sup everybody Smeets you're tuned into on the radar but we cover health fitness and tech so I'm always telling you guys about flaxseed oil I've done tons and tons of videos about black seed oil I'm always telling you guys to read the comments because you'll find all the information about what other people think so you don't have to listen to me right other people does other things other people in this video I'm not gonna tell you again what it does for me I'm not gonna tell you what it does for other people I'm not gonna tell you what it does in general in this video for all you non-believers who keep saying this snake oil it's tan since that ain't it sell something listen I'm gonna show you 20 of the hundreds of comments that was left under the videos from total strangers that use black seed oil just like me just like a whole bunch of other people and they're telling you their their experiences they're letting you know what it did for them so this is not about a particular brand of black seed oil although I will leave a link in the description for the one that I use for the one that I recommend and I'm also gonna link a video explaining why it is that I recommend that particular black seed oil but feel free to use any one that you want there's hundreds maybe even is probably not thousands but this this is a lot of other brands of black seed oil out there so for everybody so you trying to sell me something listen you can use whatever you want to use I'm not just listen telling you what I use it's that simple go find whatever else just don't what you looking for no was supposed to be in there no it was good no what's bad just do your research and do you that's pretty much it anything else that I might forgot about I will link it no I'm not linking nothing nowhere I'm just gonna randomly just blurt out information if I remember that I forgot something so just watch the video and just pay attention because I might give you some other additional information during the rest of the video now before I forget please hit that like button now before we continue to hit the right button just do that for me thank you now also before I forget just let you know black seed oil is supposed to be used once at night once in the morning a tablespoon or teaspoon it's up to you it can you be used topically or internally you can do both do it at the same time do whatever works for you you can put it in your head you can put it on your face you can drink it you can just do whatever with it just don't put it in your eyes I did not tell you to do that I don't recommend putting it in your eyes also if you're pregnant don't use it if you're pregnant wait to the baby pops out then you can use black seed oil and reap all the benefits so let's get into these comments let's hear what these other people have to say besides me about black seed oil let's do it Jordan o 3 said my cousin had tumors that cause cancer they were growing doctor said they can't really do much about it he's been taking his oil he went to the doctor and said they are going away this is amazing stuff chocolate cake I had a lump under my left arm that looked real ugly and scary order black seed oil and received it 12 3 18 started taking it by mouth and rubbed some over the lump God is my witness since I prayed to him for since I prayed to him first and asked him to guide me on removing it on 12 10 18 that lump started draining itself thank God for Black Sea oil it is the truth George McCoy black seed oil has been a miracle in my life I've had an antibiotic resistant prostate infection for over 30 years this oil is healing my prostate when nothing else would help I was taking salt saw palmetto and cialis daily just to be able to urinate sexual performance was horrible had have taken all the medications that my urologist gave me with no improvements including repeated rounds of antibiotics after taking black seed oil for only 2 weeks I was off the cialis and the saw palmetto and could urinate normally for the first time in many years sexual performance has returned better than ever my PSA level is at twelve point four before taking black seed oil and only after four months it is down to nine I'm sure that my PSA will continue to decrease as time goes by when my urine or my your when my urologist saw these souks he said this is nothing short of amazing the size of my prostate has shrunk by 1/3 I will continue taking black seed oil for the rest of my life that's incredible so you're talking cancerous tumors a lump under somebody's on and now prostate that they was having prostate issues and flaxseed oil has helped with those things now Kimberly Harrington I'm a 58 year old African American woman I've been taking black seed oil for over 15 years there's nothing wrong meaning with her with I don't I don't catch colds no high blood pressure no diabetes no high cholesterol no aches no pains my son was diagnosed with bad allergies and asthma at the age of 8 at the age of 10 they wanted to put him on steroids and I was like oh no I was told about black seed oil I began to give it to him he's now 27 he still takes black seed he has no asthma no allergies black seed oil is one of the best things you could ever take from the overall health I love it I don't live without it I've take a hundred thousand milligrams caps a day I sleep good and I'm full of energy this isn't coming from me other people Jenny McGee says I have been takin it for over a month I'm alcoholic it helps with my addiction I only had two drinks this month I don't even crave alcohol anymore thank God also helps with my sleep I feel great waking up in the morning deep long sleep I've needed for years vivid dreams no joint pains honey pickle 39 says hubby use it to lower his blood pressure one teaspoon in the AI one teaspoon in the PM and was able to get off the meds I've put a few drops in my daughter's ears for an ear infection no antibiotics needed pain going in 24 hours it is definitely it definitely gives you more energy as well tumors blood pressure lowering ear infections come on prostate all this stuff it helps your Vaughn Escobar I have used Black Sea oil on my hair it helps with hair loss thickening of the hair prevention towards gray hair for those who like to dye their hair or runs in the family I get a spray bottle and fill it with half cold water and two tablespoons of black seed oil 1 teaspoon of conditioner mix well use it on wet hair before styling and curling and before and after doing and before doing rollers give it one to two weeks you'll see results grateful bald spots as well gentlemen PS i use mine daily because i'm a curly-haired girl and i need to dump damp my hair so it works perfectly especially in this heat hope it helps answer net dunning she says it heals toe fungus my husband had a toe fungus for over 10 years and tried everything to get rid of it even doctor prescriptions had and nothing worked i started putting it on the entire nail before bed along with taking it orally 1 into 1 to 2 times a day we started noticing a difference in about 3 weeks the fungus affected part of the the fungus affected part of the nail started dying and I could see new growth coming and clear smooth and strong it takes a long time for the nails to grow but it's definitely healing so now we had toe fungus to the mix you see it does everything a little bit different for somebody but everybody is seeing all these different benefits from it the brother says been using black seed oil over 20 years yes cures a lot of ailments and also definitely good for hair growth my cousin lost all of her hair due to sickness did hot oil treatments and ingested it hair started growing within two weeks highly recommended black seed Nigella sativa the Blessed herb used by the ancient Egyptians Nubians found in the tombs salutรฉ Abubakar I've been using black seed oils for over a decade and can swear by it's healing powers from skin irritations with rashes and rashes within a short time to hypertension cure hemorrhoids coughs boils and a lot more I don't go anywhere without it I also got a friend's child who has kidney disease and lost one kidney and is on his way to review for a kidney transplant got the kid to take too steep two teaspoons with tea twice a day and his remaining kidney was restored to health the doctors told him whatever he is doing he should continue as the kidney is healing and there's no need for a transplant it is good for inflammation and aches and pains kidneys prostate tumors cancer toe fungus hair it just keeps going and going April stubs I'm 40 mom is 81 we started in February she moves better than me sleep good skin glows and the pain from plantar fasciitis has decreased that's big salutรฉ Tony flakes yeah man I started taking this a couple of days ago my sleep is crazy good pain is going away into my left knee as a chef I'm going all-in as I'm on my feet 12 hours a day there we go now vibrant DeSouza black seeds have definitely improved my sleep and when I wake up I actually feel wow I did sleep soundly finally a natural cure for insomnia I've been telling you guys definitely for me it took away my insomnia I sleep normally not up all night unless I want to be but I definitely sleep French Quebec I've seen this stuff regrow a bald head after two weeks of use it's strong and it works I agree Keanu landry I've been taking black seed oil for a year I lost 68 pounds and it gives me energy to walk to do things I need to get done in a short time plus I'm off high blood pressure pills this stuff is the truth again we got another one for high blood pressure she was able to increase her energy which it abled how to move around and walk and be more active and I let facade to lose arms 68 pounds that's incredible incredible gives you energy gives you that motivation that desire to do things H Hasek hope I'm saying your name right I started taking it in November 2016 I do feel better overall I have a lot more energy better sleep and way more energy for working out the craziest thing though I had to cut that blood a lot I put the black seed oil on the cut after washing it out and do you know after about an hour I cannot see or feel where I was cut amazing stuff I'm telling you I actually did that once I put it on a little cut that I had a little paper cut and excuse me it did it stopped the bleeding really fast and it made it hill really quick I keep forgetting about that VB Bloods 81 I have a malabsorption problem gastritis causing fermented when I was having problems with foul wind and ate nothing was working I watched your video I've already had black seed oil in the house for my hair and desperation I took one teaspoon and went to bed you're right my stomach immediately settled when going not in my stomach going blockage and stomach going amazing lifers restore it without any smelling embarrassment thank you so much oh you're welcome so all right so now we got somebody he's saying alright I had gas at all types of stuff gastritis had bad bad basically farts just crazy and it helped them immediately it helped them immediately a regulator his stomach this just like come on if you haven't bought black seed oil already during this video if you haven't poured this video went into the description or somewhere online and click some black seed oil and bought some already you're bugging what else do you need to hear this stuff works it does tons of different things for tons of different people but we're gonna keep going we're not done yet um carry old Paul hope I said your name right I've been taking it for two months and it helps me sleep makes me feel great in the morning the best part is it helps me with my monthly cramps I don't get it okay so Stefanie McCain replied to that and said well mines is coming soon and my cramps are normally terrible I've been taking it for three days I hope it helps so if somebody else responded to her and asked for an update so Stephanie crane came back and said hi there went through one cycle and it wasn't as bad as usual but it's been helping me sleep and I feel well rested it also helps with making me regular to when I eat healthy while taking it it makes me feel extremely happy because I take it with but one more thing PMS was better I wasn't emotional at all so you have somebody else now saying that helps them with their cramps help somebody else is saying it helps them with not being so emotional they help regulate their stomach they're using the bathroom more see it's doing different things for different people we're gonna keep going we ain't done Norma Bonner I've just got it yesterday eleven twelve eighteen so 1/2 a teaspoon before dinner and a half at bedtime I'm 71 years old with what they say is osteoarthritis in my left knee after taking the tablespoon I had no pain and went to sleep fast now you're seeing the time I can't wait to take the next dose thanks for the advice on taking it on an empty you're welcome so you know another person you're seeing it's helping her with with her her knee pains pains gone she's sleeping better Kathy Davis my allergies sleep and energy rapidly changed for the better over night that's what I said right said the same thing it also suppress my appetite thank you for your video don't be suppressing my appetite I don't know would I be eating too much I don't know but I hear a lot of people also says it does suppress appetite like I said though with those different things for different people Charlie be it stopped my reoccurring staph infection that's big Madelyn Edwards I've been on it for a week in one day I mix a tablespoon teaspoon teaspoon with it and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with one half glass of OJ every morning every night after they want to clip my really bad rash on my face in my ears currently drying up the dry patches on my chin in my torso since day one I've been able to sleep and I don't wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom I've had a bunch of people saying that they don't have those same frequent trips to the bathroom it also served as an appetite suppressant I do have more energy I'm not falling asleep at my computer every day it also helps with me becoming more regular in the bathroom with with bathroom visits I've also noticed no menstrual cramp in and clear a facial complexion I just bought my second bottle this stuff is amazing again it's helping women with with their menstrual cycles with cramping is hoping them with their mood facial complexion it clears up your face I always told you everybody that I know that takes it they know it's like my mother for instance is the prime example her face is just a lot brighter a lot clearer it does so much stuff for people and the thing is that the better you eat the better your dieting and though we know what you put into your body yep it responds even better because it has less stuff to do so the better you eat the better the black seed oil will even perform within your body better Renee wait I started using it too months ago for arthritis pain and was amazed at all the effects that I experienced I've lost weight increased flexibility increase energy levels better sleep decreased anxiety and mood changes I'm telling you this stuff is amazing sight note I've never been this regular in my life it's all worth the taste because we know the taste isn't you know but you get used to the taste you can chase it with different things you know you can do things to get around the taste and you do get used to the taste at some point but as you can see what Renee said she's lost weight flexibility energy level sleep decreased anxiety and mood changes all this different stuff and and authoritah spain if i didn't say that come on we're gonna keep pushing stay with me Shareen cousin's Black Sea oil is amazing I've been taking it I was taking it before ever seen in this video and I will take it along after from a female perspective Black Sea oil does give energy and all the other stuff mentioned but most of all it has stopped my cramping yes that's right during my menstrual cycle cycle I'd no longer feel cramps that alone has me hooked that's another person you women need to really jump on this stuff I don't I don't have to tell you I don't deal with cramps if you're not listening to these other women telling you I know from you know women that did that's the worst part of just life having cramps if come on this is helping obviously CBD I've been using it for ten days so far I have has reduced my eczema inflammation and eliminated my insomnia improve energy and metabolism in the morning I feel recharged and I no longer feel sleepy after a meal as for the scent it does smell like motor oil but I chased it down with a hundred percent cranberry juice 1 teaspoon twice a day after a meal I also experienced vivid dreams for about five days now it's diminishing during the first during the first two to three hours of sleep everybody says they had a favorite dreams everybody's energy improves everybody gets more regular insomnia everybody sleeps better improve energy metabolism eczema it's another thing it helps with eczema so as you can see each one of these people are telling you something slightly different and then there's certain things that is doing for everybody like it's improving everybody's energy everybody's moves a little bit better – sleep is better but then you know whether it be eczema whether it be cancerous tumors whether we prostate issues whether fungus as all types of stuff is doing differently for different people we all need to be taking this stuff I think that was actually the last one so first of all let me know in the comment section what you've learned from this that you didn't know already also let me know in the comment section let other people know what Black Sea oil has done and what is doing for you also let me know if I should do some more videos like this because there's a lot of other things that hasn't been touched on here that I want to bring to you guys attention about the benefits of black seed oil so let me know what you think about this video let me know if I should do some more like this and just you know let's have this let's talk about all this other stuff in the comment section let's all help each other help each other so I hope this video is helpful and informative again the black seed oil that I use I will link it in the description as well as the video relating to why I recommend it and all that good stuff but feel free to use whatever you you like out there you don't have to use what I'm using but I think what I'm using is the best this is what it is and I got and I got ways to back it up and prove it but until next time stay focused stay fit please hit that like button show your support definitely hit that notification bell so you will be alerted then next time something else pops up on the radar salut

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  1. Thank you if you have watched, commented or hit the like button. Please let me know if I should do more videos like this. For those who ask for the site for black seed oil here it is.
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