Bhagavad Gita in Hindi Chapter 12 – Swami Mukundananda [19/34] – Sansar ka sukh

Bhagavad Gita in Hindi Chapter 12 - Swami Mukundananda [19/34] - Sansar ka sukh

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11 thoughts on “Bhagavad Gita in Hindi Chapter 12 – Swami Mukundananda [19/34] – Sansar ka sukh

  1. In this lecture, Swamiji discusses the meaning of happiness and the difference between material and spiritual happiness. He talks about the short-lived material happiness and contrasts it with the long-term happiness in the pursuit of spiritual goals. Swamiji guides us on differentiating between these types of happiness by reflecting on the effect or outcome by looking through the veil of maya.

  2. There is no happiness in this world. This reality is very well explained by Swami Mukundananda Ji. Spiritual aspirants must watch this lecture.

  3. Swamiji explained very nicely.He tells that  there is no happiness in the world.  Little by little, through patience and repeated effort, the mind will become stilled in the Self.

  4. Very good lecture by Swami Mukundananda Ji. We need to have strong understanding that there is no happiness in this world. The happiness that we are looking for is only God have it. Swamiji explains this valuable point very logically. Great lecture.

  5. Very nice lecture about the true nature of fleeting pleasures of this world…a very important point to learn is that nobody is a true well wisher…its only to the extent of their self-interest fulfilled that they seem to be favoring us…in reality absolutely no one is thinking for us…everyone is doing that for their own self…its a fact;learn it the easy way through lecture or hard way through experience…

  6. Gita is beautifully explained by Swamiji. Listening this lecture in Hindi becomes more interesting with lovely associated stories.

  7. Having friendship with God gives Sukh all the time..And that is taught only by real saints and Mahaprush.we should be thankfull to them when even we will realize it internally and serve the humanity as they wish and expect from us to do so.They expect puran Sharnagati from us towards God.

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