Best Cooking Method For Weight Loss

Best Cooking Method For Weight Loss

Thanks for coming back. It’s Eric Bakker, the naturopath from New
Zealand. Let’s talk about some interesting topics today. What’s the best cooking method for weight
loss? Many people talk to me about cooking and eating. Part of my job obviously is to encourage people
to eat lots of really good healthy food, but people often say to me, “How do I cook these
kinds of foods? What’s the best way to cook a meal and maintain
its health, its vital nutrients?” Well, I just do an online search and essentially
what you find, they say, “Microwave cooking is the ultimate way to cook. Put it in there and zap the food and excite
all the molecules in the food from the inside out, take it out,” and then apparently that’s
the way to go. Well, maybe you guys like microwaves, but
I’m not really a fan of microwaves. I prefer to steam food and to do things in
a kind of different ways.I don’t know. I don’t feel right about microwaves. I have used them for defrosting food, but
I’m just not really sold on the whole idea about molecularly heating food up from the
inside out and maybe it’s just the way I think, but I prefer steaming food or stir frying
food or doing otherwise. It’s your choice. You do what you want to do. Okay? But boiling is not really a good food. If you’ve got vegetables, for example, boiling
is going to guarantee to take away a lot of the nutrients. It’s estimated between 35% to about 65% nutrient
loss by boiling food. It makes sense. You’re heating up water, you’ve got food in
the water, the stuff that’s in that food goes into the water. You chuck the water out and what are you left? You’re left with some snotty, crappy kind
of food that resemble something that you shouldn’t be eating. Well, this is how a lot of people used to
cook in the fifties and sixties is boiling guts out of something. A lot of people still do. I know people in Australia and New Zealand
that still cook exactly like their great grandparents would have cooked on a farm, for example. Slab of meat, boiled potatoes, boiled vegetables. Not a good way to eat; bland and boring. Okay? Steaming is a much, much better way. You’re looking at about a 10% to 15% nutrient
loss. After 25%, if you crank the steam up. So I prefer steaming very lightly, various
kinds of vegetables like broccoli or asparagus, spinach, or things like that. Spinach is very, very quick to steam. I can steam spinach in two minutes, three
minutes on high heat. The trick is to really look at a food. Think, how can you cook that food? There’s different ways we can define cooking. And how can I cook it for the minimal time
without applying maximal heat to destroy it and nature, the nutrition in that food. If we look at folic acid, for example, in
spinach, it’s one of the most easily degradable of all nutrients. It very quickly breaks down under light, under
heat. So you want to minimally process very deeply
the greens because folic acid in my mind is one of the most important of all of the B
vitamins and nutrients in general for its ability to hold off cancer, for its ability
to really grow healthy fat, plumpy cells all around your body, especially in the mouth
and all through the GI tract. Every place where there’s a mucus membrane,
you’re going to have a high requirement for folate. It’s not hard to see why people end up with
cancer and sickness. When they zap their food, they nuke it, they
boil it, they embalm it in hot oil. They do everything they can to destroy the
food and they actually put it in their mouth. Think about it. Not really good, is it? Imagine you had gasoline in your car and you
boil it and you fried it and you grilled it and you burned the crap out of it, and then
you put it in the gas tank of your car. That’s what we’re doing to our body, aren’t
we? I’m raving on again, have you noticed? So here we go. Cook for less time, cook smaller portion sizes
and cook for flavor. Those are my three key sort of things I look
at. Now remember the question is, what is the
best cooking method for weight loss? The best cooking method is the quickest method
with the lowest possibly heat to achieve a product that you’re going to be happy with
eating. Now some people like me can eat raw fish,
they can raw meat, they can eat raw a lot of kinds of things. So I don’t have to overly cook food. We had a beautiful lamb chop on the barbecue
about a week ago and it was semi cooked. It wasn’t cooked all the way through. That’s how I prefer to eat meat, for flavor,
for juiciness, but I also don’t mind a bit of heme, a bit of blood or a bit of that extra
protein like that I can pick up. You may like to, for example, microwave a
lamb chop. You may like to grill it. So the barbecue suited me fine because I had
the temperature up very high. I seared the meat just for a few minutes,
either side and it was very nice and marinaded with garlic and soy and a bit of red wine. Very nice marination And of course, it’s sears
and you get all those juices running down and that smokey seared kind of flavor. That’s how I like to cook a piece of meat
if I do eat meat every now and then. Vegetables are genuinely always stir fried. Stir frying is a fantastic technique I’m going
to show you folks how to do when I… Well, I keep saying about my kitchen, but
I’ve been told and promised in about three weeks we’re done. My kitchen’s finally installed. I love stir frying because I’ve got this steel
wok, I get it really hot, crank it up and then I’ll quickly put a bit of sesame oil
in, which is my favorite oil for stir frying. I throw my vegetables in, depending on the
order, I have different orders or cooking things, and then when I leave that in the
wok for just about a minute, and then the secret ingredient is water. Give pure water, put two tablespoons of water
on it. You get this massive sizzling sound and that’s
when you don’t touch the wok because what you’ve done is you put all this water down
in this hot steel on the bottom under the vegetables and it just basically evaporates. It steams really fast. So it’s steaming those vegetables in literally
30 seconds. As you’ll see when I show you guys how to
do fry from garden to plate in five minutes, maybe not even five minutes. All right? So quick way to cook, fast way to cook, tasty
way to cook. I love stir frying. Boiling, I will only do with certain tubers,
for example, like sweet potato. I might boil that on occasion, but again,
I would prefer to stir fry that or cook it in sauces. So stewing and grilling is actually not bad
either. That’s a good way to preserve nutrients. If you’re looking at weight loss, especially
with you guys now in the states and Canada coming into winter, I would recommend hot
pot cooking, stewing, getting even just cheap cuts of meat and basic vegetables and making
up some dishes like that. Those nutrients stay in the pot. You’re not throwing water out, you’re actually
cooking stuff. Soups, very, very good way to have a nice
extra meal. Easy to put together a soup. And for winter time you couldn’t go much better
than chicken soup or even a vegetable soup with something you’ve made a nice beef stock
out with the bones. Add all that together, you can make a beautiful
soup. Stews and casseroles are a great way to lock
nutrition down for winter time. Wok cooking, great way to lock nutrition down
for summertime or steaming. But Hey, you can do those methods all year
round. I don’t really fancy stews and casseroles
when it’s 105 outside. I think we had about 95 Fahrenheit yesterday. It’s already cranking up. So there you have it. Cook less. Okay? Cook fresh and cook with flavor flavor. Flavors I mean, again, ginger, garlic, maybe
some lime juice, some chili sauce, some salt and pepper, some Wurster sauce. I put anchovy sauce in my dishes. There’s all sorts of sauces I use for flavor. When you get flavor and you lock that down
into that food or around that food with minimally processed cooking, you’ve got something very
tasty and crunchy and nice to eat. Like me over time, your taste buds will choose
to that kind of nice taste. You’ll soon get sick and tired of eating fatty
fish and chips when you go out or pizza. That sort of stuff tastes like crap. When you eat fresh, cook fresh and use flavor,
you’re going to enjoy that experience, which means you’re going to eat more of this kind
of food unless and less of the crap food. When you eat healthier, okay, you’ll find
by default your portions will get a bit smaller. You’re chewing more, you’ve got high fiber
foods. We’ve talked about this, you’ll feel full. You won’t want to eat a lot of food. Three good meals a day, snack on some fruit. That’s how I live my life. And you guys can do the same, okay? There’s no secret to really losing weight
and maintaining weight. It’s common sense, isn’t it? When you’re thinking about eating good food
and moving your body. So their you have it. I’ll say one more time. Cook less food, eat fresh food and eat full
flavor. Okay? When you do that, the weights going to come
off because it’s all about the gut bacteria, remember? Don’t forget, I’ve got a free report down
in the description box. Click on that if you’re interested in the
weight loss report. Thanks for tuning in.

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  2. I'm looking forward to your cooking videos as well!! I've watched your channel for yrs and you'll never know how much you've helped me & my family. Thank you

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    1 1 / 4c. almond flour.

    5 tablespoons whole psyllium leaves.

    2 teaspoons baking powder

    1 teaspoon instant active yeast.

    1 tablespoon nutritional yeast

    1 teaspoon salt.

    2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar

    1 C. of boiling water.

    3 egg whites

    In which three different types of yeast are included, these yeasts could worsen my candida problems that are serious for which I have been suffering for a long time and which of those three yeasts would be the worst.

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