Beachbody Predicts 2020’s Top Health And Fitness Trends

Beachbody Predicts 2020’s Top Health And Fitness Trends

Hey, guys, I’m Beachbody
Barre Blend creator, Elise Joan. And today,
we’re gonna be looking ahead to what could be some
of 2020’s big wellness trends. Making health
and fitness resolutions on New Year’s Day
is as traditional as the holiday foods
that may have derailed you in the first place. But the key
to a lasting healthy lifestyle is finding a balanced routine that you can really stick to
all year round. While fads come and go,
the experts here at Beachbody think that these health
and wellness trends will fuel us through 2020
and beyond. First, let’s talk about
streaming workouts. We’re all so busy, it can feel like hitting the gym
is really impossible. Luckily, technology is providing
in-home solutions that are just a click away. Of course, we’re biased
toward Beachbody On Demand, which gives you access
to hundreds of world class fitness and nutrition programs. But programs like
Peloton and Mirror are also promising
to bring the energy of a workout class to any room. Next, we’ve got
flexitarian diets. Moderation is the name
of the game in 2020. Instead of sticking
to strict rules like keto demands, the idea behind
a flexitarian diet is to listen to your body
while making smart choices. If you’re a flexitarian eater, your focus
is probably plant-based, while still allowing
for some meat and other animal products. Third on our list is family friendly
obstacle course races. While some
of the more popular races may strike fear into even the fittest
of competitors, 2020 boasts a packed calendar
of races that don’t require you
to get drenched in mud or submerged in ice water
or even be a full grown adult. Fourth up
is the vegetable glow up everybody is talking about. Cauliflower is going strong
and nutritional experts predict that it will be the top
gluten-free choice in 2020. So look out for more
cauliflower-based products in your grocery stores
in the coming months. Next is everyone’s
favorite subject, sleeping. Sleep hacking is a big trend that’s going to be even bigger
in 2020. Tools like mood
boosting light bulbs and blue light blocking glasses will increasingly be used
to improve sleep quality. While certified sleep coaches
teach their clients how to get grade A rest that will improve their fitness
and overall wellbeing. Sixth on our list,
we’ve got interactive tech. New high-tech wearables
are going beyond step counting and giving you information that can improve
your overall health. Gadgets now send
all sorts of life-changing data about your sleep,
your workouts, and daily habits straight
to your wrist or your phone. Speaking of workouts, walking is getting an upgrade
in 2020. While your daily walk is still an easy,
low-impact activity that will never go out of style, the release of walking apps, support groups are all meant
to elevate it into a great form of exercise that can help you
meet your fitness goals. Sustainable packaging
is next on our list. Increased awareness
of the plastic crisis is leading to positive steps
for food-packaging, which will get smarter
and more sustainable over the coming year. More and more of us
are trying to cut plastic out of our lives completely, and major brands are pledging to make their packaging
recyclable, reusable, and compostable
in the next decade. Number nine on our list is CBD. The CBD industry will continue
to flourish in 2020, and it’s anti-inflammatory
and healing properties, and stress reducing are embraced
by mainstream consumers. While experts are still studying
the effects of CBD, these products and supplements
are in demand by pro-athletes and regular gym goers alike. Last but not least,
we are talking gut health. Bacteria has become a hot topic as experts link good bacteria
in your gut to being beneficial
for your immune system and improving your mood
and overall health. Staying on top of things
like eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water,
and getting a good night’s sleep can all help maintain
a healthy gut. I’d love to know what you’re looking forward to
in 2020. And I hope you’ll be joining me
for Barre Blend on Beachbody On Demand. Happy New Year.

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