Body Hygiene / Dr. Vipin Gupta

Body Hygiene / Dr. Vipin Gupta

Hygiene has a big connection
with health. People have been getting ill
due to filth, but today many are getting sick due to over-sanitization. Hygiene should be maintained,
but properly. Today we will talk about that. Uncleanliness refers to 3 things: Dirt, bad odor and germs. Filth or dirt refers to what gets on our skin,
when we go out or do some work. But another thing is that, which keeps forming a kind
of layer on our skin, and that is our body’s dead cells, the sweat from inside and
some oil that comes out. So this layer we should understand
is our own body’s part. Secondly, this layer conditions our skin and protects it. We shouldn’t be in a
hurry to take it out. Our body’s smell or odor, depends on what do we eat
and what we wear. Clothing because our whole skin breathes. But if the breathing stops,
we wear such clothes, which suffocate the skin,
like synthetic clothes, Then body starts producing bad odor. But if wear clothes of fabric
with good ventilation and airy design, then body odor is not that bad. Infact if we eat some raw food
with this, our body odor can actually become pleasing. There is a big misunderstanding
with germs We are told that germs cause disease
and they are our enemies. TV ads say that. But this view is incomplete. In reality, they are integral part
of our life. Life is impossible without them. As much human cells we have
in our body, ten times of that are bacterial cells. And these cells make many
important components. Do symbiosis with out cells, and they also do control
over our human cells. If their control weakens,
our human cells can become cancerous and also do auto-immune disorders. So in those who live
in over-sanitization, these problems are being seen. Now let’s talk
about hygiene methods – Naturally we have got
3 sanitizers, air, water and sunlight, We use water a lot, we are well-accustomed to that, but we don’t use
air and sunlight well. In fact, taking sunbath
is sanitizing, it also has other health benefits, it gives Vitamin D, strengthens bones
and is also an anti-depressant. Although there is an issue
with Sunbath that cities don’t places where
one can go naked for sunbath. So we have designed a bath
in Sehatvan which can be easily made at home, and you can easily do sunbath
in privacy. Wind bath is not difficult, Just take off your clothes
and stand under fan. So sun bath, windbath and water bath,
do all three , all are good. I will recommend, In a week, take two water bath, two days sunbath and
two days windbath and keep one day off. There can be some people
who have to commute a lot in heat, they can bath everyday with water, Otherwise, bathing everyday
with water is not good for health. We can take view of
sanitizing agents in the market. There are a lot of products today, like soap, shampoo,
hand sanitizers, so we may use them,
but as least as possible. Because they are toxic,
corrosive and damage our skin, and are bad for the
environment. Use them where very essential
otherwise escape them. Let’s talk about dental hygiene, so with dental hygiene,
we want that our teeth stay strong and avoid bad odor from mouth. But the relationship with toothpaste
is not as how TV ads show, Actually teeth strength and mouth odor depends on what we eat. Eating hard food like raw food,
salad, sprout, keeps teeth stay stronger and
also self-cleans them. Other than that, there
is no difference between using tooth powder, brushing
or using datun (stems), And the advice of using toothpaste
twice a day is to increase toothpaste sales. Real thing is to eat good food. If you use toothpaste,
then pay attention that the toothpaste should not
contain Triclosan. Triclosan is very problematic,
and it is used in many toothpastes. Then pay attention that your toothpaste should not
make claims of killing 99% germs. Because such a tooth paste will deteriorate oral flora
and oral immunity. Any products which claim
of killing bacteria or germs, soap, toothpaste, floor cleaner, We shouldn’t use them, they are
very toxic and corrosive, in fact i will say real filth
are these products. Summary: Neither filthy, nor over-sanitized.
Germs are also our friends. sun bath, wind bath.

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  1. धन्यवाद सर , हमको सैनिटरी प्रॉडक्ट की सच्चाई बताने के लिए।

  2. Namaste sir,
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    Raja malpani

  3. विपिनजी बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद मेने पिछले ३१ सालों से साबुन का उपयोग नही किया है न ही टूथ पेस्ट का इस्तमाल किया है .

  4. Vipinji, your videos are eye openers. I wish everyone starts following your advise. Thank you so much for showing these simple but effective ways to live life.

  5. I bath when my body needs to take a bath…i.e. 2-3 times a week in winter and 4-5 times a week in summer. But my family is always against it. They suggest me to take bath everyday that to early in the morning if possible. I want to know wheather I am right or my family…..????

  6. Sir I like your vedios. They are very educational. I request you to Please be frequent with your vedios. Your continuous hammering of knowledge will definitely make changes in our life & lifestyle.

  7. गजब हे विपिन जी आप तो एक वरदान हे mankind के लिए

  8. Hello sir ,plz psoriasis par video banaye, mughe ye problem hai, main bahut confused hoon. kaun sa treatment lu allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, plz tell me.

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