BEST Personal Hygiene Tips You NEED To Know (r/askReddit)

BEST Personal Hygiene Tips You NEED To Know (r/askReddit)

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24 thoughts on “BEST Personal Hygiene Tips You NEED To Know (r/askReddit)

  1. if your fat: don't be fat
    folds store bacteria
    you sweat more (get tired easily, more heat)
    the list goes on, not to mention the other downsides to obesity
    go to atleast 'chubby' as a goal

  2. So the hair washing thing. I used to wash them daily, but for the pas 6 months I've spaced my washes to every 3-4 days following people's advices because you know, washing your hair every days is bad an all. Yeah well turns out if I don't, in 24h my hair are as ugly as a homeless 60 years old's

  3. The back of the ears. Years ago I was playing online on Xbox 360 with some friends. I said I had to go shower then go somewhere and one of them said "don't forget to wash behind your ears!"
    Now I always hear his voice when I shower reminding me to wash behind my ears. Lol and I wash behind my kids ears too.

  4. Don't wash your face or the oil will overcompensate? I almost never wash my face, just barely put water on it, only sometimes use soap (I hate soap in my eyes that much). Explains why I only have acne on my chest and never my face.

  5. 1:50 If you experience this but don’t have tonsils, it could be the same thing but the stone is in the folds of the back of your throat or sinuses! I get these all the time but I got my tonsils removed so I went to the doctor for it

  6. So i'm a guy. When they started talking about the self-cleansing part of the vagina, I was confused and have no idea what they're talking about. I guess the vagina cleans itself and maybe the butt too? Idk, instructions not clear, penis stuck in bellybutton.

  7. You can like metal music and deodorant. You can like anime and deodorant. Just please wear deodorant.

    Part hydrogen peroxide, part water is a very effective mouth wash. Also makes your teeth white.

    If you have kerotosis pilaris (chicken skin) you gotta exfoliate your skin. Then moisturized with lotion after the shower. It’ll change your life, your skin, your confidence. Cerave for after shower. Amlactin before you put on clothes and before bed.

    Hemorrhoids? Witch hazel wipes right next to the bottle in the first aid aisle. It’ll shrink it and make you feel better.

  8. My girlfriend had smegma she kept telling me that its natural when I said she should pay a little more attention down there…

  9. For reduction of tonsil stones, as well as a lot of other breath issues, try using 2 different brands of toothpaste, brush with one, then the other, every time you brush. Something about effectiveness of each brand on different bacteria.

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