Black Man Drops MASSIVE Red Pill on Democrats

Black Man Drops MASSIVE Red Pill on Democrats

black man drops massive red pill on Congress hello everyone this is mr. obvious bringing you the obvious and today on Twitter Caleb hull at Caleb J hull Wow Burgess Owens just stunned everyone I used to be a Democrat until I did my history and found out the misery that the party brought to my race let's pay restitution how about the Democratic Party pay for all the misery brought to my race and this is a very very important video it's insane he drops massive red pills on these people and they're completely silent because they have no counter-argument he absolutely tells the truth both about the Democratic Party and both about black people and other minorities in this country everyone should watch this doesn't matter where you're from because this is everything involves mister I want you recognized for five minutes thank you so much for this opportunity I'm going to take a different tack from beginning we are at this point this is not about black and white Richard poor blue collar white collar we're fighting for the hardness of our nation we have a very very special country to start with the judeo-christian values that allowed every single generation become better than the last and that has not ended it has not stopped until now which other elqui is a little bit something different that they don't have the opportunities that we had all right there right there he drops the first red pill and it goes a little something like this we live in a world where the regressive left and where people in the many minority communities are pushing the idea that they are oppressed and they don't have the same opportunities as everyone else fear-mongering pushed on tiny little minds what are they supposed to believe they grew up believing that Caucasian people are all evil terrible terrible people who want to keep them down but we both know that isn't true in telling someone they can't do something their entire lives the left is guilty of this Democrats are guilty of this minority communities are guilty of this they have been blinded by hatred so they tell their little ones oh you can't be a doctor you can't do this and a child is gonna believe their parents and be like you know what I get if the parents are saying it it must be true why try why bother going to school why bother studying okay now that that's just the first red pill gets better I'm going to talk about some two ideologies when I talk about them when I talk about people people change I used to be a Democrat until it is my history and found out the the the misery that that party brought to my race so I talked about these ideologies ideologies that don't change people do we were fighting for the heart and soul of our nation against socialism Marxism and evil it has brought to us in the stealing of our history this man names socialism Marxism evil ideology stealing our history stealing from us stealing the great experiment that was the United States of America my friends this man is dropping red pills Karl Marx theory best the author the father of socialism an atheists anti-semite and a blatant racist you would teach his philosophy no school system today he said it the first battleground is rewriting of our history you steal our history you still have pride now pass appreciation for our president and a vision for our future in every single urban city in our country is now experiencing that loss another massive red pill on academia you see back in the old days the Soviet Union spread socialist and Marxist propaganda to the United States one of the things they did was infiltrate academia they sent Russian professors to teach their cultural Marxism and they sent its actors they sent it to writers it was more successful than anyone could have ever imagined and it still infects us to this day the Democrats adopted the ideology and the propaganda of Marxism and now they use it on a daily basis they have read written history they constantly lie about it like this man mentioned the Democratic Party is actually the party of racism yes you heard that right all along it was but we'll get to that it didn't end there by the way the history of all black country about black America has been stolen from us for decades almost always century VOC T Washington 1880 82 began to ski University by 1905 it was producing more self-made black millionaires than Harvard Yale and Princeton combined the 40s 50s and 60s here's a black country black community they layered our country the growth of the middle class later our country in terms of man committed to marriage it was 70 percent now it's 30 percent lateral country terms of the for the commit to business ownership 40 percent now is 3.8 percent men matriculated in college we now have more a higher percentage of men incarcerated in college it is by the way my degree less biology and that I learned long time ago that slavery is not a gene in the DNA hell helix it's our actions it's our attitude is our belief I do now believe in reparation because what reparation does it points to a certain race a certain color and and it points them as evil and points the other race my race is one that has not only becomes racist but dead but also beggars another massive red pill he drops on these people the idea of reparations is inherently discriminatory and it punishes innocent people for things that never happened to them things they never committed crimes they never did the sins of the father and not the sins of the son it points the black community as being like he said resist towards the whites and it also implies that they are beggars that how they just well they just want free stuff they can't earn anything themselves how sad is that how unfortunate would that be is that the truth or maybe just maybe we have really big problems both at their society and their aggressive ideologies dragging people down I do believe in restitution let's port to the party that was that was part of slavery KKK Jim Crow that has killed over 40% of our black babies 20 million of them state of California 70 75 percent of our black boys cannot pass 10 and reading writing test a democratic state so yes let's play rest breast restoration let's play rest restitution how about a Democratic Party pay for all the misery bought in my race and those after after we learn our history decide to stay there they they should pay also they're complicit and every white American Republican or Democrat that feels guilty because of your white skin you should need to pony up also and there it is the nuke of all red pills about the Democratic Party they were the party of racism they were the ones with the trip okay they were the one with the Jim Crow laws they were the ones fighting in the south to keep slavery oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy forbidden knowledge isn't it amazing that the history were never told the true history of this country you remember the part he said about cultural Marxist rewriting history how come nobody knows these facts how come people don't know their history because the Democrats have rewritten history according to Democrats Democrats were the party of liberation they're the ones who freed the slaves they're the ones who freed everybody oh but the south this health oh they're Republicans now so let's ignore the fact that they were Democrats in the past and let's call them evil evil it was Republican they started a trip okay I bet no it wasn't the Democratic Party has always been the party of slavery they still are in fact they're modern plantation is democratic cities democratic states where they keep minorities down by telling them they are oppressed and can never amount to anything and should just take these handouts and vote Democrat slavery it's the modern plantation you ever wonder why Democrats want white people gone you ever wonder why they would rather live in a verse an inclusive society where whites are a minority it is because they want a bigger plantation look at how many white people are Republican or they vote right-wing or their moderates are there even centrists they don't want that they want to replace everyone Hussein with people they think they can control isn't that sickening that is true Rhys ISM if you ask me that will get past this preparation to recognize that this country has given us greatness look at this panel no matter how we think fact is well doesn't matter our color we have become successful in this country like no other because of this great opportunity to live the American dream let's not steal that from our kids but tell them they can't do it thank you her next witness will be the right and no response because everything he said was utterly true like he said in the United States of America any country with any real Constitution with a freedom of speech freedom to bear arms freedom of religion etc etc everyone has equal opportunity to make something of themselves if they fail at it they fail at it the point is is you have the opportunity that my friends is true equality equal opportunity there's no such thing as equality of outcome so stop telling people they can't do it instead tell them that how far they get in life depends entirely on their will sheer willpower even in the face of adversity and bad luck this is the United States of America yet Democrats are the ones advocating that we get rid of those freedoms get rid of free speech get rid of your right to bear arms get rid of borders get rid of everything that made America great tell everyone they can't do it put them down keep them on the plantation massive red pills all of these are massive red pills he just dropped on everyone but especially on Democrats but that's merely the obvious well that's all for now folks what do you think about this story what do you think about Burgess Owens dropping the massive red pill on Congress be sure to let me know now if you want to contribute to the work I do you can join me on patreon or subscribe star for as low as $1 although you can contribute however much you wish in regardless of how much you contribute you will get access to Fight Club a private discord server you can also share this video spread the message as always thanks for watching this has been mr. obvious and I'll see you all next time

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37 thoughts on “Black Man Drops MASSIVE Red Pill on Democrats

  1. Democrats have been fucking over America ever since the Jackson regime and even during the civil rights movement. They kicked out the natives and lynched blacks

  2. The Democrats lies have gotten them votes in the past but you can only go so far with lies before you become totally outrageous.

  3. One of the first Youtube videos I ever watched. It started me down a wonderful journey.

  4. Black conservatives are the REAL WOKE black people…change my mind… take your time, I'll wait😐…

  5. Was that a member of the small hat tribe lost for words on the chair? If only black folk knew that shekelburgs originated their suffering

  6. From what I learned, yes the Democratic party was in favor of slavery, but at some point in history the two parties, Republican and Democrat, switched ideological beliefs. So sure, technically the Democratic party did do that, but since their ideology is different I'm not sure you could really say it's the same party now.


    I have to point out that you are WRONG about how the disintegration of America started.

    a JEW, mordecai levy/karl marx, was the author that wrote 'das kapital'.

    the JEWISH bolshevik coup AGAINST Russia was FINANCED by a JEWISH banker on WALL STREET, jacob schiff, to the tune of 20 million dollars in 1917.

    the JEWISH dominated communist party of the Soviet union had ethnic linkages already established in America.

  8. These reparations against whites are no different then the Marleyans oppressing Eldians because of something that their ancestors did. There is absolutely no difference!

  9. Same reason why they are importing a under class of cheap almost slave labor and personal servants. They don’t wanna give up their life styles to give the working class chance to make a living. That’s why the working class has turned towards the Republican Party.

  10. My nigga brother hit the nail hard with this one… Thanks to media and social bs stuff today main stream nigga is gangsta rapper pimp.. Stressing like it acting like it no wander white mans are like fuck those.. Some white woman again love it more bad boy you are more woman like you.. Even that is so fucked up when you really think of it.. Respect is earned…

  11. Hilarious how the speaker calls mister Collin Hughes "presumptuous" for speaking out about how reparations will change how we see each other. But he keeps his remarks to his fucking own self after this gentleman whips out truth as well. Why? Cause Collin is younger?

  12. If he thinks his race is miserable living among whites, perhaps they should try living among their own in Africa. This would end all racism.

  13. The demoncrats have used blacks for years as vote slaves. Kept them down so they would stay down and vote left. Now they are loosing the grip and import more and more immigrants, further rising the tensions.

  14. The rebellion is coming brothers and sisters.
    We will drag the left into a brave new world and show them the truth kicking and screaming!

    Will you be ready?

  15. He's not a good speaker, I don't know if it's nerves, a stutter or he's about to cry but the speech is well written at least.

  16. Switched off at "Judeo-Christian" values. That's an oxymoron. Jews are taught by their rabbis that Christ was a sorcerer, is burning in hot shit in hell and his mother, Mary, was a whore. Judaism destroys lands, before, that is, they're kicked out of them, as has been the case over 1,000 times.
    Because I stopped watching right at the start you can be sure he blames whites, not Jews, on slavery, when Jews owned the slave ships, crews and auctions and were behind the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

  17. Correction CARL MARX was himself a JEW, in fact most of the bolshevik parti members in russia where jews, they where the ones promoting communism in europe and all over the world.Who do you thing is pushing all this leftist bullshit in america and the rest of the west its them!, it took russia 75 years to somewhat recovered from this.

  18. Not to mention only a fraction of "whites" can trace their heritage to slave owners. And not all "blacks" are descended from slaves.

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