Biogeochemical Cycles

Biogeochemical Cycles

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100 thoughts on “Biogeochemical Cycles

  1. This was the most helpful thing. I haven't been able to understand the biochemical cycles all year and this 9 minute video just made me learn them. Thank you so much I am forever grateful. I wish i knew about your channel during the year and not right before the AP exam.

  2. Hi Paul, your videos are always awesome. I teach Grade 10 Biology in Hawaii. Our Pacific Island cultures speak slower than you. Any chance you can slow down your talking pace a little :^) Many of our students are not English first language either, yet they are very bright.

  3. my teacher made me watch this its so boring and monotone i literally wanted to just watch the clock tick by. its really not that helpful in the real world unless you get a job that deals with that kinda topic.

  4. thank you so much for this video mr. andersen!! my teacher spent an entire week going through the cycles one by one and somehow none of the information stuck with me. i have a test in two days and i'm pretty confident now thanks to this 8 minute video!

  5. I love how he just discredited climate change in one statement. We burn coal, carbon dioxide is released back in to the air, plants then reabsorb the carbon dioxide, life continues haha

  6. Thank you Mr. Anderson. Your videos have made environmental science enjoyable for me. I guess I am prepared for my test today.

  7. WHY did you make my life miserable as a means to motivate? the level of unproductivity… the disgust… the resentment… the ongoing loss es and conflicted feelings… on top of trying under stress and deprivation. you make me sick. I fucking hate you. and the "lessons" you aim to teach. I only hope will be TRULY extracted, for what it all really has BEEN, and not the blind judgements of. OF which, the disgusting litter on the streets of Hartford, the lack of conscience TOWARDS their killing innocent life, that has only become WORSE…REVEALS.

  8. Wow, one video and i get it totally..simplest iv'e seen the cycles explained also..thanks to you and my lecturer for directing me here

  9. rico hua is a little bitch. Please dm him at @rudesalmon and tell him how much of a lil bitch he is 🙂 (dw he is my friend, be as mean as you wish). xoxoxox

  10. I found this channel when I was in form 5 and here I am again in my second year of university… cramming for an exam xD

  11. I am a mature student in Scotland and very much appreciate the videos on this channel to help me with my studies by providing me a nice break from the long arduous journeys into heavy text book reading and science journals . Many thank Paul.

  12. You should focus entirely on natural earth cycles. Mans interferance does qualify true knowlege. Man must learn the perfect balance God has created in his design of earth life cycles. Man destroys the balance, I have seen the oceans the coast suffer 5he past 5 decades. I see the death of mountain Forrest and timber land , since the 60s, man has only brought destruction. Man must obey Gods laws of creation. Humans who reject God and deny his sovereignty have nothing of value to teach or share.

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