today we’re in Guadalajara Mexico and
this video is gonna be all about street food we’re gonna be sharing with you
some of the city’s best street food we’ve got some real gems lined up for
you Guadalajara is a city for eaters the
food culture here is distinct vibrant and most of all delicious this is our
third video from Guadalajara and we’re sharing with you some of the city’s best
food we eat Guadalajara’s famous drowned sandwich discover some of the best tacos
in the city and explore more of Jalisco state’s unique food in this gigantic
Mexico series we’re eating where the locals eat and sharing with you some of
the country’s best food from rare indigenous food to heritage recipes you
don’t want to miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas
and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry let’s eat before we dive into our first street
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because we’re gonna be zipping all around Guadalajara to share with you some of
the best street food that we can find now we are heading to our first spot and
we are gonna be eating something called a Torta Ahogada which
translates to a drowned sandwich the spot they we’re heading to is supposed to
be one of the best in the city let’s go and order one of these things dos tortas por favor, the senor here is cutting up
the carnitas which is the pork cooked in its own fat and he’s popping it into the
roll and the roll is just pretty hefty and he’s popped some chilli sauce some
onions and drowned it in this sauce so muchas gracias this business has been
around since 1960 the name of it is Jose el de la bicicleta and bicicleta means bicycle so I assume that when the gentleman first started selling
these tortas it was off the back of a bike but now he’s got an actual shop although he’s still serving sandwiches off the bike which is pretty neat let’s go and eat these tortas I’ve never seen anything like this torta ahogada
so the drowned sandwich and this is something that you have got to eat when
you come to Guadalajara it’s one of those Guadalajara classics
so what it’s made up of is this roll which has been stuffed with carnitas, carnitas here are the pork or pork which is
cooked in its own fat so it’s really juicy he chucked on some red onion and
then also some spicy salsa and then he poured out a ladle of this tomato based
sauce over it so that it is literally drowning in sauce I can’t wait to get
into this so there’s some lime on the table but I’m just gonna leave that for
now and just get a taste of this thing without anything on it holy moly that is so good
what I love is that the the roll and it’s a special roll I believe it’s called a birote is really crusty and thick it’s quite salty as well but it
really holds that that sauce so it hasn’t turned all mushy and the pork is
super juicy I’m gonna get this bite you’ve got the crusty outer of the roll
the soft squishy inside the pork super juicy the salsa is quite spicy
and then the tomato sauce is quite acidic so it has a tanginess that is delicious I thought that perhaps that the tomato sauce might be um warm but
it’s just room temperature I don’t mind it
it really really works with the sandwich this is such a unique snack a drowned
sandwich and it’s a really great way to start off this Guadalajara street food
tour and it’s a really super unique spot as well I love love that he’s still serving
sandwiches off the back of his bicycle and we’re sitting right on the street
they’ve set up just a couple of tables literally between two car parks this is
what street food is all about to me this is great now what would a street food tour in Mexico be without tacos so now we’re going for some tacos at a place that does a
really neat little topping it’s a cheese topping but it looks pretty cool but
check this out it’s right up here and it is packed with people absolutely raging
so we’re in what’s sort of like a little industrial looking type area of
streets but this tent right here on the street is going off let’s go check
it out and get some tacos this stand is like no taco stand I’ve ever seen here in
Mexico so they’re doing for starters they’re making their own tortillas right
here with a special tortilla press that is really neat look at the masa
getting ground up right here that’s unreal but look at the special thing
about the stand this big pile of cheese so that cheese is gonna end up on the
tacos this place is super cool I can already smell and see why it is so busy
let’s get some tacos coma estas? What do you have? Barbacoa? Birria? Oooooo quatro taco por favor, dos chicharron y dos carne asada por favor gracias, con todo por favor wow panela? Si! This is this special topping the panela cheese this is a really neat taco stand there are people
everywhere it’s about 3 o’clock in the afternoon so this is like the prime time for
eating lunch and the guys have three different types of meat there’s chicharron
which is pork skin there’s grilled steak and there’s also some birria it might
be the slow roasted goat we went for two pork skins and two of the
carne asada this is such a neat stall we’ve got our four beautiful looking tacos
here and then and we’ve got a a station of condiments so I’m just gonna grab
some of these limes here so grab a couple of those
here’s some pickled onions with some habanero so I might just add a little
bit of those spicy habaneros over the top I don’t want to go too crazy because
those things are spicy and then look at this salsa roja pretty chunky so tons
of tomato as well as chillies in there just slosh that all over alright that’s
looking pretty delicious this is like no plate of tacos I’ve ever seen here in
Mexico and they look so good super unique with this cheese on top so this
cheese is panela and it’s a cow’s cheese a very mild cow’s cheese and
so you can see it’s not aged or anything it’s just a very light cheese and I love
that massive pile of cheese they’ve got up there which he just flicks off with
a big knife and dumps on top of everyone’s order so what did we order we
got two carne asada so two steak ones there so beef steak just grilled and diced up
and then we’ve got some chicharron so at this end is chicharron which is pork skin
now let’s just get some lime onto that one break off some of that cheese so I’m
going for the carne asada here so this is steak oh look at that so there’s
some frijoles on there as well I didn’t notice that so that’s a beans dish and
we’ve got onions on there as well Sheena’s put some habaneros on there
let’s wrap that bad boy up oh I’ve got the cheesy end mmm that is good the meat’s very soft
very tender full of flavor as well the cheese is super mild it’s more of a
texture than a flavor actually it just adds a nice creamy texture to your mouth
and a little bit of flavor there onions work perfectly this is good the
flavors aren’t too bold and actually I need more of those habaneros so let’s go
grab some more for another mouthful because I think it needs a bold spice to
it sometimes with tacos like this you don’t
need so much of a hit but I reckon this needs that spicy hit just waiting to get
in on the stand all right so we’ll get some more of these onions put some on
the side for the next bite but I just need some of the habanero oh yeah
look at that okay now that’s nice and loaded up with
the habanero so that should be a good kick mmm that’s doing it mmm that
rounded out the mouthful for me perfectly so that extra hit extra spice
still not too crazy because they’re diced up start pretty small these are delicious
let’s get some of that habanero and that onion and pop it on this chicharron taco
at the end so the pork skin taco and some of that on break off some more
cheese I don’t want to lose those I don’t want to lose those habaneros it’s so piled up ah so good again hmm
exactly the same thing the meat’s not too crazy it just is what it is so then when
you add the salsa that I got a lot of salsa on that one a red salsa
that was had a lot of tomatoes in it was nice and acidic the creaminess of the
cheese getting some habanero spice now the tortilla is very nice too
it’s got a great kick of flavor but it doesn’t sometimes tortillas can sort of
dry out the taco these do not at all they take on the moisture nicely that is
a great plate of tacos and I can see why the crowd is like this I mean there’s
people leaning around everywhere getting into these this is an incredibly popular
stand here in Guadalajara I can totally see why there are amazing tacos this next dish is a real cracker it’s
called birria and it’s a slow-roasted in this case veal which has been seared
crispy we’ve come to this local market to find a stall which is really famous
for its birria it’s been around for 50 years and it’s supposed to do a spectacular
version let’s go we’ve just nabbed a seat at this birria shop and it’s
packed with people the oven which is just open is crisping up that meat it
looks absolutely beautiful smells really intense you can see all the different
cuts of veal there dos plato chico por favor una surtido y costilla si gracias I ordered two plates of birria
so I asked for some rib meat and also just a mix an assortment of the
different cuts and that’s what you can do you can sort of identify which
parts of the animal that you you love the most and ask for that cut now this birria looks extremely good and I absolutely love this environment so we’re sitting right
here at the stall so all the prep work’s being done right here on this
chopping board the meats coming right out of that oven there and this is
the birria now if you’ve been watching our videos already you know that we’ve
already had birria in this series so we’ll link that video up there however
that was a very different version to this one this one is you can see the
meat here is just all cut up so it’s beef or veal in this case and they cook
it very very slowly and then they double cook it so that’s how it’s got this
crispiness on the outside because they actually cook it up so almost roast it
to get this little crispness on the outside so slow cooked and then cooked again to get crispy on the outside and so the last time we had this it was
more of a soup style so it was all combined here the meat comes out gets
cut up and then a very thin broth look at this so it’s a tomato based broth
and look how thin that is so that is just put all over the top so let’s get
this prepped for eating we’ve got some fresh cut onions here so we’ll just pile
those onions in because they’re gonna flavor up that broth and under here
we’ve got some tortillas so I’m gonna make up little tortillas with this one
because it’s not a soup like last time I think it’s prime to be put into into
some tortillas so tortilla let’s get some bits of meat so I got the the mix
of different cuts of meat we actually got two plates Sheena got just rib meat
and I got this mix of different meats oh come on gotta get that bit nice bit of skin on that bit of beef and this sauce is meant to be nice and hot so
we’ll get a good bit of sauce on there wrap that up gosh that is good wow that is good um
the tomato flavor’s very strong in that in that broth almost tastes like a
tomato soup a very nice light tomato soup the onions are really packing a
punch into that because they’re just fresh onions so they’re a lot of burst
of flavor but the meat itself I’m actually I’m gonna have a bit of meat
just by itself so let’s get this nice bit here off the end nice bit of crispiness
because it’s actually quite subtle in flavour so I want to eat it by itself very tender very juicy as well and
the tomatoes are just giving it so much flavor incredibly sweet from that tomato
broth eating like this at markets in Mexico is fantastic you can see all the
people lined up so you’re almost always sitting at these bench style seats all
the action’s happening right in front of you so you’ve got the heat and the
smells coming from the kitchen cause you’re right there you’re basically in the
kitchen the food is incredible and this stand’s got a lot of heritage actually as well
this has been around for 50 years 30 years in the market but 20 years it was
a street food stand so it progressed from being a street food cart to being
here in the market it’s incredibly popular the place is lined up look at
this ohh he’s got the whole backbone of the of the of the veal there he’s just chopping
little bits of the bone off look at that little beautiful bits of meat on there
it is a great meal we’ve left the small local market and we’ve
come to the gigantic Mercado San Juan de Dios which is the largest
indoor market in Latin America there’s something like 3,000 vendors within this
complex and there’s a lot going on there’s heaps of produce there’s tons of food
we’re wandering around the Christmas decorations section but we’re not here
to shop we are here to eat and our next snack is something super interesting so
here in Mexico they do crazy wonderful things with corn and this next food
food or drink rather is crazy and wonderful it’s called tejuino and
it is delicious this is the tejuino and you can see
it is this murky colour it’s made out of fermented corn dough you can see he’s sort of
moving the liquid about he added some lime into the glass first and now he’s
topping it off with neive de limon so lemon ice muchas gracias
ohh how good does this look let me just pay up muchas gracias
all right so I’ve got my tejuino in hand this little stall is super cute so
they’ve got the tejuino sitting in these big this giant wooden barrel and
then next to it the nieves the hand churned water-based lemon ice cream
which you can see floating on the top here that’s in a steel garaffas it’s
called and then that’s also sitting in ice in a wooden barrel it’s just a
really neat setup so this is tejuino and tejuino is a fermented corn
drink so they mix the corn masa up with some piloncillo which is unrefined
cane sugar and they let it sit for about a week to ferment together with water
and then it becomes this drink what he did was he added some lime into the cup
first and then he added the tejuino and then the scoop of lemon nieves
which is going to be or lime sorry lime nieves we’re always getting
confused here because lime is limon which to us sounds like lemon we’re always
mixing lemon and lime up okay let’s just taste this I love this drink it’s so
unusual it’s really earthy a little bit bitter you get that tanginess coming
the lime and then also from the lime nieves ah you can really taste the fermented
flavor in this one it’s got a an almost um a bubbly bitterness to it it’s
beautiful we grabbed another tejuino because it’s so good and I got a proper
look at him putting the drink together and I noticed that he put a little bit of
salt in with the lime and you can taste the saltiness coming through
so this stall has been around since 1965 and I’ve also just noticed up the back
they’ve got all these old photos of them making the tejuino and
cooking it over wood fire it’s really neat

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