Blacksmith 101 safety and tools

Blacksmith 101 safety and tools

team because deeper but I haven't read contact in fact or think you'll remember is that sixty degrees you got patched up second before your skin is burned okay what we call black heat a blacksmith is everything from room temperature about 800 900 reads it's black it go no obvious piece just a second heats up and I think you really shouldn't grab this piece of bare hand the reason why I think it's worn a plank of experience this hand is really hot he doesn't transmit very well well that's the air for a long time espresso to the end of Mike who was be Sam you see a range of colors look at the book tell you what all this range of colors are some things 99 but this piece will be a light eater the Middle's from your brandy purse all your oranges the back is gonna blackie my hand you can see colors as it comes up you see it looses its cover right here that's a little bit harder to greet yellow you see I'm very close you see let's do a shadow line on that's the scale that's the rust form in the fire on the outside of the steel that's losing its color that's why most of blacksmith shops are combo dole color we still look at it it still has some sort of redness in it it has some little depth to it it's started now it's starting to get black almost is still red on this side here so you talking 1100 razor so turn lane to step right here Oh arty home swell Rd home kitchen home ground hope the boy who put tubes in is work hard is you sweaty and stuff like that Oh step has a lot of uses you don't wanna switch block you can actually put stuff in there and forwards will bring it together so I call this the template on Hanah library called cellophane but this was messed up like most time if you got a pen some you don't have a good place going places you won't cut it down here so you don't mark the place um and this is going to edge stitch down this is the tail there's a lot of uses for the tail we're gonna split a fork and go work it we put it over the table oh just our foot you'll notice right here you got kind of a swing you can use that in Sweden yelling you can use that will fix in the handle crossing straight there you go so with this hammer it makes the middle longer this way and this way less long this way this one does running opposite it makes the metal longer across the handle less long in line is what it does it forces it by striking it up and pushes some middle displace some metal that way questions about these these are called faces or peens or dies make sense it's around 90 the primary use of this as you find a section on gravel where the roundness of your around the hammer so this hammer is about the same this way this way so this drunk here should round it evenly from the top and from the bottom and you run on that if you make punches and stuff like that but those three or four hammers that's all you really need to get started wait for you guys stay with the kilo a little less and the reason why is energy speed of hammer is more important than way to handle the speed of hammer is more important way to camera speed of hammers no important way to that but a kilo is mass pounds not mass its weight so one kilogram hammer those third less work and then one and a half kilogram hammer but you can't move it is fast so you'll learn your own balance you'll live with speeds and an increase weight measure they should find out what it is you like alright so speak first there's all shapes and sizes all disappear we got the hopeful original square top you can oh man stops where stop whatever I'm going to word that whole piece next say I can hold it a long slow home square think about columns you have something to hold it sideways I like I like it moved up off their goods personal call this way I'm just paying the wolf jumped owns they go notch this way they got a notch that way I can't stress Thompson up if I got scores I got busted windows in my shop we're not having proper pawns you don't have time to fit I've helped each jump out the pool come up safe glasses enhancing Burton heads right here I'm lucky I didn't either with a scar from its old spirit I had blood I had burned fleet start oh I keep strips had a rat sighs calling for the job if it don't spin you can't find anything will fit heat them up in the fire but you steal it you wanna work to beat them down to worry feelings you can always adjust them back the other way to let them finish field oh now be improper problem that hurts the speech whisperings here can twist around stops okay we get into this little later you put your intention to slow you've heated up right in this area right here and then you were twisting 22 joints and listen here it is home pretty good there's all kind of shakes of heart because it's wages there's two officers from one bunch of holding hot steel ice punch this is my cut well let y'all gonna build by now

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