Britcare – Short Film 2019

Britcare - Short Film 2019

feeling under the weather have you had a nasty accident is there a cancer slowly eating away organ well come on down your local bridge care center oh hi there I'm Richard Richardson your new Minister for health I'm dedicated to bringing you the best quality health care system in the world now thanks to a new and innovative budget we've really been able to push the limits of what modern medicine is capable of we are ready to see you print care is not responsible for any loss of sight hearing or feeling any individual entering of bread care facility is subject but not limited to its crass but I rather like it do you think people are but of course of course there's a does a chapter well obviously there's a charm to it but is it enough No this morning matters follow exactly what's written on these do we do we know who the reporter is Alex Cola yes just get him in and out stay away from the patient's if there's trouble Jesus come car would calm down it won't be any trouble down or lap anything up exactly Jonathan could you leave the room PM is expecting a lot here so you've been doing a good job so far oh don't ruin it now the PM said that I know what I'm doing [Applause] is there anywhere it can be jumped up in the queue I've been here for a few days now I'm worried about the distant true this I'm sorry but I'm afraid the ministers very busy very busy when you're feeling better though please do get in touch we'd love to hear your comments oh no you were supposed to be here at 10:00 yes sorry we passed 11 I see Alex still hasn't arrived yet Alex couldn't make it I'm air instead Oh Oh IIIi I'm sorry I III don't think we've had the pleasure Katherine Hanley this is very critical oh well it's it's a pleasure to finally meet you at last we're ready if you are yes well let's let's go forward shall we so Minister tell me about this facility well I'm the right man for the job I have been working restlessly to bring this country the new health care system why I've complete could you try and stay on topic Minister I want you to tell me about the hospital to show me it what it really is can you do that yes yes yes opposed yes yes yes that's that's what I'm here to do here we are welcome to our brand new grit care facility and here's some of our wonderful stuff and hello looking very smart any more to see here this week this week red 12 which means mr. Clinton's getting a new kidney just happening here impartial selection of impartial selection well if you just follow me I'll show you some of the cutting edge facilities this hospital has to offer we're really very proud of the I think the results rather speak for themselves don't you think we've got my turn IT departments over here and biology what I asked you a few questions Oh quick yes but you'll have to be quick obviously there's been a big change in management you'll have to be quicker what are your working conditions do you improve efficiency junior doctors have been given these I'm sorry should have been quicker distracting the staff isn't gonna help us save lives is it miss Emily I'd really like stop some of these life-saving what's in here what's about through here no no no no no no wait what's in this drain unblock her and what's he using drain blocker for heart disease no sorry about that can get a bit depressing in there hopefully it'll be a bit more uplifting in here where are we this is one of our new terminal wait what oh just breathe come on just breathe stay with me now Oh God days like this make me wonder if I shouldn't have just stayed at the abattoir excuse me hello I'm dr. price I'd like to interview some of your patients ah well promise me I've got someone you really love to talk to a minister mom hello Tinky oh my I got smart you are but are these some friends you forum to show me your dad would have been so proud if you needed to finally made some friends I didn't know your mother was staying here minister you're clearly placing a lot of faith in this facility and the staff for your dear old mum are you enjoying your stay here mrs. Richardson you don't have to answer that mom how would you say it compares to the NHS showing that camera do not turn the camera off I want you to get nice and tight on the minister my mother is not being brought into this mr. Kent said that everything would be fine and I would enjoy it here that's it I really want to see those fat beads on the forehead you I'm making arrangements to get my mother out of here at once this interview is over Minister are you going to resign do you believe in brick hello are you alright mr. Richardson sir good to see sir facilities here a wonderful surely what god bless you what do you need I came in there diagnosed dangerous take liquor best way it's here please miss Richardson please don't Oh God look you're gonna be okay you'll be all right you write jokes I'm sorry he's somebody there the vets just died here is ladies and gentlemen happy this is where he's going to say [Applause] listen to me isn't he a month I'm taking care of don't see that she's moved on to private water that it's this place it's she's been talking to the PM impressed later just you and him some prospects later today don't ruin it now just tell them what they want to hear I'm the right man for the job we're ready to see you now [Applause] [Applause]

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