BMW xDrive: More Performance. More Safety for You.

BMW xDrive: More Performance. More Safety for You.

almost every BMW can be equipped with xDrive the all-wheel-drive system by BMW and this has two big advantages on the one hand you get enhanced driving dynamics on the other improved driving safety this video will show how BMW xDrive can support your driving in everyday situations the all wheel drive system BMW xDrive is active all the time but it only steps in when it detects potential danger that way it supports you for example on gravel sand wet or icy roads in a situation like this with ground unevenly covered with snow there are sections with more and sections with less traction the xDrive system permanently monitors the speed of each wheel if needed it adjusts the power for every single wheel to get the best possible traction all this happens within just milliseconds besides this other factors are measured as well like the angle of the steering wheel and the push on the gas pedal the variety of data ensures that the system reacts to a given situation in the best possible way but safety is just one side of the coin the other is more driving pleasure if you drive through a curb for instance BMW xDrive reduces the power on the inner curve wheels this supports the side motion and gets you out of the curve faster xDrive distributes the torque differently on every single wheel when you take a curve with too much power on the drive wheels which typically happens on slippery ground you might risk over or under steering in this case BMW xDrive immediately shifts the power to the front or rear axle depending on the needs it takes more energy to drive four wheels than just two but over the years BMW has continuously improved the system to accomplish a maximum degree of efficiency for example xDrive transfers only the amount of power to the respective axle that can actually be passed on to the road the BMW xDrive gearbox and transmission have been optimized to lower fuel consumption with BMW xDrive you get safer and more dynamic driving pleasure on all sorts of road conditions in all kinds of weather

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20 thoughts on “BMW xDrive: More Performance. More Safety for You.

  1. It is permanent all wheel drive or when there is need more power then it transfer more power to other wheel ?

  2. All the cars that you showed in this video are cool af. But for God's a sake kill the stubby 2 series with the transversly mounted engine

  3. They forgot to mention that xDrive is just awesome oversteer AWD drifting fun on snow and ice.

    And yes, a BMW xDrive during winter is just awesome. You can say what you want about Quattro, xDrive just drives circles around modern Quattro's in the winter. You can't even turn off the ESC in modern Audi Quattro's, unless it's like an R8 or RS-something. I can just have fun in any BMW xDrive by pressing a button for 5 seconds, unlike in a Quattro that just won't let you.

    BMW i truly hope you retain this feature, where you can completely turn off the DSC for the driving pleasure.

  4. I love the fact that most cars can have X-Drive, if they have it, a M5 with X-Drive seems like the perfect daily driver.

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