Beauchamp Recreation & Wellness Center Groundbreaking

Beauchamp Recreation & Wellness Center Groundbreaking

I'd like to welcome everyone to this groundbreaking of the Beauchamp recreation and Wellness Center great place to work out do their things and great practice facilities for our sports teams and it's going to take us into the future our Roman is strong and this is going to do nothing but helps the University and all its constituency for years to come I want to thank the many donors who have made this building possible I'm really very proud of the fact that we've raised the money for this building this built entirely upon the generosity of others and we will occur no debt to build may be the only person more excited and father Bill about all this is the incoming president of the University this is really going to be an outstanding game-changing facility and I am absolutely thrilled about it well I think it's really exciting that I get to do this with the young alums the Gold's graduates of the last decade getting them really involved and paying it forward was a really exciting part of all this and to top it off it's the final project that allows us to really round out the entire portfolio that we got to put together as a community on behalf of all the students here at the University of Portland I want to say thank you once again for all those who helped make this project a reality and the students could not be more excited to use this new rec center in the coming years I'm excited about the space that gives us some duality when we can use trial center and then we now can fall back on the rec center where the men's basketball team volleyball rooms basketball all have someplace to go place them and put them in the Howard I guess it means that Howard hall isn't given up easy a great day at our history and it's going to be a great day for the future of the University of four

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