Can YOU Guess That Deep Fried Food? | People Vs. Food

Can YOU Guess That Deep Fried Food? | People Vs. Food

– This is like what as a child
you look at and you go “yeah, that would be good.” – This is sugar with sugar,
with sugar sprinkled on top, and the some sugar,
glazing a ball of sugar. – Gimme the bucket, gimme the bucket!
(Tom laughs) ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today you’ll be tasting
state fair delicacies from around the country. – Oh, okay.
– Whoa! – It’s state fair season,
and they are always known for like a sugar attack. – Ugh!
– Really? I’m like, you’re like “ugh”,
I’m like “yeah!” – Yeah, ’cause you don’t have
a 49 year old stomach. (both laugh) – Wow!
– Okay. (laughs) – I’m just excited to be
in a food episode with Darius. I wanna see him eat.
– Yes, yes. – (FBE) At the end of each treat,
you’ll have the opportunity to guess what the food is and rate it on a scale
from one through five. – Oh cool, okay.
– Interesting. – I’ve been on a lot of like,
carnival rides, and if the food is as regulated
as those roller coasters, we might die.
– Get ready arteries! Yeah boy, let’s do this! ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) This first mysterious treat
comes straight from New York. – Okay.
– Oh. – Oh my God!
– My eyes just dilated. – What’s inside of it?
I wanna break it open. – If it has meat in here,
that’d be amazing. – I’m gonna dissect it. – Zombie apocalypse,
people kill for these. – (laughs) ‘Cause they last forever!
– Mmm. Mmm, mmm, mmm.
– What happened? Are you okay?
That’s gross. – It’s so gross.
– Do you like it? – No. (laughs)
– I don’t like it. I know what it is,
and I don’t like it. – That is very good.
It’s not overpowering. – Mm-hmm.
– It’s like a donut. – Yeah.
– Just really sweet, but the right amount. – (FBE) Alright, now show me
your guesses. – Fried Twinkie. – Twinkie. – It’s a deep fried me!
(Trudi laughs) – (FBE) Yeah! You guys both know what it is.
– (Mikaela) We nailed it. – (FBE) So what would you guys
rate these fried twinkies on a scale of one through five? – I’m gonna go with a half.
– This is as many fingers as I can hold up right now.
I would just say a one and a half. – One, I don’t like Twinkies.
– I actually love Twinkies, but I can’t get with
the fried Twinkie. I’m gonna give it a two. – I’m gonna go with three,
to be honest. – Yeah, I’m gonna go
with a three, too. – It’s gotta be a two.
Although it’s a classic. – I give it a one honestly,
it’s a little too fried for my taste. – A four, like it’s something
I could finish, because it’s not too overpowering.
– I think it’s just right, the amount of like sweet,
I’m gonna go five. That’s the best so far,
and it wasn’t too overpowering, ’cause I could finish it,
but I like it. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So up next,
a mouth-watering adaptation straight from Arizona. – Oh my God. My eyes started watering bro,
I swear. – I don’t know what I did
to deserve this. – This is what you give
your four year old, five year olds to just get them
to go [bleep] nuts and then go to sleep for hours. – I was just gonna say,
like this is literally the last food I would ever feed a child. – That’s not meant to be consumed. – I actually don’t totally mind this. – I don’t like that.
– Tastes like sugar. Y’all, I can’t take all this candy. – That’s a lot of sugar.
– Y’all gonna give me diabetes. – This is so gross.
What is wrong with these people? – I think I got diabetes.
– I know, right? – Just to summarize,
this is sugar, with sugar, with sugar sprinkled on top,
and then some sugar, glazing a ball of sugar. – This is godly right here,
this is its own genre of things. – (FBE) Show me your guesses! – She is a red velvet cotton candy,
chocolate marshmallow taco. – There’s a lot happening
in my belly right now. (both laugh) – (FBE) You guys are both right. The correct answer
is cotton candy taco. – (Don) Ooh, I got it! – (FBE) What would you guys
like to rate the cotton candy taco on a scale of one through five? – Maybe a point five.
– This is a five! – This is total five!
– This is a five for fun! – I’ll give it a three, ’cause it’s
just too much sugar for me. – I’m gonna go with a solid four.
– I’ll give it a three. – Probably a two.
– Five. – I don’t know dude,
I’m legitimately short of breath. This is dangerous! Just ’cause you can make things
doesn’t mean that you should! – Your scientists were so preoccupied
with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop
to think if they should. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Up next,
an irresistible treat invented at
the Los Angeles County Fair. – Ooh, Los Angeles County!
Ooh, is that blueberries in there? – What’s on the inside?
Is it chocolate, but it’s green. – I think I know what these are. – Oh yeah!
– Mmm! – Oh my God is that mint?
– That’s so good, seriously it is! – Holy [bleep] that’s delicious.
– It’s so good! – It’s just really upsetting.
In a really good way. – It’s really thick.
I feel like after one of these, I’d have cardiac arrest.
– Mm-hmm. – Tastes like a cookie.
That Japanese stuff in the middle. The green stuff that they make,
the gooey stuff. – You’re talking about like mochi?
– Mochi, yeah! – What? – They can deep fry
literally anything. They could deep fry me
and I’ll be like “this is delicious.” – (FBE) Alright, show me your guess.
– Bam! – It’s so slippery and greasy!
– Wait, okay. – Oreos! – (FBE) This was a deep fried
mint Oreo. – Yes, fried Oreos. – I thought it was gonna be
like a Girl Scout, like a Thin Mint, but that’s totally an Oreo.
– Yeah. – (FBE) What do you guys rate this
on a scale of one through five? – Tastes pretty good.
I’ll give it a four. – I’ll give it a one.
I don’t like the mint flavor. – What!?
– Three. – I was gonna say
like a three and a half. – I’d give it a four,
because I think, if you were to add like
a chocolate sauce to it or like a whipped cream,
a carmel something, like gooey on top,
it would just (clicks tongue) perfecto!
– I absolutely agree. I was gonna say four as well.
(bell rings) – If it’s like a scale
of how likely you are to throw up after,
a five. But if it’s a scale
of how much you’re going to enjoy that throw up,
this is like a four and a half. – This, yeah, I’ll give it
a four and a half too, but with milk,
I give it a five. – Ooh, that’d be good. – With milk, it’d be a definite five. – I give it a three.
It’s good, but I only want one. – I’m giving it a one…
– I don’t blame you. – …because the best part about Oreos
is like that crunchy. – The Oreo!
– The Oreo part, but the crunchy snap, and there’s no snap in there. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Up next, a reinvented beverage
straight from the Texas State Fair. – Ooh.
– What? Listen, there’s only
solid, liquid and gas. And I’m pretty sure this is a solid.
– This is a beverage? It’s bleeding!
– How do you deep fry a drink? – Ooh, it’s really sticky. Oh.
– What? – It’s kinda flavorless.
– Yeah, it just kinda tastes like batter.
– I don’t know. – This is burnt funnel cake?
It just tastes dry. – I just, yeah.
– I don’t really taste anything. – I can’t taste,
there’s no taste really. – It just tastes like fried…
– What beverage? – …with some sort of
raspberry or strawberry syrup. – The only beverage I want
at a state fair has a little kick to it,
know what I’m sayin’? – Exactly!
– This is not kicking. – Oh, I can’t wait to go
to the fair with you. – (FBE) Alright, show me your guess.
– Yeah, that’s it. – Fried Slurpee, oh,
that sounds probably right. – I know, I don’t know.
– (FBE) No. So this is deep fried Coke. – (Mikaela) How do you deep fry Coke? – It look like chicken, it look like chicken finger
funnel cake. – Did it taste like chicken finger?
– No, what I’m saying is like, chicken fingers, like chicken fingers
in funnel cake. – Dad, is chicken fingers a drink? – No, what I’m saying… – (FBE) So what would you guys
rate the deep fried Coke? – A one.
– One, yeah. – That had no flavor.
– That’s a definite no. – Like a four.
– I give it a one. – That’s a zero.
– Yeah, I’m gonna go with zero. – It tastes like Bisquick.
– It does! – It’s like you’re eating pancake mix.
– If you eat just that. – I’ll go one.
It doesn’t taste like coke. – Just the fact that it’s fried Pepsi,
I’ll give it a three, because that’s pretty interesting.
Like what? – A one.
– Yeah, I’m gonna give it a one. – She’s nothing special. – ‘Cause Coke is not
coming across to me. Not even Cherry Coke, so…
– She’s not the star of the show. – Nope.
– We are. – That’s right. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So this next tasty treat was
invented at the Oklahoma State Fair. – Oh, oh!
– Oklahoma. – Whoa, what is that!?
– Jesus Criminy! – What’s all… – What [bleep] is
Oklahoma dealing with? Why do they need this? – Oh, I don’t like that feeling.
– I don’t either. – I’m not gonna lie,
that is heavy. – Oh my, that’s greasy.
I’m glistening. – Yeah. – What? – This is weird,
but it tastes really good. – I don’t like it already, uh uh.
– Not a good experience. – It’s too much! – What’s the mix?
– Jesus! – Is that jelly?
– There’s candy inside there. – Oh, that’s a lot. – That cherry…
– It’s so heavy. – It’s like a cherry gummy candy. – This is like what, as a child,
you look at and you go “yeah, that would be good!” – (FBE) One, two, three. – It’s a fried gummy bear! – I said a deep fried
big ass gummy bear! (both laugh) – (FBE) You guys are both correct. – (Tom) Yeah, let’s go! – Who the [bleep] saw
like a two pound gummy bear and was like
“we could do better.” – We gotta fry this. – (FBE) What would you guys
rate the gummy bears on the scale of one through five. – That was like a half, half a star.
– Yeah, I’m gonna go with a one. – A one!
– Okay, that is, as a snack, one.
– I would rate it a two, just because it’s so sugary.
– I give it a one. I ain’t really feeling that at all.
– This is like a 10. – It’s gonna have to be a two, just
’cause I’m not really a gummy person, unless it’s sour.
– Three, it’s like a middle ground. Like it’s not bad,
obviously I’d eat it, but like, I could never
eat the whole thing. – I’m gonna go with one.
– Okay. – That was, like not,
I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of purchasing that
at the Oklahoma State Fair. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – Oh my God.
– (FBE) For our final dish, these critters originate in Mexico.
– (both) Critters! – (FBE) But have been popularized
by state fairs across the country. – Why you gotta end with this bitch?
– That’s… – [bleep] that.
I’ve already done this! – They love feeding me bugs, dude.
– I’ve had so many crickets. – Welcome to the show.
– Mikaela, I can’t, I have a real… – Let’s see here,
these little critters. Listen, on this show,
I don’t care about bugs any more. I have had…
– Really? – Three tarantulas, a scorpion,
crickets, grasshoppers. – Like eaten, or been around?
– Yes, eaten. – I’m just gonna put
a lot of sauce on it, and I’m just gonna [bleep]
munch it. – It doesn’t change the fact
that you’re eating a grasshopper! – I’ve eaten so much worse Sharon,
you don’t even know! (Sharon screams) – You ate it! (laughs) – I don’t like this show at all.
(mumbles) Gimme the bucket! Gimme the bucket!
(Tom laughs) – Ooh, it’s so many chews.
– It’s just like a french fry. – Oh my God.
– This is fine. – It’s in my teeth! – It’s in my teeth too,
I just don’t want to think about it. – Okay.
– It’s good for you, right there. It’s good nutrients.
It’s good for the heart. If we got left in the wilderness,
what you gonna eat? – Nothing, I’m dying.
– You gotta grab, she be dead. – Oh wow.
– You like it? – It’s pretty good with the sauce. This one’s a big one,
look at this one. – Ooh, spicy, don’t hold it up. If I didn’t know what it was,
it wouldn’t be bad. – (FBE) Three, two, one! – Croquet! – (FBE) You’re both wrong. – Oh.
– Grasshopper. – (FBE) Yes.
– Oh wow! – They’re still good though.
– (FBE) Yes, fried grasshoppers. – (Vivica) Yeah, I’m not gonna
forget that, ever. – The one thing I will say
is they leave little pieces of their body all over your mouth.
– Yeah, you feel like… – Shrapnel. – You’ll find a leg
in your tooth later. – Don’t you say that to me! – You will, and it’s gross.
– No, oh! – (FBE) What would you rate these,
one through five? – Honestly, for the experience,
I’m gonna give it a five. I think everybody should
at least try it once in their life. – Okay, well, I love that,
and I’m giving it a zero, because it’s still in my teeth,
and I don’t like to eat bugs. – I’d give that a five right there.
That’s good. I don’t care what she’s talking about. You better get your taste buds right. – You better get
your taste buds right. – You better get ya
taste buds right. – Over here eating bugs
like it’s nothing. – I’ll give ’em a two, because I just wouldn’t
order them myself. But also when you eat them,
they’re fine. – I, same.
– Negative 14. – I’m gonna go slightly higher
than the gummy bear. (laughs) I’m gonna say
it’s like a one. – I’m giving it a one, just ’cause like
I would never buy this. You’re gonna say
too high of a number. (bell rings) – It is not bad,
it’s pretty good. – (FBE) So finally,
which one of these foods would you recommend?
– The fried grasshoppers! – I recommend the Coke. – I’m going with the taco. – I was just about to say
I’m gonna go with the taco. – The taco was kind of
a delightful treat. – I’m still kinda thinking about
the gummy bear. Like I can’t have more,
but I want more. – I like the taco a lot,
the taco was really good to me. – Uh, none.
(both laugh) – Save your money.
Go on a ride or two. Maybe the deep fried Oreo. The deep fried mint Oreo
was pretty okay. – I liked the deep fried Oreo,
the mint Oreo. That was so good.
– Yeah! – I think that was my favorite. – I’m still gonna go with
the deep fried Twinkie. – Just taking a bite
of all these foods, I feel sick.
(both laugh) – I feel ready to take on the day! – Yeah, like I’m ready to
walk around a whole damn fair. – (laughs) Exactly. – Thanks for watching
this episode of People Vs. Food… – On the REACT Channel. – If you liked this video…
– Then hit that like button. – Subscribe for new shows…
– Every day! – What food would we eat next?
– Let us know in the comments. – Bye!
– Bye guys, see ya at the fair! – Hey guys, Miya here from FBE. Make sure to subscribe
to our newsletter, where you can see casting notices
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  2. the entire time i wanted them to try sweet Marthas cookies from Minnesota when i went the the state fair i waited an hour and a half to get that cookie jar they are so freakin good

  3. My school actually sells deep fried oreos (which i really love and am probably obsessed with.), they're just not mint like in the vid.

  4. I’m from Oklahoma & am actually headed to the state fair this weekend. I can tell you I have tried a deep fried gummy bear & it was disgusting. Straight suger, super sticky, soggy batter. Blech…🤢🤢 The person who invented these should be punched in the face & banned from ever returning to the state fair. Those fried mint Oreos looked amazing, though!

  5. I’m surprised you guys didn’t do deep fried butter! Never had it but when I think of deep fried food it comes to mind instantly.

  6. I’m just excited to be in a good episode with Darius, I wanna see him eat… cause that boii looks lit 95% of the time he’s on here lol

  7. Instead of getting the foods from big states like california and texas try states that actually have a good state fair like minnesota or wisconsin

  8. I'm slightly saddened that your video didn't include deep fried Cookie Dough. Which has been one of the grossest things I've tried. It was like a Pancake Batter Band-aid over lukewarm cookie dough.

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