Better than goji berries

Better than goji berries

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  1. Nice comparison of antioxidant values… people should still refine their ability to tune into foods most benificial for their own physiologies.

  2. The healthiest snack on the planet Earth is not the Amla Gooseberry.
    Even an Acerola Cherry tops the Amla Berry.
    But the most Healthiest snack on Planet Earth is the Camu Camu Berry.


  3. Barberry rice, yum!!! It's a Persian favorite.. I would make it for the Dr any time he wants to pay a visit… Keep those videos coming doc!

  4. I don't know what shit you have been eatin', but I have some dried gojies and it tastes great, and it is sweet.

  5. and let me guess, all this berries are somewhere just found from Amazonia, great secret of latin America, Indians been saving ti as secret, right? hehe

  6. yeah, mine are also dried.
    maybe you got some bad ones?
    I don't lie man, mine taste really good, and theyre tasty.
    I planted some of them, and yesterday ate some leaves out of young plant, also tastes really good.

  7. Well, I guess because dried they keep better, don't rot as easily, and can be carried around with you more easily.

  8. I have tried Goji berries. My taste is impeccable for what is and isn't good and can tell the difference between bitter to sweet easily. As for Goji berries they are kind of sweet but mostly on the bitter side. All I can think of to why that might be is maybe you have to rinse them off, soak them when you open a new bag or it wasn't that fresh? Oh well. I just know to keep eating good healthy things!

  9. i have to say ive loved watching you videos and it has made me happy to know that my choice to start a smoothie regiment is a great choice. Now i have made my own recipe and i was wondering if there is a email i can send it to you for you to look it over for me ?

  10. I think you might just get cancer by purposefully eating that much antioxidants for too long lol Ihope not though audi also there is more to healthy berries than antioxidant levels..

  11. What scale is this??  How can blueberries score lower than prunes for ORAC value?  What are we measuring here?  

  12. Does it make any sense to eat dried fruits when the fresh ones are more healthy?  Dried fruits also produce a higher glycemic load because they are sweeter by weight.

  13. Camu Camu is sooo bitter. If you can find the actual fruit, lucky you. Also, most Camu Camu is wild-crafted, so if anyone sells you one that's Organic, that's definitely a red flag.

  14. @organicsuperman

    You too? Yeah, I can't digest goji either, it takes a toll on my stomach. I'm not a fan of dried fruits, with the exception of dates, but those are loaded in sugar.

  15. i know where u can find it …. any persian, afghani or arabian market every where in the world … its called ZERESHK .. and it is so cheep

  16. Indian Gooseberries (Amla) are sold in Amazon. The video seems to suggest that theyre unavailably rare. Are the products on Amazon fakes or?

  17. What about Acai berries? Amla is actually fairly well available in the West and in supplements also, such as Triphala (which contains Amla (Gooseberry), and two other berries native to the Himalaya region/Indian subcontinent ).

  18. Pomegranates are not an electric food that contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They are a hybrid starchy fruit. Starch will create acid and acid is breeding ground infection and dis ease. The body will only accept what it is made out of through chemical affinity and pomegranates will not be accepted in its entirety.

  19. I'm sorry I don't get this… this number is for what amount of the food? 100grams? 1 cup? 1 oz?

  20. was thinking I'm an absolute champion of men there aswell. saying to myself I been on Goji berry's and pomegranate seeds for 3year now then the old matanuska tundra appeared and blew my dangle berries out the water 💦 💪 haa

  21. I buy amla, dried Indian gooseberries. It tastes like bitter dirt. I find I can put a teaspoon in my vegetable casserole and not taste it at all so I get a teaspoon twice a day. If you have some spicy or other strongly flavored savory food you might experiment adding amla to it after cooking and see if it will work for you.

    I tried putting it in applesauce, but I don't like applesauce especially anyway, and the amla just made it taste worse.

  22. I've been putting frozen gooseberries in my daily smoothie. Is there any reason I should replace the frozen berries with dried? I thought fresh and frozen produce was better for you than dried?

  23. Just picked up some Barberries at middle eastern spice store in glendale! Its called Flor De Cafe Bakery, 537 E. Colorado St. Glendale, CA 91205 – Call them at 818-543-1401 _ I bet they would ship.

  24. this is only just looking at the orac scale.
    each one of these is a separate herb on its own has different functions in the body, I know that's not your area of expertise and that's not what you're examining here, the goji berries are still valuable for other reasons than the orac scale. I'm confident in the fact that you already know this but thought I would post it in the comments anyway.

  25. wow, according to this information, Russia is very lucky to have many different berries including goosberries!!!! thank's for video!

  26. according to the, indicated high-dose supplements of antioxidants may be linked to healthcare risks. such as increased risk of lung cancer in smokers with high doses of beta-carotene or with high doses of vitamin E may increase risks of prostrate cancer or one type of stroke.

  27. For people in the US, Indian stores usually carry some kind of amla powder and dried gooseberries for relatively cheap if anyone is interested in getting some. I don't know the difference in anti-oxidant content, but gooseberries are plentiful, cheap, and easy to grow where I'm from (The Pacific Northwest). Side note, barberries are also way cheaper at local Middle Eastern stores: ~$1 or less an ounce.

  28. In the arctic tundra, bahahaha
    Btw goji are like 25$ a pound. Poms are more?? Gooseberry for the win I guess. I found dried cadied gooseberry about the same as goji

  29. From SINGAPORE 🇸🇬 Those seeds n berries are all available here in Asia' s little INDIA'S at 1/3 the price sold in your nation! Everything in AMERICA is INFLATED! FUNNY VIDEO! JUST BOUGHT 5 KILOS GOJI BERRIES FROM TIBET!

  30. Hi there, awesome work always an interesting thing to watch. I do have a question though. From which provider do you purchase the indian berries ?

  31. You forgot to mention the antioxidant content of drinks like pure white tea, or matcha tea. Also, the content of antioxidants doesn’t inherently make a food healthy or healthier. Antioxidants, as useful as they are, they are not the secret to a healthy diet.

  32. In fact, research has shown that, in some instances, taking antioxidant supplements can cause harm, and even increase the risk of cancer. Dr Beckett said that's because at high concentrations, substances that normally behave as antioxidants can have the opposite effect and act as pro-oxidants.
    Beware of taking super high doses of antioxidant supplements and consult your physician.

  33. Oh I bought two packets of dry berberis not so long ago. Didn´t know they was so healthy. I usually prefer frozen or fresh berries to dry berries, but some berries you can´t buy frozen or fresh, like goji and berberis. Aronia berries are also good, both frozen and dried. Haven´t tried acai and not gonna.

  34. It's easy and cheap to get dried indian goosberry in my country (it's called Amla or Malaka in Indonesia), you can even buy online with 1 day ship only 10 USD/125gr. Btw, this thing used to cure stomach ache by the lokal.

  35. You have the wrong information goji berries have the highest orac value that is 25300. No other superfood is available with such orac value till now

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