body hair tips from a ballerina

body hair tips from a ballerina

Hey hey guys it's Luna and welcome to today's video I'm guessing you probably already read the title and you're probably expecting this to be a very awkward and weird video I am a ballerina and I am in a leotard and tights every single day so I'm constantly worrying about hair hair showing and for some people that's fine and it's acceptable it's whatever just for me it's something that I prefer to not have your showing at all and that's that so let's get into this video before I get too uncomfortable let me start this video by disclaiming that body hair no body hair minimal body hair totally a personal preference there is nothing wrong with having body hair not having body hair and there shouldn't be such a stigma around it everyone has body hair it's just not talked about that often growing up I always remember I would start on YouTube like advice and tips because you'll find out later I have very sensitive skin and I could never find the right way to deal with body hair shaving waxing I always wanted to know more so this is me making this video for my young middle school self this isn't awkward this is just normal talk me to you about body hair let's do it little background okay I have very very very very fast growing hair I got my hair dyed like a week ago and my roots are already going out and this is the same for everywhere my body I could shave my legs and it'll be back in like an hour I'm not even joking information number one number two I'm very sensitive I get razor burn easily ingrown hairs easily so I always kind of have to find alternatives to shaving shaving my legs and armpits totally fine no issues but shaving down there does not work for me so I'm going to explain to you what I do all over let's just start at the top shall we and work our way down let's see what do I do with my hair I do not shave my head eyebrows I don't do anything to my eyebrows mustache I don't do anything I'm blond so not an issue for me I guess the first issue starts at the armpit my armpit hair grows back so fast and I swear I can do the most close shave ever with like the best razor there will always still be stubble no matter what I do and I have dark armpit hair it's not like blond so I was kind of struggled with that and it wasn't all about like maybe two months ago that I found a life-changing solution now I would wax my armpits however you have to grow it out like I think it's 1/4 an inch or like a pinky nails length and that was not an option for me I'm like a ballet dancer so I wearing a leotard every day and no problem to people that do that I just don't personally feel comfortable or like I get rashes on my arms when I have armor here it's not even like an insecurity issue or anything like that so anyway I'm done explaining myself I don't need to you guys life-changer coconut oil um I don't remember where I read this I think I was watching a YouTube video um it was with Scout foresight and she was getting ready for her ballet day it stays gone for longer and it's amazing by a designated shaving coconut oil don't like exchange it with your kitchen that's like for the sake of everyone let's just buy a separate one okay or at least put it in a different container and then I just use this razor this is from Harry's but I honestly prefer men's razors just because it's better for sensitive skin and I don't know that's just what I like so my tip always with armpit hair should we shave together let's shave together this is turning into a shave with me I guess have you ever seen one of these I bet not original content for the win over here I'm gonna start by wetting my armpit never ever dry shave you guys this is weird is this really strange I don't care I don't care we all have body hair it's a normal thing I use a good amount I'd say this is a really strange okay you want to hold you skin so that it's taut so that you can get like a really close shave and then I start by going up and that usually gets most of it and then I'll go down once or twice and that's it you never want to go too much because then you're just gonna aggravate it but I don't like putting lotion on my armpits right after and then I use this tender skin solution it's for ingrown hair razor burn and I'll just go over with that just so that no bacteria in there and we're solid guys we are hair free another reason why I shave my armpits as a dancer is because it kind of cuts off your line like if there's a dark patch it's also very distracting it's just not socially accepted I guess in the dance world so that's that those are my armpits hope you enjoyed um moving down I guess I sometimes not chest hair actually especially when I'm on my period it's just like my hormones it's just the thing that happens I'm not really sure why but okay what I do for that just because it's not really that sensitive right here for me is I use these Sally Hansen wax strips for body and I don't don't you know what just for content let's do it why not right this is turning really strange right now these are so easy there's directions on the thing but you rub it in your hands to warm up the wax in the wax strip exposing myself okay what's it's warm hey guys this is really weird Mike like really naked right now Oh God here we go that literally got all of it and then I'm solid for like a couple weeks so alright that took me like five seconds so that's lovely okay moving down I don't get stomach hair I guess the next big thing we're talking about is the pubic area I'm trying to think of the best way to call this area so you guys don't get all uncomfortable I feel fine in the past I've gotten millions of Brazilian waxes okay worst pain of my life I mean I honestly would say I'm pretty prepared for childbirth at this point at this rate you know not a fun time getting a Brazilian wax at all and shaving never works for me I get insane ingrown hairs and razor burn and it's just not worth it for me and I I'm just so uncomfortable you know when I did shave I would just use a regular shaver and then I'd use these tiny tiny little razors you know waxing is great and all shaving it is great and all but at the end of the day those are not permanent solutions and I have been looking into laser hair removal probably since the eighth grade it's something I'm wanting to do forever now and I'm finally got the chance to do it so I visited Laser away so laser way it was nice enough to offer me laser hair removal and you guys I had my first laser experience about two weeks ago I am shocked here's my experience at laseraway now on my way to my first ever laser hair removal appointment I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty nervous um this is something I've been wanting for so long and I'm so excited I learned so much so basically it just to break it down for you guys this is information that I wish I knew so I was doing full Brazilian area and to fully permanently get rid of your Brazilian area it's about six sessions so that's gonna take you quite a bit and then there are six weeks in between each session so it takes a while it's not like a one-time thing you shaved the morning of or they do it for you I have them do it for me because clearly I do not know how to shave then they laser hair removal you and you guys it's not even that much pain there's constant cold air blowing so you don't really feel it anything it kind of just feels like needles but not in a bad way I don't know to explain that but if you're comparing it to like a wax or anything it was not that painful for me I'm a pretty high pain tolerance not gonna lie but this was and it was so easy it took maybe like ten minutes it also made you me feel very very comfortable like I went in the room and I facetimed with the health specialist who ask me questions to make sure that everything is gonna be okay the woman doing it made me feel so comfortable and she informed me she didn't just go in and start lasering me you know so it's been two weeks now and my hair is like just starting to grow back so it takes a long time it's amazing you guys this is one thing I am completely behind if you're looking for a more permanent solution visit no fuss la / Luna Montana or just click on the description box link below to learn more about laser way you guys I am I've never honestly I've never had a better experience I'm just so excited to wear leotard and not have to worry about it ever again it's always like a constant worry for me it's like someone seeing razor burn someone's seeing hair something whatever I was just fine for some people but for me I just feel very insecure about it so I'm really excited so that's that I guess we're moving down still right so we just did the nice area down there legs legs is the same as armpits you guys coconut oil shaver my legs don't really bother me that often they don't give me any trouble which is lovely they grow back within like an hour which is terrible but you know really seeing my legs so I could care less also you're in tights at the time in ballet so not really an issue for me um and I think that's it for this video I hope you didn't get too uncomfortable um I hope you learned something from this I wish I had more tips for you guys but I'm still kind of learning myself if you guys have any cool tips leave them down below because I always like to learn you know um that's my video I love you guys so so much and I will see you next Thursday bye

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22 thoughts on “body hair tips from a ballerina

  1. Seriously love you for making this vid, I wish more people were as comfortable as you, and seriously helpful. Subscribed lol

  2. I cannot stress enough that the best money I have ever spent was on laser hair removal. Never ever having to worry about this stuff again is the most liberating feeling on earth. I suppose it may not work as well for very blonde people. But if you have darker hair and are considering it, just do it. It is one of the best things I have spent money on, in terms of the stress it has saved me in life

  3. You do not know how much I know ur struggles lol
    As a dancer 9 hours a week plus competition and recitals, it is the most annoying thing when body hair is showing OMG
    Thanks for this video lol 😂

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