Boating Safety with the U.S. Coast Guard

Boating Safety with the U.S. Coast Guard

I'm here today with the US Coast Guard and we're gonna be talking to you about boating safety all right Josh so tell me you're an avid boater yep so in your opinion what is most important when it comes to voting – well number one before I ever get on the ocean I make sure that I check the one I mean the weather is gonna determine if you have a good day or a bad day so wave height wave period wind direction wind speed super important and also check for storms you do not want to be offshore 20 30 miles in a lightning storm not a good idea want to make sure your boat is well maintained that's super important I've done that mistake where you get out there your boat breaks down and your whole great day of fishing just gets ruined so Josh when you go out on your fishing trips what kind of safety equipment are you taking out there with you number one take GPS over my location and sacrifi mcdonough fishing spots number two multiple forms communication one VHF radio I want my cell phone and obviously if you can afford it you wanna get a satellite phone so you could let people know when you catch a big fish hey it's got a huge fish offshore you know and also safety right now you definitely wanna deeper so case you're both tanks you guys just the finest save our lives then obviously your safety stuff your life jackets your whistles your horns your flares floatation devices whatever you need for Coast Guard law and also anchor I mean an anchor to me is super important because if you get in a situation where and I've been the situation where your engines break down and you're in a current you can drop the anchor hold that spot and wait for help to go it's fantastic as all great safety equipment to take some of its required federally like your life jackets one per person on board the vessel I like I do like what you said you have multiple forms of communication you have your VHF channel 16 that's the International hailing and distress Channel so no matter where you are you can reach out to somebody on channel 16 for assistance for emergency assistance if needed you also said you have your cell phone with you did you know that you can call 9-1-1 and they can patch you in through the dispatcher to us for assistance yeah local and state municipalities work with us federally all the time so we coordinate search and rescue cases wherever we are and worked very closely to help each other out certain things that the Coast Guard will check when we board are based on federal regulations so like I mentioned earlier one lifejacket per person on board is required also you're going to want to have a throwable like a life ring and that should be out and immediately available it doesn't really do you any good if someone falls overboard and that throwable is up up underneath all your fishing gear exactly so you have to dig for five minutes to pull that that tool out to you know ask you a friend exactly at some so I recommend always having those out and immediately available you also want to have good forms of signaling so your forms your air horns or your installed horns are very very important to have so you can signal other boaters by sound what's so important about a flow planner you guys keep talking about flow plans around here why do we need to file a full plan okay I'm glad you brought that up flow plans are really important all right so we often get calls from concerned family members friends whatever saying hey my friend my husband whatever the case may be didn't show up where we were expecting it would be and we have no other information right so a float plan basically you tell everyone where you're going what time what time you're leaving where you're leaving from where you're planning on going what time you're playing on being there if you're making any stops on the way what you're gonna be doing all you know as much information as you can that way if you know the worst case scenario happens we have information to go off we can get we can launch boats or aircraft or whatever it is to search for you and give you that timely assistance that you might need that's that's important even you basically it's a starting point for you guys to start absolutely we can start right away it's actionable information we can use you don't fly a full plan this thing can help too right absolutely so what we got here is an e perp it's an emergency position indicating radio beacon this is a bigger one like you might fit on your boat there's also smaller ones that we actually all carry with us we're on the way we call PL these personal locator beacons it's the same thing basically it's a homing device right so it transmits on radio signals that go up to satellites and also can be used radio direction finders that we were equipped with so some of these even activate automatically if they're submerged in water so someone can maybe have been thrown out of the water a boat could capsize in community unconscious or injured and that would have already been set off and we can go directly to that position final so invaluable asset yeah so literally you guys do not want it on the water it's not one of these they're how much this cost it rained depends on the model but you know a few hundred bucks but you know if that's a small price to pay you know for the peace of mind peace of mind for both you guys family members and voters I mean seriously like you guys need to get one of these absolutely so Josh what are some experiences you've had that have affected you in regards to boating safety so recently I had a trip where we're off shore I was in buddy of mine and let's fight his big shark all of a sudden this storm just crept up on us of nowhere and you know me as a man I can't get a fish to the boat I've been working hard for this fish so fuck fish for about 20-30 minutes by that time the storm has surrounded us so we're in situation right okay we're screwed engine stopped working VHF radio stopped working my cell phone wasn't working because there was water in the microphone and the speaker was raining cats and dogs so my man this really sucks a color I managed to get ahold of the tow boat company but we couldn't actually talking the phone so we had to text the whole time and if I would have had a working VHF radio they would have found us way sooner than you know when they did and great when they found us there was this ball of lightning that hit us like literally all around both our boats was lightning it was so scary it sounds like it close call okay yeah there's a lot of dance tell you guys that was a bad name what is your most memorable moment when it comes to being in the coats good and rescuing people I have one specific example sort of jumps out of mind received a call about a boat that capsized and there were several people we head out and we're searching for masseur from tomorrow obviously the vote was upside-down so they weren't able to use radio but fortunately one had his cellphone and he was able to talk to time on what this back guide us into their position we rolled up on scene there were there are several gentlemen's and top of a underside of a boat we were able to pass over life jackets extra life life jackets and then the other state local well well some commercial Salvage agency but it was one of those times where voters go out and with the best intentions sideways in Southport oh yeah fishing and then we've decided their boat actually time to grab lifejackets speaking of that I was out recently we were a weird show for miles and there was it was like three to five four to six out of nowhere this 15-plus roadway came behind the boat and if our boat was facing west the wager come from the east this boat was coming toward our Stern and I was like gosh and I told the captain dude bullshit right now go go go hey that thing would have broke on us we would have been done moving over that was it was like a wall of water it was scary crazy things like that happened in the ocean – sort of predicts as he state on stuff like that can happen – I saw being being more prepared before you get out there as always it's gonna be better off that's it we had a great day film with the US Coast Guard make sure you guys go and check out there an app link is in the description it's about everything you need to be a safe boater on the water also don't forget to take advantage of the Coast Guard Auxiliary is free vessel safety inspection it's free guys take advantage of it and above all don't forget your lifejackets it's a number one thing they talk about around here lifejackets lifejackets lifejackets they will save your life hope you guys near this video and we'll see you next time

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  1. This is a fantastic Episode Josh, Informative and very Important for Boaters, Anglers, Fishermen alike to know! -Capt. Jonathan Soultatos

  2. Josh, does the Coast Guard charge a fee after a rescue? If so, how much and I'd imagine it would depend on type/duration of rescue… Or is it a state free service?

  3. Great idea bringing the Coast Guard in for a safety video. Those people deserve a lot of respect. They risk their live to save ours

  4. can you do a video on how to take a hook out of a fish please. would really help as id like to get into fishing

  5. You forgot Marine Fire Extinguisher ! Why dont you wear a PFD while you fish ? You didn't need one inside the USCG boat surrounded by 4 ensigns with Sig's strapped to their leg!

  6. Water spout came down us, turned over our pontoon, sea tow junk, they did not even have a latter to get on board, the guys on this seam like thy care,

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