Bitcoins: Liberating Organic Farmers

Bitcoins: Liberating Organic Farmers

My name is Santiago, I’m from Tierra Buena,
a small business that sells organic products, vegetables, chicken, canned, made ​​by
small family farmers, agroecological farmers and some are not so small, associations… I’ve known Santiago for a few years now, we
became friends when I rented an apartment from him. And a few months ago he told me that he was working on his business for selling organic
vegetables in the ​​Buenos Aires area, and he not only sold his produced but other
people’s products. In my opinion, agriculture serve for people
to live. Santiago told me that he wanted to expand
his customer base, he wanted to expand his business, and he didn’t know how, and since
he knew that I was in tech maybe I was able to help.
For Tierra Buena, accepting payments online through PayPal or credit card was a problem.
Because they need the funds right away to pay for their operations, and the fees are
very expensive for what they can pay. Also, they are not very good at dealing with
bureaucracy, so they needed someone to do that for them. So I thought if we do it with
Bitcoin I can set them up completely. Organic and small farmers often do not have
the possibility of a credit line nor the possibility of paying with a credit card. I saw an opportunity to bring Bitcoin to an
ecosystem where it was not yet known, which was the organic farmers community . We realized that Bitcoin, was the easiest
option with the lowest fees that we had. He understood immediately what Bitcoin was
all about, and he realized the it was going to solve some of his problems, some problems
that wouldn’t allow for businesses like his to exist in the current scenario. It was a lot easier to use than a credit card
and completely deregulated. So I told him that I could set up a website
for him and he would be taking Bitcoin payments online And we started working on it and one week after we had a website running, selling vegetables online. It solves a bunch of issues for him, not only
receiving payments, but also taking orders and keeping track of who ordered what and
how they pay. Personally for me it is a payment mechanism
much like a credit card, but it has the virtue of not having an intermediary, such as banks,
and a lot easier to use. Although they are not using bitcoins directly,
and they might not know what it is about, other farmers working in Tierra Buena network
are getting a benefit from it. Tierra Buena is the first business in Argentina
and perhaps dare I say the world, which is commercialising organic products,
vegetables, honey and that sort of things, in bitcoins. I think Bitcoin empowers small farmers to
get together and organize themselves and reach their market directly without any middlemen. Perhaps this is the most important social
tool that we have discovered, because it allows us to work and receive payments in a totally
deregulated manner. We are free to plant our own seeds, we don’t
buy the brand nor the patent from a multinational in order to plant, we don’t need permission. Also we don’t ask for anyone’s permission
for what to do with our own money. Something interesting I noticed while working
with Santiago and other farmers in the Tierra Buena network is how decentralized their structure is,
and I noticed that you can draw some parralellisms between that, and the decentralized origins
of Bitcoin as well. I believe that organic farming,
agroecological farming, offers us the possibility to work with something that is not polluting our environment nor the consumer, healthy products in every aspect.

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88 thoughts on “Bitcoins: Liberating Organic Farmers

  1. Long live bitcoin. if you guys looking for a WORKING tradebot for btce and others check out this thread

  2. I love bitcoin and what it stands for, I own some myself, and I want it to succeed. But I'm worried about security. It takes one person to hack your system or website and your private keys can be compromised. Many people will lose their phone or have a hard disk failure and lose their entire wallet. That's my chief concern. Personally, I'm storing my funds using a "brainwallet" for that very reason.

  3. You say visa and paypal were hard because of fees. Please answer how that farmers cash out bitcoins? What fees do they pay for that? And how how they would deal with volatility risks? Bitcoin can easily go either up or down by 20% in a day.

  4. You do not need to have any private keys in your server. Tierrabuena does not have them for example, it just has the public addresses and the matching private keys are in cold storage. (redeeming them is a partially manual process)

  5. Exactly, they receive bitcoins directly from users to their own addresses. They choose to sell it to cryptocambios afterwards but that can change (they may even choose to keep it), they remain in control of the bitcoin funds.

  6. "I saw an opportunity to bring Bitcoin to an ecosystem where it was not yet known, which was the organic farmers community." Yeah buddy, "the organic farmers" has no clue about Bitcoin.. 😉

  7. "We are free to plant our own seeds. We don't buy the brand nor the patent from a multinational. In order to plant, we don't need permission. Also, we don't ask for anyone's permission for what to do with our own money." This guy gets it.

  8. To my best knowledge, and that of the tierrabuena people, bitcoin was not even known by this or other related organic farmers communities at the time tierrabuena started accepting bitcoin payments. They featured us in reddit's first page as the first service to accept bitcoin for vegetables, and nobody else provided links or mentioned anything about other farmers at the time. But I guess it's easier for you to assume I'm your buddy and we started doing this yesterday.

  9. Chances are he was referring to the fact that marijuana growers often use organic vegetable production as a way to front their criminal enterprise, and they were some of the first adopters of bitcoins when they first came out.

  10. Fascinating. I've love to see some stats of how many people actually use the online site given that using bitcoins takes a bit of tech know how. Also love to know what Santiago buys/ does with the bitcoin he receives (although it seems from the comments he just sells/ exchanges them for cash).

    Bitcoin has some deep fundamental flaws, but still love that it is pushing the boundaries and beating the path for better designed crypto currencies of the future. Great stuff! 🙂

  11. Hi Josef, I can tell you that around 10% of all orders are paid in Bitcoin. Most customers paying with bitcoin seem to be expats and/or working in the IT industry. Litecoin numbers are negligible, but there were a few paying that way as well.

  12. Hi Mike, there should be english subtitles for spanish parts and they should be on by default – but if you can't see them you can turn them on by the captions icon in the lower right corner of the video player.

  13. Why are they plowing??? Ruining the soil!! Google no-till/natural farming. Much less work, soil improves every year.

  14. Can someone explain something to me: at 4:15 he says 'we are free to plant our own seeds, we don't buy the brand nor the patent from the multinational' – How does Bitcoin enable that? Very interesting!

  15. This is a comparison. What he is referring to is that farmers are not restricted in terms of what they seed and similarly with Bitcoin they are not restricted in terms of how to use their own money.

  16. How does he exchange his earned bitcoins to argentine currency (peso)? In order use his earnings he has to make that exchange right? So does he have to sell his bitcoins to some private person interested in bitcoins or how does it work?

  17. BitCoin is sound without flaw. Organic farming and bitcoin is a must! Check out earthships, aquaponics and permaculture as well. Look up Michael Reynolds, Murray Hallam and Geof Lawton!

  18. Marvelous video.  How about a video on bitcoin and donations? A way possibly to cut out the middle man in donation services.

  19. Muy bien  por los argentinos y ahora con el proyecto de AurumWay  también en Mexico vamos a usar el bitcoin 🙂 Saludos  

  20. I expect that in the next five years Bitcoin business will be more than 25% of the total Globule business .. 

  21. Здорово! Биткойны реальны!

  22. estoy interesado en contratos inteligentes para terminar con los monopolios agroindustriales en nuestro país y el mundo

  23. imagino un mundo donde nuestros alimentos son procesados en millones de pymens que trabajan de forma saludable con nuestra tierra usado el internet de las cosas para custodiar las mejores prácticas del medio ambiente al momento de labrar nuestro pequeña y una nave llamada tierra.

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