CACM July 2019 – Internet of Things Search Engine

CACM July 2019 - Internet of Things Search Engine

the idea of the Internet of Things search engine is to create an effective system which offers the ability to use the data from the Internet of Things in a meaningful way to discover and resolve queries although there's a lot of interest and even research on the topic there are several factors hindering its advancement I think there are two factors that are preventing the management of Internet of Things search engine the first is the diversity of the solution that we can have the multiple different solutions we need to have like on one vision common concepts or models of what this thing's this search engine system should be and so far we haven't found our common vision to create a more unified vision for the Internet of Things search engine Gwen will return a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Adelaide used automated software tools to identify 200 relevant articles from various academic sources we realized two things so the first thing is that the few is growing but at the same time it is growing apart in the same snaptun Gration of paper being cited my other work each year is to keep reducing and reducing and all of those citation they focus on a small set of work so those small works actually they drive the vision what our discussion changed should be the teams analysis revealed that the existing models focused on the type of Internet of Things content being utilized in the search results while completely ignoring the relationship between them to address this major shortfall Gwen and his fellow researchers came up with the meta path model so for each query we can imagine as a particular patch or concrete pads on that graph and then the search engine because it has limited scope so it can only follow deal with a certain kind content follow a certain kya path so the generalization of those paths that a search engine can do becomes line demands a path description to demonstrate how the meta path model works let's say we're searching for home pages of IOT enabled lightbulbs with abnormal energy consumption to process this query two things need to happen first it needs to find the light bulbs that this meta path can be defined as follows next it needs to narrow the list down to those light bulbs with abnormal energy consumption this particular meta path can be defined as follows if you combine these two queries into a single meta path it becomes the following this also happens to be the second most common class in the Internet of Things search engine literature they provide us the more the deeper more detailed multi-grain description of what the search engine can do compared to the all modern like them is it a sensor search that is at a massage it's kind of arbitrary so what is the key to building a more comprehensive unified search engine model for something as vast as the Internet of Things so I would say the solution might be in the community when we've released our from vision maybe with architecture around it review the software framework around it and everyone can see how their work fits into this vision but all of those things put together and eventually we will get that learn more in Internet of Things search engine a review article in the july 2019 communications of the ACM

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