#BRINGIT EVERYDAY – The Hygiene Song

#BRINGIT EVERYDAY - The Hygiene Song

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26 thoughts on “#BRINGIT EVERYDAY – The Hygiene Song

  1. That floss guitar needs tuning …. also, seriously who is welching on their responsibilities to Tool with this video?… for shame!… there is a new album to make! 😛  But in all seriousness though, keep doing what you are doing cuz you are doing it well.

  2. that floss guitar needs tuning

    TOOLBAND brought me here, wtf does this have to do with Tool. Blair is making no sense at all lately, not unusual for him.

  3. lol, the wet wipes got me, I have some on my toilet too ha ha.  I LOVE YOU MICHELLE!  Good job other dude 😛  And the big guy dancer that danced for Glee before right?  Thought I heard you say that in one of your video's.  I love him too lol.

  4. While I love the rap battle type songs I think the  #bringiteveryday  songs are just as brilliant. I always forget what an amazing voice Michelle has. This song for some reason makes me think of Rhett and Link and some of their hilarious songs. Ohhh I would LOVE to see you guys team up for something!!!!!!!!   xoxo Keep up the amazing work!  

  5. That floss guitar needs tuning! 🙂 loved it and i love you Michelle!!! I just wish you sang a bit in it. Also haven't heard much out of Dana and Christiann in a bit! Keep doing what you do, i swear ive watched absolutely everything including you such a big fan! <3

  6. That White suit is My Dream Suit! The Next #BRINGIT  Everyday Song may be either The Fighting Song or even the Planting Song

  7. The morning breath may also be caused by the ketone bodies that are produced when you run out of carbs during the night. #science ( #NotAccurate )
    Hygiene is very important anyways.

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