Best of Creed – The Office US

Best of Creed  - The Office US

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38 thoughts on “Best of Creed – The Office US

  1. Wow! I have a greater appreciation for Creed now. Can't believe how many episodes I still haven't seen yet.

    When he walked in with the black hair from the back I thought it was Oscar at first. Dude is funny af!

  2. I bet every single episode Creed was a diffrent kind of drugs so one time was hiper active, other dont remember names and other have behaviour for mdma.

  3. He played himself in so many films. If you read his Wikipedia it shows everything about him. I was really fucking high reading it and it was amazing and really interesting. He’s one of my favorite characters on the show.

  4. The absolute best moment of Creed is this:

    Dwight stands on desk


    “..congratulations Dwight..”

    Creed stands on desk


    everyone stares awkwardly at Creed

  5. What about the time when he eats a potato, or requests a cobbler pie during his birthday, or grabs a fish from the river, or screws up quality assurance when that watermark ruins their paper stock, etc.? Creeds best moments are from season three, not the last seasons. This video contains some ok clips but not the best ones.

  6. Creeds prime days…I can imagine him never sober…and causing mayhem to those that lived near him

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