Best Fat Burning Foods (The Real Truth)

Best Fat Burning Foods (The Real Truth)

– So if you’ve been looking to
lose body fat and get leaner, you’ve probably heard of this
idea of fat burning foods. Now there are certain foods
that, if you eat that food, it’s gonna lead you to burn
more body fat and get leaner. Typically these lists
include foods like spinach, kale, broccoli, maybe some chicken breast, maybe some turkey, maybe
some salmon or ricotta, nuts, berries, things like this. And these lists are all over the web. They’re all over these
different types of forums and people are claiming, basically, that if you eat a lot more of these foods, that there are gonna be particular foods that are gonna make you leaner. And I wanna focus on that. I wanna break this down for you. I wanna really share with you how this actually works
and what you need to know in order to actually
optimize your own nutrition and understand what to
eat, what to eat more of, what to eat less of, and not fall for some of this mainstream
BS, like typically these, all these mainstream things
are actually leading us to some kind of quick fix or some kind of overnight thing that’s gonna change everything. And I will really bring it back to what really works and also, I mean, you’ve gotta know that
you’ve gotta put in the work and you have to be
consistent and persistent if you actually wanna
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now let’s dive into it. So the first time I’m gonna dive into when it comes to these fat burning foods is really the mechanism
how these foods work and how they actually get you leaner. ‘Cause there is some truth to that and that’s why it actually spread so far and that’s why so many people believe it. Because a lotta these foods list, if you look at it, they
include healthy food. They include foods that
actually make you full. They include foods that
are higher protein. They include foods that
are healthy for you, lots of vegetables, lots of fruits, lean proteins, things like
that or healthier fats. And so if you’re diet
is based on these foods, you will naturally eat less and you will naturally
lose weight, of course. I mean, these foods
will be much more fuller and much healthier compared
to eating a junk food diet or a diet full of
processed food in general. If you focus on these quote
unquote fat burning foods, you really are optimizing your
diet for health and fat loss. But the mechanism is not fat burning. And there’s actually a big difference between fat burning and
actually using fat for fuel compared to fat loss. This is what most people
don’t really get into and, of course, the mainstream fitness doesn’t wanna actually get into this, is that you could actually be in quote unquote fat burning mode. If you go low carb, if you go keto, your body is burning fat for energy. But it might not be losing fat. It might not be reducing body fat. If the energy balance
is basically the same between input and output, you’re not gonna lose any body fat. Even though you’re actually
using more fat for fuel, you’re not losing any body fat. Because in order for your
body to lose body fat, it actually has to be
in a deficit of calories in order, then, to start using body fat, which that’s the primary
purpose of body fat is actually to provide that energy for you when you don’t get enough food. Then it has to mobilize
that body fat that’s stored. And unless there is a deficit, it’s not gonna mobilize the body fat. So whether you eat a
lotta fat burning foods or whether you’re in a fat burning mode, you’re not gonna lose any body fat unless you’re in a caloric deficit. Now that brings me back to these foods. These foods naturally make
you enter a caloric deficit because they’re so filling. Now, of course, someone looking at this might be, “Well, these fat burning foods, “this is good for me, so I’m just “gonna eat a ton of these foods.” I mean, you can still be gaining weight or not losing any weight if you eat a ton of these fat burning foods. ‘Cause again, if you’re
not on a caloric deficit, you’re not gonna be losing body fat. Now the second reason
these fat burning foods are effective at getting us
to be in a caloric deficit and lose body fat, other than the fact that they’re filling, is also
that they’re less addictive. And if you compare something like spinach, broccoli, or kale to ice cream and pizza, it becomes really obvious. And you’re not gonna wake up
in the middle of the night and get dressed up and go in your car and go drive and get some broccoli. I mean, you don’t have
those types of cravings. But with ice cream, that is a reality. That does happen. So really when we’re looking
at different types of foods, we have to understand that
there are different properties that make a certain food more addictive and more motivating for
us to go out of our way to get that food, and that’s the case with all these super tasty palatable foods that have a high concentration
of fat and sugar and salt, such as ice cream, pizza,
cookies, things like that. They’re really difficult to resist. So our brains are wired to
want to eat more of that food. We like that concentration,
that calorie density, and we have to be able to fight that. And the only way to actually
be able to deal with that is not to have those foods
all around us at all times. And that’s where these quote
unquote fat burning foods come into play, because if your diet is primarily made out of these foods, you’re not gonna be as
motivated to overeat. And it just makes the whole process a lot easier and then you’re not hungry, but you’re also less motivated to eat when you’re not hungry. Because these foods are
motivating us to eat even when you’re not hungry. You’ll always have room for an
extra little bit of ice cream or a little bit of a chocolate brownie. Like things like this sneak
their way into the diet even when we are not hungry anymore. So this is really an issue and this is something
you’ve gotta understand, as well, is that you have to manage your food environment a little bit more because I know, for myself, if I’m surrounded with
cookies, cakes, chocolate, and things like that, I’m
gonna overeat, and it happens. When I’m in holidays, I
go to my parent’s place and there’s all these tasty foods around. Like I do end up eating more compared to when I’m back in my place where everything is so well organized, where I don’t have these
foods readily available and there’s a ton of friction for me to get access to these types of foods. And the foods that I do have access to are these fat burning foods, if you wanna call them like that, but they are really
healthy unprocessed foods that keep me on track. And that’s the majority
of my diet is made out of, are these healthy,
whole, unprocessed foods, lots of lean protein, lots of vegetables, fruits, and things like this. And that’s really what
you have to do, as well, if you wanna make this a lifestyle and if you wanna make it
easier for you to stay lean and you cannot just do
this by having all these amazing, tasty, addictive
foods around you. So keep this in mind when you’re designing your nutrition plan and when
you’re looking at your numbers, it’s not all about calories,
it’s not all about that, but it’s also about the composition and the quality of the diet itself that either makes you easier to stick with or makes it really, really
difficult to stick with. And what I’m gonna do
here again, actually, I’m gonna leave you a video that’s gonna help you get to 10% body fat. If you’re interested in that, definitely check out that video. Other than that, if you wanna work with me as your mentor and as
your coach to help you optimize your process, there’s a link in the description below where you can find more details about that and I will see you in that next video.

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  1. This idea of the "best fat burning foods" has been around for a long time, and I see a lot of people get very confused by it. In this video, you'll learn the truth about fat burning foods and how things actually work. This is the kind of information I wish I knew when I started my journey. Enjoy! PS. If you enjoyed this content hit that Like button, it helps a lot with the algorithm. PPS. If you're looking for more advice on how to get lean watch this video as well

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