hi guys and welcome back to another video so we're onto the very first episode of my Moon series my moon sign series and then today's video of course we're gonna be looking at the cancer moon or moon and cancer and we're starting off with cancer really because well the main rules cancer with it astrology I am going to be discussing hi your upbringing with your mother or your shipping parent might have shipped you if you do have a cancer Moon and also hi these experiences form then your emotional habits and what are some of these emotional habits for example what are some of the possible eating habits that you've sort of developed or formed what are some of the sleeping patterns and as I am going through this video I'm also going to be talking about things that you can do in order to really help with your emotional well-being but also keep in mind that it's very good to look at the sign that is ruling your fourth house so what sign is on that I see in your chart also try looking at where cancer the sign of cancer is placed on your chart so which hice is cancer ruling and we should also look at the aspects so any aspects to your main placement as well by having a cancer moon this can suggest that your mother defended your home she was the woman who protected you who protected your family and loved ones with sheer commitment she possessed this really strong sense of commitment to her family so much so that she might have been slightly overprotective or overly defensive you might have looked at your mother or viewed your mother as someone who really captures see if as someone who would always make sure that there was enough and if you were ever upset she would say something like oh they're there they're there it's gonna be okay she would really empathize with you and be there for you and if there were any possible family gatherings she might have been the one who would have led it all cancers are leaders okay they are cardinal signs they love to initiate so when they're in the household if you have a concert and a household then you better bet that that cancer is going to rule the roost and so within your own household your mother you could a future mother as the one who did rule the roost it could be that you perhaps saw her as someone who was hypersensitive or extremely moody or you might have looked at her going through a lot of emotionally exhausting times in her life but it was these emotionally exhausting times that you saw her going through that we're not really easy for you to handle because you felt European because you possessed this really deep emotional connection with her it was you who absorbed your mother's mates so you absorbed whenever she was easygoing whenever she was social whenever she was caring whenever she was sensitive but you also absorbed whenever she was hurt or when she was in pain or when she felt insecure within you there is this need for emotional attention that need you really focus on your mother and so naturally you crave this connection and this bond with her of really having her close and if there was ever so much of a hint of rejection from her well it would have just set you into this emotional turmoil this could have been something as simple as her talking on the phone and whilst you're sort of pulling at her and she just tells you to stop you know as that happens when kids just want their mother's attention but they're too busy on the phone and they're like no stop that I'm talking on the phone right now sure yes this might have been temporary but because of this you might have reflected you're sort of bad feelings on to her because the bad feelings were much too painful for you to claim as your own the thing here is that you take the feelings off your mother as your own on what you do as you reflect your own feelings onto her and reject them as your own but your feelings for her are very strong and it's as though you need her in your life caring for you or it's that you can sort of then go off wanting to care for something or someone else and so now you might be subconsciously seeking not emotionally nurturing nest yourself I'm gonna touch on an example here because I always like to use examples within my videos my brother he has a Scorpio son and a cancer moon and he's always felt this really close connection with my mom my mom also has a cancer son by the way and for some reason he'd always know when my mom was feeling on or off like he he could really feel that and because he could feel that he would know when to back off from her or when to go in there was this sort of sidestep thing that my brother and my mom would do together or with one another he'd just know when to completely avoid her but also when the time was right to speak to her he would actually often ask her how she's feeling she would just come into the kitchen or whatever she's doing and he just like how feeling mom he would just always know he always knows even with me even with me with I think with everybody in our family he knows when something is up I actually was not feeling the best yesterday during the new moon in Capricorn and yeah I got attacked from brother asking hi I was just out of the blue and then the text he was like no pretense just tell me tell me what's up like don't go back oh my gosh my brother is just good at knowing and that's the thermic kinds of moves they know they know how you're feeling there's no hiding how you feel alright it counts on me even whenever my brother moved into his own place he used to invite me he used to find me over from time to time and if I was ever there he'd always offer me tea and he just made me feel secure it makes me feel welcomed and he was definitely I'd say a lot more prone at being able to open up with me in his own home in his own spheres because the thing with cancer moons is that it's the safe space where they're gonna feel really comfortable and even for him I think it was this space that made him comfortable enough to cry and to really let out his emotions me and him would just get into these really intense deep talks with one another but still there would be many periods where we wouldn't talk really I mean the last time I spoke to my brother was during Christmas but like I said I to the blue I to the blue cancer moons were just texts they'll just call and ask hi and doom and trust me hugging a cancer moon person the consonants that I have in my life oh my gosh the hug is so embracive and it's this proper engagement that I feel when I'm with a cancer moon trust me whenever you meet a cancer moon during their high picks their higher picks its food energy and it's so exciting kind of like you know whenever the moon is filled in the sky you just kind of think of it like that high the level just intensifies though of course this could go the other direction as well okay so how have your experiences with your mother or your caregiver why have they formed your emotional habits and what are some of your emotional habits these experiences with your mother that have formed a highly pathetic and caring person within you you are highly sensitive to your environment and this is just something that the second nature to you you are instinctively in tune with your intuition and with how you feel so much so that you can forget sometimes that not everything is always a bite you but of course right because growing up you weren't sure of which feelings were your own I don't which were your mother's so I can kind of see why this would be and whilst being sensitive is one of your greatest strengths because it does make it highly empathetic and caring it can also be one of your weak spots because you can become quite easily hurt someone might say a friendly innocent joke and you possibly might take it to heart you might possibly even become quite presentable towards someone if they do hurt you by a comment that they say and when this does happen you might just take a step back or should I say a step to the side and this can be an eventual thing for you where it just happens and Sancta bleah for you if you don't feel emotionally supported and comfortable there can't be a habit of you skipping from society into your place of solitude well I do think this solitude is really great for you it is and I do believe that it's important for all of us to be able to sit with our own emotions but it's also important that this habit doesn't get to a stage where you lack social interactions all together you can be quite self-defeating sometimes and you have the tendency to spend far too much of your time tending to an emotional wound instead of addressing it and moving forward with your life what often can happen is you can get into these cycles of bad moods which can manifest and two physical illnesses or sickness it also might even result in an unwillingness for you to work or to do anything at all but still you do really need a place where you can retreat a space where you feel safe and secure where you can let all of your emotions right without judgment now it doesn't have to be the entire home it could just simply be one room in the house or even a space within a room it could possibly be a certain location maybe your favorite beach your favorite Park a favorite spot from your childhood that just brings you back to that you know to that happy place to those happy memories somewhere just that is see if that makes you feel warm inside this way you're going to be able to recharge your energy levels but again okay again it's good to come out of that retreat from time to time after all the crap itself needs to come out of that she'll if it's to survive am i right am i right but ultimately in order for you to function at your best you need to feel secure within your family relationships and within your home environment you love to care for others but you can worry excessively about them as well and if you do feel insecure you can't become quite moody towards your loved ones without directly expressing it still why is it that you might be doing this why do you have a tendency to do this well I suppose if you did experience your mother doing this you learned from your mother that this is how you deal with your emotions you possibly learned from your mother that your home is the safe place a place that should always be protected just like your mother protected the home now you have this tendency to be fully dependable on your emotions on your inner self it's how you cope really it's how you feel see if and it's how you feel secure maybe your mother was the type of person who would go into a solitude for a certain period of time now as to whether or not this was a healthier mind that will really depend on the circumstances and you know this does remind me of myself my Scorpio brother well cancer moon brother because my mom was depressed for a while during our childhood and she used to really stay in her room for quite some time and of course my brother felt this and I'm sure it hit it really affected him quite a bit but yeah you can't find it quite difficult to let go of past experiences because every life experience almost leaves an impression on your brain you you just might put other people's needs before your own so so many times so you can end up just taking on far too much and so cancer moans I think it's important that you ask yourself how much are you giving and how much are you receiving because remember you are constantly reflecting energy back and forth between you and others but still you can't channel this inner need to love into anything and it will be fulfilling just as long as you let others love you back I know cancer means that you're the caregivers of the zodiac and you want so badly to give to other people but try giving to yourself please can you do that my being that you are such intuitive people intuitively gifted people you really do need to work on protecting your energy so try to imagine that there is this big bubble of light just surrounding you which people can sort of enter into but only if you allow them to enter into it because it is likely that people will energetically just tick for me they'll take from you until you are totally drained so it's a by becoming aware of when this is happening so going inward right going inward I'm feeling it out so you're right and what is going on and what's the situation are your feelings or the feelings coming from within you or are you absorbing other people's feelings though at the same time try not making assumptions if you feel like you don't really know what other people mean would be a good idea for you to properly listen to what is actually being said rather than simply feeling into the energy just try to take the time counselor means to ask questions in order to gain further insight so you know like you say ask that person what do you mean by that exactly can you explain to me please what that comment meant by just using your nurturing nature to really engage and open conference the issues okay so when it does come to possible eating habits eating can really give you a feeling of security mealtimes can just provide you with a sense of togetherness and this sort of protection from the outside world I have a counselor man friend and she's told me hi heard her family would be eating dinner together and during that meal they would actually be discussing what they want to eat for the next meal food is something that not only provides you with nourishment but it provides you with a sort of channel to express her love and affection for yourself and other people my concert moon front as well would tell me how she loves just to cook for her boyfriend and she really likes me again she is she loves to be ik and she's such a foodie she actually has both her son and her moon in the sign of cancer but still cancer moons you might also eat to cover up feelings of hurt or pain that can be quite overwhelming for you so instead of going directly to the source of what is upsetting you rather than getting it out in the open you might just eat and this right here is a possible emotional habit we do refer this back to the mother maybe your mother focus more on feeding you as a child rather than talking to you might have actually experienced your mother using food as a way to cope with her own emotions therefore you might do the same or possibly it could be that you deny yourself ood and avoid eating properly and when it does come to your sleeping habits you might be the type of person who really helps your loved one sleep so your mother might have rocked you to sleep she might have really helped you sleep whenever you were younger and take my brother again here he would just lie there sometimes and my mum would just do this thing along his back and just really relax him and it's interesting because this is something I that he has brought forward and he said to his fiancee oh can you do this in my back it's really nice and she does it and it just helps him relax and it's quite essential that you have your own bed to sleep in so yeah you're not really going to be the type of person who enjoys sleeping and other people's beds comfortably you might not sleep very well during travel or when you visit new places because for you you require that sanctuary that's sacred place where you lay to rest and comfort ultimately councilman's it's good for you to examine how you feel and the emotional quality of your life these are key in order for you to be in a bodily balance so try looking at those loved ones around you and really ask yourself if your emotional needs are being fulfilled and is your family or are your loved ones nourishing you with care and also are you providing to them with enough care because this is just it because by having a cancer moon there is a deep need for you to care for someone or something and that doesn't mean that you have to have a family not every kind of mean person is going to want to have a family or be a parent but it could be by offering tender love and support to maybe a pet or maybe it could be a plant maybe it's a career that you really care about or taking up a hobby that you really enjoy it's about finding something in your life that you can truly nurture but above all else though cancer burns you must learn how to nurture and care for yourself learning to nourish your body and your soul find something that just makes your heart feel really really good and this in itself will bring you some emotional balance back into your life you could possibly access your inner world through poetry through art through music some activities that you can enjoy you'd be swimming bathing water sports just things like this can truly help bring your emotions to a lovely healthy equilibrium you might even enjoy you know these family gatherings right so calling up a member of your family or a loved one and going and being around them for a while or it could be visiting historical sites even take my concert mine friend she is really into history she loves especially the Celtic history and she goes to all of these different sites all around Ireland and she is just in her element she's even learning Gillick at the moment so yes any person any person would be really lucky to have a conserving person in their life and I I am certainly very grateful to have cancer main people in my life and trust me trust me on this that whenever you're in a concert Moon's home you're never gonna go hungry no okay guys so that concludes my video on the well-being the emotional well-being of the cancer moon if you do happen to have a cancer Moon then I would like to hear from you so yeah let me know in the comments section what you thought of the video and also hi you do look after and care for your emotional well-being thank you all so much for watching thank you for subscribing and I will be back with the Capricorn moon next yes cuz Capricorn cancer are opposite I will be back with that video there is everything

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34 thoughts on “CANCER MOON EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING | Hannah’s Elsewhere

  1. So interesting how you mention food with a cancer moon. I correlated that also with my mom. I am a cancer moon (sun Taurus and Scorpio rising) and felt a deep connection with my abusive mother. And, referencing “meal time” she would sit and sob or grit her teeth and glare at us or kick me from underneath the table. To this day I can’t stand eating (although I do eat) but I prefer to eat by myself…no phobia-as I will eat in a group setting, but I get anxiety and generally will pick at my food and secretly wish the experience is over. Ironically…and I don’t know if this is a combination with my other astrological placements…I will present physically calm and engage in pleasant conversation, but inwardly I feel like I’m dying.

  2. Aries sun
    Cancer moon
    Cancer rising
    Aries Venus

    I love this placement so much. It looks very conflicting and seems everything is at odds but I’ve grown to incorporate the wild Aries with the sensitive crab. Rejection has probably been the most issues. But now I Idgaf. Yes, I can almost read mind and emotions to the T. I can also feel premonitions when danger is lurking.

    One thing too all cancer moon.
    Rule your emotions, don’t let them rule you! Don’t ignore them but never suppress them! Remember that your body is the solids of the earth, your brain is the dirt where everything grows, your thoughts are the air and sky, and your emotions are the clouds that cover the sky. Could be grey and ugly or clear and puffy; just remember they come they go, they pass quick or linger for days. But in the end no matter what situation, the sun is always shining through all of it.

    Love yourself.

  3. Hi ! I have Cancer Moon . Woww!! Both the contents & the stylish presentation makes this video wonderful to watch. Thanks for this great effort.

  4. Because the moon reflects the light of the sun, do we also reflect the emotional tendencies of our sun signs? And do lunar Cancers do this especially, given that Cancer is ruled by the moon?

  5. I have a cancer moon and I related to every single thing in this video. I’m so shocked, I feel like it all makes sense now xD

  6. Hannah I hear an accent, what part of Europe are you from? I love your videos. I think I am a Cancer Moon. My Date of birth is June 28, 1964. I was born on a Sunday morning, or afternoon. I don’t know what time.

  7. Very general on the mother front. Not everyone’s mother is present, caring, attentive or alive. With this in mind, how does this affect the Cancer moon.

  8. Taking a bath while listening to your great talk. I'm 28 years old and a Taurus sun and did not find out about my moonsign until today. It feels like.. I found a long lost friend.. that has been there all my life but that I never found confirmation for. It's unbelievable how much I relate to both of these signs. Thank you for your insight!

  9. I have a relationship with a Cancer Moon man, i am Libra Moon. And I feel its so difficult to connect emotionally. He has an Aquarius Sun and I have an Aries Sun. I feel like i hurt him all the time. And the more i try, the worse i make conflicts. I think we are both passive-agressive.. Arhhg help, advice needed..

  10. I’m a Virgo sun with a Cancer moon. My mother has a Cancer moon also! I enjoyed this video and could relate to most of it.

  11. Umm I don't really understand the correlation between moon sign and mother. How could be my mothers behaviour and character dependant on my moon sign (= time of birth), or the other way: my time of birth determine my mothers character?

  12. I'm a gemini moon but I don't relate at all to the mom in your Gemini moon video. But what you're describing in this video feels very much like my mom. Why's that?

  13. You are very good at knowing the Cancer Moon history and you are correct about my Mother, but she was a great hand full too.

    Yeah, for myself am Leo sun and Cancer moon. I can feel people and pick up on moods etc… I take care of my wellbeing with a Cat, 2 Large Talking Birds and some Fish Tanks around the home. I love history and teach history at a nearby University plus lots of travelings to other Countries to learn.

  14. I agree with food. I was a big binge eater and I would watch cooking shows. Then I had gastric bypass surgery so there went that coping mechanism. My mental health problems showed up. I can still watch tons of cooking shows. Even imagining how it tastes. I enjoy cooking, baking, canning and gardening.

  15. I’m a Leo sun and Cancer moon
    I can can honestly say I am very emotional but I don’t really take a step back when people hurt me. Most times I take action and I can be very petty. Also while I do have a close relationship with my mom I have an equally close relationship with my dad. It really wasn’t just my mother who influenced my emotions and moods it my parents and all my siblings. Ever since I was little I always knew who wasn’t feeling good and would try and comfort them if possible even to today. I do need some time to myself occasionally (which I catch myself doing this every couple of months) it doesn’t really happen very often unless I want to because I choose to leave people alone who I don’t know most times because certain people drain my energy.( and according to most people I’m very selfish even if I try not be. And the food and sleep part is extremely accurate because I sometimes go weeks without eating and every time I hold babies they immediately go to sleep)

  16. Thanks for this video, Hannah!
    I'm Pisces with Cancer Moon… And that part of 'loving and caring for yourself' requires a lot of effort for me to accomplish. My relationship with my mom was very close until my 20's (I'm 32 now) and I still feel connected to her, although I also feel I need to protect myself from her… because I feel abused, as if she doesn't care about my feelings and uses me as an emotional trash bin. Well, my tendency when I get a crush on someone is to become very empathetic, forget about my own needs (or even doubt if they are legitimate!) and feel guilty for ages if we couldn't live a nice romance. I feel like laughing when I read it lol

  17. My mom used to spend hours in her room coloring and making these really nice pictures with all our families names drawn in such spectacular fashion. Being a cancer moon I feel so much and get in these deep deep bouts of pain and hurt from my childhood. I keep alot to myself and when I meet other people they never see that side of me. But I feel like of they did I'd feel more free not hiding myself shrouded in mystery.

  18. I've noticed that cancer moons will treat their spouses with as much love as they did their mothers, and will push mothers away for the replacement. Thus making mothers jealous. More so for boys. Just something I've noticed. Its safer for mothers of these moon signs to teach a healthy love, not so much clingyness.

  19. I love your video! I’m a cancer moon and you definitely touched on a lot of aspects of who I am as a person. I take care of others and feel drained so when it comes to myself I have no energy to nurture my own needs. I also do eat when I’m emotional!

  20. Cancer moon, libra sun, capricorn rising, mars in leo! I am amazing indeed. Natural born leader.

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