Betsy DeVos Goes After Protections For Disabled Students

Betsy DeVos Goes After Protections For Disabled Students

now if it's one thing the Trump administration is not a fan of it's what they call excessive regulation even if those regulations are far from excessive and actually protect the least among us but that is unfortunately who secretary Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is going after when she recently instructed the Department of Education to rescind 72 policy documents outlining the rights of students with disabilities now according to the office of special education and rehabilitation services they wrote in a newsletter on Friday that had had a total of 72 guidance documents that have been rescinded due to what they say being outdated unnecessary and ineffective 63 from the office of special education programs and 9 from the Rehabilitation Services Administration these documents basically flashed out students rights under the individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the Rehabilitation Act now these were rescinded on October 2nd now advocates for students with disabilities we're still reviewing the changes to determine their impact however Lindsey Eve Jones the chief policy and Advocacy officer for the National Center for learning disabilities said that she was particularly concerned to see guidance documents outlining how schools could use federal money for special education removed she said all of these were meant to be very useful and helping schools and parents understand and fill in with concrete examples the way the law is meant to work when it's being implemented in various situations so again these documents are basically meant to help parents of students with disabilities understand their rights with when it in in respect to their child's education now that could be very unclear so they have these guidance documents that basically outline what the schools can do with that federal money makes sense right it makes sense that parents are actually in the know when it comes to their rights now according to the Washington Post the special education guidance documents realists ended this month clarified the rights of disabled students in a number of areas making clear including making clear how schools can spend federal money set aside for special ed some such as one entitled questions and answers on serving children's children with disabilities placed by their parents or private schools translated the lingo jargon into English into plain English for parents advocating for their children some of the guidance documents that were cut had been in the books since the 1980s now obviously these changes were not welcomed by many in disability rights groups and other education advocates now representative Robert Scott from Virginia called out the elimination of the special education guidance quote the latest in a series of disturbing actions taken by the Trump administration to undermine civil rights for vulnerable Americans he said much of the guidance around the individuals with Disabilities Education Act focused on critical clarifications of the regulations required to meet the needs of students with disabilities and provide them a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment notwithstanding the actions taken by the department today the regulations to remain in force however they lack the clarification the guidance provided so that's very important so the regulations are still there it's just that regular people now don't really have access to clarified documents and basically how to interpret them okay so most people do not read legalese and so they read about their rights they're not going to understand exactly what that means in the context and what it applies to now I think that's very very dangerous because think about it the first step to removing rights and recourses is basically to confuse people and make them think that maybe they don't have them or make it more difficult for them to access those rights there's actually no justification for eliminating these documents they're not actually getting rid of regulations at all what they're doing is they're just making more difficult for people to assert their rights I mean if you don't understand what rights you have you can't exactly invoke them properly some people might have to hire a lawyer to interpret them and I think a lot of special ed students their parents their families can't exactly afford a lawyer and if people don't use and assert their rights it makes it easier for the government to roll back those rights slowly over a course of time they're attempting to weaponize ignorance to remove protections from the disabled it's almost just like what they're doing with transgender students back in February DeVos also signed off on Trump's rescinding of guidance that directed schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms in accordance with their gender identity saying that those matters should be left up to state and local school officials and in September she scrapped rules that outline how schools should investigate allegations of sexual assault arguing that the Obama era guidance did not sufficiently take into account the rights of the accused so we see what she's up to Betsy DeVos and the rest of the Trump administration are the worst people they continue to prove over and over that they will go after the weakest among us first they came for their sexual assault survivors on campus then they came for the transgender kids and now they're going after the disabled hey everybody thanks for watching this video if you want to see more like this please hit the subscribe button below and if you want to support truly independent progressive media please consider becoming a patron at slash tyt nation

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29 thoughts on “Betsy DeVos Goes After Protections For Disabled Students

  1. Mrs Devos. Happy Holidays, Hi my name is Rhonda Pickett help me ma'am protect me I have serious issues I am a panic freak to the point of death and I have no polar I recently relocated from Lansing Michigan to Jackson Mississippi it's going ok I could be better I currently paying $700 a month it's ok I guess a start but ma'am I having problems with knowing my Disabilty check is for me and it's coming I couldn't imagine being on the street again really ma'am so I panic two weeks before I get my check and call peoe to assure it's coming and sometimes I call gotta call soon I'm getting better with the effort and calling people like yourself I'm not 1/8as bad.
    Thank you so much and Love you!
    Rhonda Lynn Pickett

  2. It's not going to have any impact on the lives of the disabled–so stop trying to create drama. You might try educating yourself about a story before you run around like Henny Penny!

  3. Betsy DeVos is as pathetic excuse for our current "leaders" as any other. Unfortunately, this person unknowingly-but full of greed -is paving the way to deny the education and any other significant help to those who cannot advocate for themselves. Is there a lower position on life and dignity???

  4. Do liberals EVER defend an actual "producer" in the country, instead of always defending "useless mouths"?

  5. That's the target for the courageous conservatives. The disabled. The old. The sick. The starving. They have to give up what little is allowing them to live. So the wealthy can buy some new luxury items.

  6. Just philosophizing: could Blackwater be hired to correct this administration or department? 💰💰💰

  7. Betsy DeVos is nothing more than a Public Funding Cut Hack and the only thing she would be happy with is draining all the money from public schools and put it into private and religious educational institutions. Handing the responsibility for public schools to the private sector would only degrade the public education system even further. Also what would happen to the funding for those schools during a financial crisis? This Bitch!!! and that's being kind, does not give a Shit about education, just revenue gathering. I bet when she saves allot of money, she runs to Trump saying "OH Mr President, look how much money i save today, aren't i a good Secretary of Education" as she kneels at Trumps feet and kisses his out stretched hand.

  8. That is OK, just as long as the wealthy and big corporations get a massive tax cuts, because the wealthy and big cooperation's care so much for the common man and disabled children. 🙁

  9. Dog eat dog. Gotta keep it interesting for the billionaires that inherited their money. So much more fun when human lives are at stake.

  10. Bernie-Bro zealots such as yourself were instrumental to the rise of those such as Betsy DeVos to the highest positions of power and influence within the federal government. Unfortunately, your fanatical and uncompromising pursuit of a philosophical agenda would appear to have left you desensitized to the consequences.

  11. dTrump & the boot-lickers around him are after every penny they can steal from the government. Is anyone confused about the new cry for tax change? It's simple : dTrump is pushing a tax cut that will benefit him & his greedy fellow criminals. And the rest of us can go to hell, or like he said to Puerto Rico, we can't be there forever.

  12. What Betsy Devos is saying is that if the disabled are abused in any way, who cares because in her own selfish way of thinking, they are as important as household insects.

  13. i truly hope and pray that Betsy Devos get Everything that is coming her way . What goes around comes around and she well not be able to buy her way out of it either. There is a Very Deep Hot place in Hell just waiting for her.

  14. Devos was actually correct about the assault stuff. The rules did take away the rights of the accused and placed an unfair burden on them when compared to other disciplinary actions. But in general Devos is garbage.

  15. Ms. Betsy Devos really proves here she does not understand and doesn't want to help education, special needs students and teachers and counselors, and any other minority populations. She should be ashamed, but she's too uncaring and idiotic to b see sh's done a huge wrong there.

  16. Great, so the rich and powerful are making it so only those who already can provide for students' health and education needs, will be able to, and anyone who can't afford to give their students proper education and health care will just be out of luck. This is their (elite and prejudicial) way of excluding or killing off anyone who isn't rich, powerful, or healthy enough to suit them. It's their way of doing "eugenics" without having to say so. Just wait until they have a relative, a child or adult with special education needs, a disability or long-term condition. Then they might be more willing to advocate for special needs kids and special education. Unless, of course, they like paying the multiple thousands of dollars it can take to support that person. Or unless, you know, they are so heartless they don't care about that special needs relative. It seems to me that if they don't care to help other people who have special needs, they probably could care less about their own people who have special needs.

  17. So, how much of these regs pertain to letting schools and religious nuts… errr, professionals, rewrite rules for students?

  18. These regulations are already not well implemented, but at least with an involved parent you can make sure your child gets some help. Now parents will have no recourse.

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