Behavior / Lab Safety Video Part 3

Behavior / Lab Safety Video Part 3

respect the lab and respect your colleagues your behavior goes a long way to ensuring that the lab is a safe environment for everyone the first consideration is to follow the written standard operating procedures step by step never eat drink chew gum or apply makeup while in the lab you don't want to contaminate your skin or risk ingesting poisonous chemicals you could also contaminate your experiment and ruin the results never work alone always have at least one other person in the lab so that you can help each other in case of an emergency good housekeeping will prevent accidents to a cluttered lab is a dangerous lab dispose of any trash or debris on the floor which could cause someone to fall never place any chemical bottles on the floor not even temporarily if you do make a spill check the safety data sheet for the appropriate response for a routine spill clean it immediately and place a wet floor sign keep your workbench clean and organized have only the materials you need store away all unneeded items don't place materials near the edge of the workbench where they can easily be knocked off never try to pick up broken glass with your bare hands a cut or puncture caused by broken glass may introduce a hazardous chemical directly into your bloodstream dispose the glass and designated broken glass container after you finish the experiment wash and dry glassware returned reagents to the storage area and clean the workbench surface with ethanol or isopropyl alcohol if the safety violation occurs or you notice any unsafe condition in the lab report it immediately to your supervisor be on your best behavior in our next lesson we'll look at some specific chemical hazards that are common in laboratories you

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  1. A student in my chemistry class decided to leave the eye wash station running as a joke and now we have to write a lesson on safety based on this video. Kudos to whoever did it 👏

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