Benefits of Lentils and Chickpeas

Benefits of Lentils and Chickpeas

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100 thoughts on “Benefits of Lentils and Chickpeas

  1. I REALLY don't understand why we vegans (who eat no animals products whatsoever) are demonized and laughed at by foodies. It's always seemed weird to me.

  2. Please make a review about the benefits of Hummus! The beloved Hummus even includes gut beneficial spices, olive oil, lemon juice and tahina. As a start I found the following study: .

  3. I once made a soup with lentils, black beans, and chickpeas in it. It was great, and I felt tip top, but the EPA sent me a form letter detailing the clean air act.

  4. when the allopathic view of medicine took pre-eminence, the holistic view was left by the wayside. the allopathic position views molecules as the container of goodness. nature does not conform to neat boxes as allopaths see it. we forgo our birthrights of health and nutrition by relegating what old societies have known and were sustained by. it's long been time to ignore myopic doctors and listen to the holistic ones.

  5. Awesome video, clear, responsible, easy to follow, interesting, useful, not too long, not too short, prize material…thankyou 🙂

  6. I'm actually really shocked that garbanzo's/chickpeas would score that highly for antioxidants. Good news for me, they're the type of beans I desire the most.

  7. I really love chickpeas and lentils. I never ate them in the past, but since I found them I can't get enough. They are so satisfactory, it's insane.

  8. So the traditional South Asian diet, particularly in vegetarian-India, wins: lentils (dahl) for the poor and garbonzo beans (canaka) for the rich. Both top of their class.

  9. sorry … did you say you cooked lentils with oatmeal? How does that work, can you make a video on that?

  10. I would be curious what everyone thinks of the pasta made of lentils. Is it as nutritious? My daughter won't touch the beans but will eat pasta made exclusively of red or green lentils.

  11. Nooo why’s. Chickpeas so healthy taste and feel like I’m eating fresh cat puke right out there mouth 😷

  12. Legumes contains a lot of Roundup (glyphosate).

  13. I stumbled upon the fact of slow stomach emptying (4:12) when I chose beans (edamame) for breakfast. My hunger for lunch was later and afternoon snack was skipped. My lunch box came home with food still in it! Skip the expensive antioxidant supplements and eat WFPB and go (IMO) organic. Thank you for this video Dr Greger!

  14. there is not benefits in any grains. our body can not digested them.. why do you think all the time when we eat any grain they make us fart like crazy? they ferment in our gut coz the stomach cant digeste it. if they are as good as "doctors" said, why we cant eat it raw??? plus they are all GMO.

  15. Very informative!
    …but his voice over is real crazy
    …swallowing, vocal fry, weird inflections. I'm distracted

  16. I've been eating a cup of chickpeas a day for 2 weeks now, game changer! My digestion is becoming regular for the first time in years & I just plain feel better! Looks like lentils will be next to incorporate in my diet👍

  17. Green lentils, kale, 2 chopped garlic, tablespoon olive oil, pinch of salt boil for 30. Blend once done with hand blender. Serve with half a lime or lemon with more olive oil ontop. Trust me you'll love it.

  18. Didn't know black lentils existed. I was told not to get stuck on one food so I alternate black beans, chickpeas and red lentils depending on recipe and yes I LOVE my instant pot. Also for anyone out there who has one, the pressure cooker setting is great for beans but the slow cooker setting for veggie stews is excellent. Tx again, Dr. Greger.

  19. How about the estrogen content? People on low estrogen diet avoid garbanzo. Do you have any info on this Dr. Gregger?

  20. Wow!!!! This is awesome!!! I am doing healthy keto and eliminated beans and lentils for a short time, but did not feel well and developed a white coating on my tongue. I added them back in and feel so much better!!!!

  21. I literally crave lentil soup 12 months of the year. There's always a box of Whole Food's organic lentil soup on my shelf at work in case I can't get around to making it myself. Chickpeas in a tomato and cucumber salad are my second go-tos, although I really love to roast my chickpeas in the oven with some paprika and chili powder so they are spicy and crispy. Delicious.

  22. Wow, can't believe margarine was actually listed in the breakfast list!? One of the worst "foods" ever. Apparently bugs won't even go near it if it's left out because they recognize it's not real food.

  23. They will bloat you if you don't cook them thoroughly, de-skin them and eat in small amounts. #lectins

  24. I cook either black beans or pinto beans until they start to soften then I add a bag of lentils into the pot with curry, onion power, garlic powder some tomatoes etc it's healthy, cheap and delicious.

  25. If you have autoimmune diseases stay away from legumes if you wish to heal !
    Research it further yourself and try it.

  26. I love how people find out the amazing healing and preventive factors of plants and their response is: “what if we create a DRUG with plant in it?!”

  27. Its 9.41 here and i had my first chickpea curry(started vegan diet 2 days ago) at 6.I`m usually back in the kitchen at 8.30 raiding away for all the usual chocolates,biscuits etc but i still feel completely i don`t want anything before i go to bed which is completely unheard of for me.Really excited about this journey..definately less excited about all the pots and pans ive been washing but hey,nothing worthwhile comes easy in life.

  28. I have Amy's Kitchen Organic Lentil soup. Would anyone say there's a problem with eating canned soup on a regular basis? Say, twice a week?

  29. Thanks for those nuggets of valuable info, I’m glad you mentioned Chick Peas( Chana) as they are so delicious as well as v nutritious, and being 1 of the main ingredients in Humous, along with Sesame Seeds, Garlic, Lemon Juice etc, makes Humous VERY nutritious!. I’ve yet to come across any Vegan yters ( Doctors, health/fitness etc folk) who have mentioned Sprouting Legumes, Seeds etc. Humous for example can be made with Chickpeas AFTER they’ve been sprouted making them much more nutrient dense!. Sprouted Peas, Beans, Seeds & Wheatgrass, Alfalfa etc are like natural Multi Vit tablets, packed full of a variety of Nutrients! Why does no one mention them, or better still, list off their Vit content a bit like in above Vid!.

  30. Could you eat to many lentils? I ate a big pot of lentils and maybe that was not a good idea. It was very good but last night I had a couple of very good bowls movements.

  31. I guessed lentils! Do I win a prize? My weight in lentils ? I bloody love them. I have brown, black, red and green in my cupboard. They are my favorites.
    I make a lentil, brown rice & kale stew that is the most satisfying batch cook meal in my rotation ❤️👍

  32. Cook a regular-sized bad of red lentils and just add in taco seasoning. Stir in the cooking lentils and seasoning and then add in a can of black or pinto beans with a mixer and you have homemade "refried beans." Now grab a tortilla = breakfast tacos! Delish!

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