BEATING Red Pill Rage!

BEATING Red Pill Rage!

all right real quick I want to talk about something called red pill rage what is red pill rage red pill rage is basically the frustration and anger that comes from trying to live the same life you had as a blue pill man but with red pill awareness red pill knowledge okay and I see a lot of guys out there with red pill rage guys who have this newfound powerful red pill awareness but are still clinging on to those old blue pill idealism so those old blue pill values they're still trying to fulfill those old Disney blue pill fantasies with red pill awareness hey they're like hey I've got all this red this powerful red pill awareness now I can finally make those blue pill Disney fantasies come true and you can't okay and the guys who try end up banging their head up against a wall because you're trying to make something that is not real real right you're trying to make the impossible possible and in doing so you end up coming up against a brick wall in order to overcome red pill rage you must adopt a new set of beliefs okay a new standard of living that will be consistent with your newfound knowledge with your newfound red pill awareness for example you can't continue to date women the same way you always have knowing what you know knowing what they're about knowing what they're capable of doing to you and knowing that they can never love you the way that you want to be loved the problem is most guys find all it find all of this red pill content right they become red pill aware and then they get a case of give up itis they're like oh so women are this is what women are about forget it then I don't want anything to do with them and they completely give up not only on women but on life itself they're like forget this why even bother right and then they go black pill like why even bother I'm not gonna do it anymore but you have to understand part of your journey and taking the red pill is being able to cross over to the other side being able to let go of those old blue pill idealisms and brainwashing that we've all had since birth right all of that feminist brainwashing just being able to let go of that and as I turn on my land rover if the lights are going on just being able to let go of all of that and accept reality for what it is for how it is and stop trying to mold it or shape it into what you want it to be versus how it actually is you know when you just exile women from your life and you just stop pursuing them it will cause mental health issues it's okay to do that temporarily if you want to go monk mode for a little while and you just want to remove women from your life you can do that temporarily but it's not something you want to do long-term all right because as a man you are programmed and wired to pursue women I don't care what anybody else says and you make doubt guys or whatever you are wired to do that okay that's just how we're programmed is meant and you can't just unplug that for the rest of your life like I said temporarily probably do it but after a while it's going to cause psychological problems especially if you're a young man if you're in your 20s and 30s 40s and you're 50 you're still young man you should be you should be pursuing women you should be chasing after them right but do it with red pill awareness I get a lot of guys saying oh there's just too much risk you know Matt there's just too much risk with dating women these days and I totally get that but you know what there's risks with everything there's risk with just stepping outside of your house and getting hit by a car or getting run over by a bus there's risks and everything you do does it mean to never step outside your house again of course not okay so just understand that red pill rage comes from being awakened to the truth and not being able to accept the truth not being able to accept reality for what it is and still trying to fight against it and change and mold it into something that will conform more to your beliefs and values that will make you feel more comfortable and it doesn't work that way because like I said you're just gonna be banging your head up against the wall you have to accept reality for what it is and learn how to live in that new paradigm and stop trying to change it stop trying to force your will upon it okay it doesn't work that way you have to accept it for what it is accept human behavior for what it is and there are a lot of guys in the red pill community after a while they start to miss that old blue pill lifestyle they start to miss that ignorant even the fact that they were able to kind of live in this fake world with these fake ideas in these fake goals trying to fulfill them they've actually missed that and I totally get that I totally understand it it's no different than the movie The Matrix where I think his name was cypher right was that his name cypher the ball guy he just wanted to be replugged back into the matrix that's what he wanted cuz he missed it he didn't like all this reality and he himself in that movie was displaying his own red pill rage his frustration with the red pill you know and it's totally understandable you just want to go back to that Disney fantasy that you thought was real and you want to be put back to sleep but the thing you have to understand but the red pill is it's a one-way street you cannot go backwards you cannot put the toothpaste back in the bottle okay you cannot unsee what you've seen you just can't all you can do is move forward okay that's all you can do is move forward but not only move forward but cross over into the next paradigm okay cross the river so to speak don't get stuck in the middle of the river where you're trying to fulfill your old blue pill values and beliefs with red pill knowledge it's not gonna work guys okay it's just not going to work you can't you can't do that because you're just gonna get frustrated and you're gonna end up having the red pill rage and you're gonna be angry at women you're gonna be angry at humanity Society you're gonna be angry at everything and you're not gonna want to do shit with your life you're just gonna have like I said you're gonna have a case to give up itis and you're gonna throw in the towel on everything you're gonna be like why bother I'm not gonna do anything anymore and that's not the goal of this the goal I mean you know with the with all the red pill content that's out there that you're learning from all of this knowledge I mean it's so insanely invaluable I mean you need to use this knowledge okay you need to use what you're learning to take your life to a new dimension to a new level instead of letting it eat you alive okay instead of letting this knowledge you know turn on you and turn you into an angry person okay that's not what this knowledge is for it's to help you it's to make you more aware of your surroundings of the dangers out there that can harm you and empower you this knowledge is not meant to disempower you so don't let all this red pill knowledge that you're learning turn on you and turn you into something that you never wanted to be okay don't let it frustrate you don't let it anger you instead use it apply it in your life and realize that you know what it's okay everything's gonna be all right you've got a wealth of knowledge now more than most men out there okay because sadly enough most men out there are still asleep most men are still plugged into the matrix right sadly especially with the internet and all this knowledge out there they're they still are still plugged into that blue pill matrix they're still hanging on to those old blue pill values and they're wasting their lives they're wasting precious days trying to fulfill them when you are not you're in a fabulous position where you're not wasting any more your time because you have this knowledge now and you can do something about it okay you can really change the direction of your life and create a life for yourself that is a thousand times better than anything you could have gotten from staying blue pill and a lot of red pill rage comes from expectations that were left unfulfilled right expectations that you might have had for women you've dated past girlfriends past wives right who failed you who didn't live up to your expectations by a long shot who didn't love you the way that you felt you deserve to be from her for the amount of time and investment you put into your relationship a lot of it comes from expectations that were left unfulfilled and what awakens you to that mostly is the red pill okay just human behavior in general you will be awakened to a lot of things that that you were led to believe could be true or could be possible you know from the social narrative you know and we've all had that growing up we've all had parents teachers society and authority figures tell us one thing and as we found this red pill knowledge we quickly discovered that many of those things were impossible to fulfill and they were not accurate and they always say that the red pill is a bitter pill to swallow and it is right it's not something that's going to go down easy like ice cream or anything like that the red pill is very bitter but as you dive deeper into this knowledge and you just stop looking for that completion that the blue pill matrix has led you to believe is possible that life is about completion you know graduate college get your degree get the perfect job find your soul mate right how many times you heard that find your soul mate get married have kids and your life will be complete right that's one of the lies that was fed to you by the blue pill matrix that you could find completion in life and the red pill completely contradicts that and tells you hey life isn't about completion that's about the journey right because it is it's all about the journey guys there is no completion in life it's all about the journey so for you guys who are new to the red pill don't take this knowledge and turn it into something negative because that's not what it's for don't let it turn on you and don't let it turn you against yourself okay if this is some powerful stuff you're learning instead use this knowledge to better yourself to become a better man to improve your lifestyle to get the things that you've always wanted out of life right and don't get stuck in the middle of the river as you're crossing over into that new paradigm okay you have to be willing to let go of those old blue pill beliefs values and ideologies that you were brainwashed with growing up you have to be able to let go of those and just live with complete red pill awareness in a red pill reality and that is how you overcome red pill rage you just accept people society and reality for what it actually is versus what you want it to be and what you expect it to be you have to let go of those expectations okay just have to let go of them because once you have expectations you know prepare to be disappointed okay just prepare to be disappointed if you have expectation because nothing ever goes as planned nothing ever goes the way you wanted to that's just how life works you have to be able to move with life okay life is like a constant stream it's constantly in motion and you have to be able to move with it you can never let yourself stagnate become complacent or get too comfortable because that's when you get eaten alive that's when you drowned so you have to be able to move with life you have to stay in motion and as a man as I always teach my students being a part of being a man is staying in motion staying awake constantly moving never allowing yourself to become complacent or get too comfortable in your daily routine okay you have to constantly be moving as a man this is what keeps your testosterone levels high and this is what keeps your mojo alive and kicking right you have to stay you have to stay in constant motion as a man you cannot let yourself ever get too comfortable you have to constantly be moving like you see a lot of guys retire at 75 and they don't have anything to retire to and then five years later they just they die right because they retire to nothing and they just kind of sit at home they let themselves stagnate they don't do anything with themselves they don't find a new hobby or they don't like return to old hobbies that they had as a kid they just do nothing they don't socialize they just stay home say stay indoors they lock themselves in there if they're in their house and then five years later they're gone and as a man you can't you can't do that you have to keep moving in life all right you see guys in their 70s or 80s even their 90s who still look youthful because they're constantly moving right there never stagnating even guys that you know are old and gray and have retired long ago they're still out there we're walking around they're you know involved in like clubs or meetups or they're still socializing out there they're still getting themselves out there even if they've lost their wives or their partner years before right and they're now alone they're still moving that's what keeps them alive and as a man you have to keep moving especially as a man with this red pill awareness red pill knowledge you cannot lay yourself sit still you cannot lay yourself stagnate you have to stay in motion as Newton's first law of motion says an object in motion stays in motion while an object at rest stays at rest unless forced to move by an outside force so if you're sitting on your couch all day eating potato chips and playing video games it's going to be virtually almost impossible for you to get up and change your lifestyle and move unless something catastrophic happens like a earthquake or a storm or you get evicted you know otherwise you're just gonna stay on that couch forever just playing video games you're not gonna change anything about yourself or your life okay so you can't allow yourself to stagnate as a man you have to stay in motion you have to keep moving period okay period so until next time this is M don't forget to smash that like button below also hit that notification bell up top so that you are notified whenever I release a brand new coaching video more importantly guys make sure you subscribe to my channel it's very important you guys subscribe it tells YouTube you are digging my content you are feeling it and you want me to produce more of this red pill content so definitely make sure you subscribe it helps me out a ton guys so please subscribe and for you guys who want to support my work and my content and all of this red pill knowledge I'm teaching guys are on my channel even further the best way to do that is by becoming a premium subscriber of my premium alpha-male content channel which I am hosting on a private platform away from YouTube and the reason why I am doing that is because I no longer trust YouTube to suddenly D monetize all my videos or suddenly D platform II because they 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31 thoughts on “BEATING Red Pill Rage!

  1. BEATING Red Pill Rage! >>> Steal 1 Month Of Premium "ALPHA" Content For ONLY $1 : << EXPIRES SOON >>

  2. You can only be cool with it once you've been through the stages of grief. If you try to go in too early and think that because you have watched a few MGTOW videos or tips about how women operate and their shit tests you will self destruct. Take your time and do your own thing and when you are ready you will talk to women again with a renewed understanding and confidence.

  3. This came out just in time! I discovered I had red pill rage a week ago. I have been having red pill rage episodes for about a month now.

  4. This fellow has good points. But there reaches a point in every video where he starts becoming redundant. Kudos on being a YouTube success, nonetheless.

  5. Truth. Stay in motion. I resign Monday from my dead end job because I let myself get comfortable and lazy. Forced a new beginning just so I can fight for growth. Do the same. 20 something's tell me I look like I'm in my 30s. I'm 47 and always moving.

  6. I wouldn't say that's red pill rage. It's an anger that occurs when realise you've been duped all your life.

  7. Bro u are alpha as shit… those mgtow lie to themselves saying that we give women too much validation by cold approach…. its like they wait the women to take the lead… its just stupid.. all we gotta do is not to fall in love with women and life will be easy as hell

  8. Subscribed. Your videos improve my life a lot and I'm only 18, long way to go. So thanks again, keep making great content

  9. I've learned a lot in the last week or two some of the things I already knew but I appreciate the videos me I'm getting there

  10. I have a question. If you are living in the blue pill world say corporate world or college, how do you stay red pilled? Because everyone would hate you and prevent you from getting ahead. So what's your advice on this?

  11. I go to MBA college which is actually a blue pill factory. Time to time I have to see your videos to keep me sane.

  12. I had my red pill rage for like 4 months or so and it was brutal sometimes. Now I'm so smooth and relaxed and I can laugh about the female nature and be like: fuck it, I don't want kids.. but if a "good" woman comes around I'm gonna give it a try – but never invest in her like I did ever before… And if she fucks up or thinks she can dictate me, she can leave and I won't cry after her. I see a sad future for our females. We men will rise back to the top.

  13. Unfortunately I have a high sex drive and can t control it very well, I was black pill like a year and it was the most depressing year of my life

  14. Hello

    i have tried several time to buy your product and there is always a problem with transferring money ,may be cause i live in russia and my visa card issued in Russia ,so hope you have another way of payment ,i am interesting about buying your products , but through paypal ,it dont work ,i hope you have another option

    thank you

  15. When I reach retirement I'm travelling and still hitting ma weights I travel often and I have a job lol its gunna be worse when I have no job nar mean lol

  16. I needed to hear this VERY MUCH, today. I am going through this, "at this very moment." That "inner" "Red-Pill/Blue-Pill struggle" is VICIOUS, it is tormenting, so to hear this "truth-therapy" here is VERY refreshing. "Thank you."

  17. At 4:29 you can’t compare your chances of getting hit by a car to getting fucked over by a woman… I say a good 97 percent of the time…women will fuck you over…it’s happened to many times for me. Red and Blue pilled.

  18. Man I really want to understand more about this "red pill idea" not only in this context of relationship, but if anyone can explain me more about it? This Idea you pick it up from the movie Matrix or the movie teaches the opposite????? I've never watched the movie, I just watched now the right scene about the pills but it is still kind of confuse for me; I'm learning English and I first heard about the red pill this week from your channel; I would like to know better how to apply this Idea of red pill on my channel teachings, that is getting a new protective of the Bible text beyond traditional religions teachings, unlearning the wrong teachings and getting the true understanding; could I say red pills from the Bible, or Bible red pills or maybe red pills about these verses or about this topic???? I'm also thinking to name my English channel using this tow words "red pills" in some combination with other words; Thank you!

  19. There were many times in history when various people were repressed, similar to discrimination against men today. It could be far far worse. (Lets be thankful we are not living in communist Russia 70 years ago, when speaking out against repression meant spending the rest of your short life in the Siberian Gulag). Men are strong and can easily figure out to to survive and thrive in the current environment, despite legal and cultural discrimination.

  20. I'm 33 and I Consider myself lucky to have found red pill awareness so soon only wish I found it sooner. I'm only a month In and have much to learn so keep it coming. Thanks M and all others for making this content.

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