Bunionectomy Recovery: Weeks 1 & 2

Bunionectomy Recovery: Weeks 1 & 2

you guys I have to figure out how to create other content because I'm running out of surgeries welcome back so as you can see from the title unless you're scrolling over the video then it's up here uh I had another surgery and it's been about three actually three weeks today since out of surgery since I've been out of surgery so I had a bunionectomy and also other big words that I'll put right here but basically they went in and then get rid of the bunion and then they screwed the bones back together and then they shaved off some of the bone off the top of the foot that had healed crooked after I broke it like three times and in like one bone and then they kind of healed weird um and it was always kind of like bumpy and they went in and they shaved it down and made it smooth so I'm gonna go ahead and kind of insert the clips it is images of the foot right after surgery so it is gonna be stitches and swollen it is bruised so if you don't want to see that you know it's gonna be kind of thrown in around the video I'll try to kind of give warnings before that goes up so here we go here's the beginning just currently 550 hey guys I am out of surgery and huh my boyfriend made this little setup for me on the couch with some snacks and drinks and everything so I feel pretty good they gave me a nerve block so I can't feel anything in my foot at all which is nice I think that wears off in about 24 hours I'm not mistaken and um yeah it was about I guess an hour and a half surgery maybe a little more um and now I'm really comfortable I feel really good um not really nauseous or anything from the anesthesia but um yeah a little hungry little thirsty but other than that I feel really really comfortable I know that once everything starts wearing off I'll probably feel a little bit of pain but as of right now I'm not taking any pain meds my doctor recommended every four to six hours but I'm really against taking pain medication and I'm almost willing to just ride it out and see kind of how bad it gets um I actually haven't filled my prescription yet so I don't even have it but I feel really good I woke up really really disoriented which I normally don't wake up that disoriented from anesthesia but I was just like what is going on and then as the images started coming in and I could see the lights and my doctor came in I was like okay I had surgery I got had no recollection of going under so but yeah I feel good so here we are going on this journey hopefully everything heals well he said that the surgery went excellent he said that it would look really good when it's healed he said when he saw it that it actually looked worse than it did a couple weeks ago so the bunion was moving at a really quick pace I guess um so it looked actually even looking at it myself I was like wow looks like it's really coming out like jutting out more than it was so I'm just I'm so happy it's over I'm so happy it's over and now we just do the recovery so they did actually give me crutches to at the hospital which was awesome so I have crutches I have like my little leg crutch like the single crutch and um yeah we're good to go hey guys so we're like five hours out of surgery um I feel pretty good still really comfortable I'm less like foggy I'm eight a little bit I drank a lot I was super thirsty um kind of bored already so yeah I feel really good still no pain let me show you I don't have any feeling in my toes but cool hi guys so I did skip a couple days um so it is day three at surgery Friday morning it's now Monday morning I had no pain at all I took nothing I was prescribed tramadol and i mewn Phila I told myself I was not gonna take painkillers because I hate how they make me feel I didn't take anything but honestly I've had no pain whatsoever I'm on day three like three and a half and I feel really really good um I just had my post-op this morning so I will insert the clip of them taking off the bandaging and then a picture of the toe so if you're kind of squeamish we don't want to see it it is stitches it is swelling it is bruising but it doesn't look bad I thought it would look a lot worse there was no like you know pus or seeping or bleeding it was just closed up stitched but it was just swollen and bruised so here are or here's the video I was and you know what I haven't taken I'm like so anxious right now and like narrow it looks amazing really truly oh okay holy crap Wow still he told me to be pretty much off my foot as much as I can for the next two weeks um so that'll be about two and a half weeks after surgery that I'm gonna see him get my stitches out so that'll be I believe December 3rd today's November 19 so yeah I feel really good the only thing that hurts is my hip in my back from laying down or having my foot elevated all night long and all day long pretty much but other than honestly it's been completely fine and I'm so relieved and excited that it really wasn't bad at all I mean like I said barely any pain the only time I ever really feel anything if I'm on my crutches and my foot is down I feel like a throbbing because the blood is rushing to it obviously and just feel like it's swelling up a little bit but that's my dog just made a really weird noise but that's about it so I didn't do an update for a couple weeks because after my post-op he just wrapped it up and then told me to stay off of it for another two weeks so in that two-week period nothing really changed I wasn't on it I was kind of resting just elevating icing probably not as much as I should have but still randomly enough to remember I had zero pain no pain I took no pain medication nothing so that was pretty amazing and then I had my post-op so I will insert that here at that point after he took out the stitches he put like the little white band-aids on him and he wrapped it back up and he said I'll see you in two and a half weeks don't unwrap it he said I can start walking on it with the fracture boot the surgical boot but I wasn't allowed to drive yet and really kind of do a lot of walking just minimal walking around the house so I feel like a lot of the videos I've watched people have had a lot of freedom with their surgery I feel like I've been kind of told to stay off it for a while so the first two weeks after surgery I could not put any pressure on it at all and now my two week post-op I'm able to walk with the boot just a little bit at a time so my next follow-up won't be till December 27 today is December 7th I believe six or seven and I will go in at that point and get put into a regular sneaker so I'm still out of work for the next five weeks usually they say about six weeks you go back to work but he gave me a full eight weeks so we will see how the x-rays come out I will post that in the next video I'll do another update video for you once I have a little more information because it's been kind of a boring recovery not much has happened I haven't had a lot of freedom with the foot I've just had to really keep it elevated now the best part while I wasn't allowed to put any pressure on my left on my right foot I was popping around on my left and really using my left foot a lot to like pick myself up and like prop myself up and so I sprained my leg to ankle pretty badly so I will insert pictures of that here and yeah so now I'm kind of trying to stay off both feet and put a little more pressure on my right foot which I still have to be careful cuz that's my post-surgery foot I've tried to stay off both of them so I've been icing the sprained ankle a lot I've been doing Epsom salt soaks I've been doing I've been elevating it and wrapping it so yeah it's been interesting but I am doing well thank you to everyone who's commenting and posting on my other videos I will do another I update I have a lot of questions about how my eyes are doing yeah I hope you guys enjoy this video and it was just a little bit of information but I figured might as well just document another surgery hopefully it was his last one for a while so yeah thank you guys so much for tuning in leave me your comments as always down below any questions and then check out my information box I do have a website now that's up go ahead and send me some emails leave me some comments in love and make sure you subscribe and I will see you guys in the next video bye

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16 thoughts on “Bunionectomy Recovery: Weeks 1 & 2

  1. Looks good. My two feet are slightly different sizes after chevron bunionectomy. I drove in ten days each time. I did grocery shopping with a knee scooter. But dressing and cleaning was difficult. Ann

  2. You are a strong soldier. Ppl say the pain is horribly painful and now I keep putting the surgery off. And pain meds make me crazy sick.

  3. Hello! just offering up, after watching Karolina's wonderful video, I also have a video myself (and more to come(:) of my bunion surgery! check it out if you'd like another perspective!

  4. I'm 16 and I live in Australia🌊πŸ”₯. I'm currently waiting for an Orthepedic Surgeon to look at my bunion. I have had 6 weeks off school as I am taking Endone and other strong drugs to minimize pain that I am in. I have now been refered to a Pain Specialist and to be honest it sucks. I find it hard to walk, my foot is currently much wider then the palm of my hand and I can't even fit my foot into a shoe. I have to use a boot.πŸ˜’πŸ˜•πŸ˜‚But that's awesome just started to watch your video's hopefully its the last one for you! Thanks for the info I'll make sure I subscribe!!πŸ˜ƒβœŒ

  5. Hi hope you have great and speedy recovery .As always happy to see your videos. Prayers and blessings to you . Happy New Year to you..

  6. I had my vitrectomy of right eye on 27th Nov and left eye on 5th..dec2018..right eye took 8days for vision recovery…..gas bubble dissolved in exactly 8days …

  7. Wow another surgery! Hopefully the last one for you! I'm glad it was a boring recovery, don't want anything to get worse LoL! Thank you for posting everything you do! I have had the same eye problems/surgery as well and it was very informative to see/know what I was getting in to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you again and much love to you πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™

  8. How do you go about life, What's ur age? do you face any financial problems because of the eye? Because i do …

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