey grace cool video I'm on the same boat where I can shower now but I'm too scared to do it. How did you wash your foot? Did you use your regular body wash on it or something else? Thank you!

  7. Heads up don’t watch if you get grossed out easily lol. But otherwise hope this helps explain more of the recovery process for you!:)

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