Can India afford healthcare for all? – BBC News

Can India afford healthcare for all? - BBC News

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39 thoughts on “Can India afford healthcare for all? – BBC News

  1. I know the Indian government lack of healthcare fund and have loooooots of corrupted officials awaiting to benefit more from the system, but guess what, you got democracy and you will just be fine.

  2. India has a population 3X of USA living in a space 1/3 the size of USA!!! AND it will keep growing and growing AND GROWWWWWINGGG. Best of luck with affording public anything with all that.

  3. BBC spending British license fee making news for non-license fee paying Indians in India. Destroy the license fee.

  4. Govt. has certainly to commit much more for rural India, especially for the the BPL sections, in terms of healthcare, community medicine & education, both general & health. There are no shortcuts. Govt. Spending has to be drastically increased and spent most prudently.

  5. Half of India's population still urinates in the streets, what makes you think they can afford healthcare for everyone?

  6. My fellow Indians are so stupid that they can’t even hear something negative about India. BBC does always portrays India in negativity but Indians have blind patriotism in them so instead of improving they bash BBC and any other media outlet who criticise India. India has 1000 problems but patriotic Indians can’t accept it.

  7. Anyone who had a terminal Ill patient in the family in India knows that either you decide to get bankrupt or get Into meditation waiting for death.The medical insurance is a farce and government hospitals are a joke .That is the reason so many ,"ashrams" are thriving in India.One of the key method of attracting devotees by the scamist rapist RamRahim Insane( I was typing insan but Google autoword typed insane!) was free medical treatment to devotees.There is so much despair at ground level that nothing talked on TV makes sense to the poor

  8. So, British pensioners now have to pay for all this "BBC India".. while the BBC says if we don't charge we'll have to get rid of BBC2? Nothing against India here but you have to question why money, if so tight, is being spent on none UK broadcasting.

  9. The government has money for statues and military also the useless space program but not the people who have choosen the government if it was here in the USA our government would have acted ASAP but Indians only know to criticize the news outlets and love their biased and payed off media outlets funded by your Modi

  10. Come on Malala and Co.
    Come on over and spend the £££ my forefathers ploughed into the NHS.
    Its totally free for you…
    U dont even have to bother to learn our language

  11. Bbc first of all try to teach about butt hygiene to all brit's ….they are still wiping ass with toilet papers….its really disguisting af

  12. Uk GPs had voted to stop charging oversea tourists. Indians are welcome to visit UK and have their treatment here, we will pay for you all

  13. India does not need healthcare ……..just come to Britain and get it for free.
    I pay around £4000 per annum so they can health tour.
    Arent i generous ?

  14. The answers NO, Great Britain is still sending India aid. GB can't afford the NHS, after 50 plus years of trying.

  15. Indian government can build statues and make space program but can't afford healthcare for poor people , lack in toilet facilities and hygiene . Government should look for health of citizens instead of building space programs .


  17. Recently 130 kids died in Bihar, India due to lack of healthcare. India has population of 1.32 billion so no India can’t afford healthcare for all.

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