Carnivore Diet Shopping at Walmart | Buy Zero Carb Groceries on a Budget

Carnivore Diet Shopping at Walmart | Buy Zero Carb Groceries on a Budget

my name is Caitlin and I’m from and today we’re here at Walmart we’re going to shop for some
awesome carnivore food and see what they have
here I’m so excited to get inside I’m gonna see what they have them so to
check so you see the difference this is 100% percent grass fed super we have 20 grass-fed throw these here so
it’s pretty good we have a state took grossed up here somewhere
stakes get these little heart-shaped ones I love this this hood is one of my
favorites is it super fatty he’s lamb shoulder stalks
I have this recipe in my book my ebook you can get down into the description
it’s a seasoned lamb or it’s a butterfly boneless I guess it’s a leg that’s
pretty tasty here it’s pretty pricey
Flatiron see all that marbling in there I could get down with this one
very tasty Wagyu beef patties you don’t see this up any other super-good Vietnam but they don’t have other places you
never see this very much around here there’s good Sun makes them Philly
cheesesteak stay
don’t be good 897 it is not grass-fed what’s amazing
very tasty in prime rib 797 27 pretty fatty see how much it is
doesn’t say one pound 3:44
so 344 salmon here it’s pretty good 13:04 so I guess it’s 1250 a pound
that’s fresh it’s always more expensive fresh oysters
moisture always another good thing to look for is the
shrimp and the frozen fish it is a great value and you can save a lot of money
here’s some wild gulf shrimp or you could get some wild of frozen fish so
you save a lot of money when it’s frozen and I really think it tastes about the
same so while Cod and that is $7.00 pound so that’s a good option for some
seafood and you could fry it up in some butter or ghee and it would be really
good hey piggy Cruces anything have some fat with that
chicken drumsticks down here expensive 8:49 better to get your own safety by these organic for pasture-raised but
if you’re not worried about that you can get him here really cheap kind of a
whole kind of chicken six bucks for almost two pounds
the three pounds so that’s about three bucks a pound
and that’s 80/20 that’s pretty budget turn to bacon you have to be careful with with sausage
and turkey bacon sometimes it has a lot of sugar added to it so you have to be
careful at least read your ingredients when you have sausage so just flip it
over and see what’s on inside there let’s see
it’s hard to read through here for there
pork water salt flavorings on a sodium glutamate pouring syrup solids
I don’t think you want that too much extra stuff in this one and see it has
less than one car but they’re small serving so I mean that could be 12 carbs
in this and that’s too much that’s me because it’s just gonna have extra
ingredients that you just really need great it says that long I just think
it’s too many so just avoid things that are prepackaged like the Sam’s
all-natural the back here Keith water contains 2% or
less celery granulated garlic pork casing sugar one carb seven so just
gonna have seven carbs that’s kind of a lot pink I’ll put it back to process me
really try and read the ingredients because you just never know and mainly
eating fresh meat that is not processed with a bunch of ingredients is best so
just like ground beef by itself a cut of beef or pork or seafood that is
not previously process around here looks pretty good
let’s read it or sea salt
less than 2% so they’re natural flavoring organic dialectic starter
culture to have one bar be in three slices
so seven carbs this whole thing maybe just depends on what you’re
thinking but gotta be careful with stuff like this let’s see what they have usually I buy
this one it’s the vital farms 468 and they also have this
one that looks pretty the final farms is 524 and this one is
460 I like this one too that’s a pretty good price these are pasture raised that’s not mandatory you can get organic
you can also just get the regular eggs they’re all here plenty of them
something process I looked at this the other day it has some kind of corn
something like that soy grits sorry sorry grits oh my
goodness even worse got a probiotic old milk yoghurt this is 388 so that is
pretty good just gonna be careful with yogurt with the sugar and you don’t want
low fat because it’s gonna have too many carbs
sour cream now and this one has very few ingredients I think only milk cream so
you want to get one without a lot of additives and this one’s very high in
fat so that’s pretty good and it’s a pretty affordable price one
98 you want to get the real butter don’t get any of that margarine or anything
you got to get a made out of an animal see the cattle you want that this looks
fancy stay away from this don’t fall for that it’s not good I like this one too
when you want just a little bit be careful you don’t want this with the
canola No so make sure you get the real deal and some cheese you want to make sure you get a block
cheese because cheese that is shredded has cellulose added which is like a
fiber and that’s gonna hurt your digestion and it’s not going to heal up
your gut which is what we’re trying to do with carnivores so make sure to get a
block cheese if you buy cheese it sounds organic and you don’t have to
get organic but avoid colors and things like that always get the white cheese if
you can so definitely not a cheese choices here at Walmart make sure and
get heavy cream milk has a lot of carbs unless you’re doing raw milk for some
reason you’re gonna do darriel do heavy cream or high fat cheese’s those are
gonna be your best bets on carnivores these kinds of waters on carnivore
because they are just so refreshing and they have a nice bubble so definitely
get some of these if you like them they do have a little bit of artificial stuff
but I think they’re they keep you drinking water I think the benefit is
more than the negative ingredients so this is what I like talking about snacks
a lot of people like pork rinds I don’t eat them but definitely because I think
they would be addictive for me for sure but if you are gonna get these make sure
that it just only has pork and salt no other ingredients you don’t want to
have any other additives like sugar or flavor enhancers or something like that
but just look for pork and salt oh they have this new one it’s zero sugar beef
jerky let’s make sure about the carbs there’s one carb 4.5 servings so I guess
it’s kind of doing some trickery here because if the carbs are so low that
they’re saying it’s less than one car per serving but when you add it all up
it’s 4.5 so you have to be careful but still this is the best option here if
you’re really in a pinch and in a hurry so that it has soy and yeast extract so
those are kind of questionable so I would really only eat this in I was in
it in a real bind I didn’t get anything else or beef broth but you have to be
careful these have a lot of vegetables added and they can have weird
ingredients also so you have to be really careful about this yeast extract
is kind of questionable that’s it’s got sugar so I would really try to make my
own broth at home or I have a link down below for the kettle and fire that’s a
good brand that doesn’t have any crazy stuff in it
but try to be careful with these and always read your ingredients and fish so
if it has olive oil just try to pour it off and you can find it in water
that’s a good option they have a lot of good wild seafood and cans and that’s a
really affordable option and portable option so try that next time it’s really
important to get organic coffee whenever you can but it’s allowed on carnivore
I mean caramel is really what you make it so a lot of people drink it and
they’re okay and they’ve tried to cut it out and they don’t see any difference so
it’s really up to you just make your best choice and try to get organic
coffee we’re here in the salt sections and they have a lot of good salt you
want to get a sea salt or Himalayan pink salt something like that will set you on
the right track with carnivore how’s the choices so fine I’m shopping
at Walmart a I got some fun things that we don’t have at the stores near my
house so I am just excited to go home and try these Patties these beef chuck
riblets and this steak that was on sale York
Strip for that I host this video it’s been really helpful next time you go to
Walmart you can get lots of good stuff and save money at the same time that’s a
variety for carnivore diet and you don’t have to break the bank so please like
this video give it a thumbs up share with your friends and let me know what
you want my next video about in the comments or if you self at Walmart and
what you get thanks so much see you next time bye bye
thanks so much for watching this video I just wanted to make sure that you know
about my new e-book that I wrote with my sister is an awesome resource for anyone
doing the carnivore diet it has 26 recipes to meal plans shopping list tons
and tons of FAQ is all about how we do carnivore and our special treats to make
it more effective so make sure you pick up your copy it is an e-book you can get
it anytime download it and read it and a lot of people told me they printed it
out and they enjoy that so if you want to get it just get a WW carnivore 30
info and I’ll put it right here so you can read it and I hope that you enjoy it
let me know what you think

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31 thoughts on “Carnivore Diet Shopping at Walmart | Buy Zero Carb Groceries on a Budget

  1. OMGosh ur so lucky to have organic meets at ur Walmart! My only choice is a local grocery expensive store of my local farmer that grows his own beef and bison. What a find!!!

  2. Swaggerty’s has an all natural sausage that has none of that garbage. They carry it at Sprouts. I didn’t even know they made sausage with that crap in it.

  3. Thank you Caitlin. Fun fact…”pork rinds” are called “pork scratchings” in the UK. 😊

  4. Hi Caitlin! You look great! ❤️ This video, like all of your videos, was practical and no-nonsense. I am adding Walmart meat dept to my shopping list for tomorrow. Thanks for the walk-through!

  5. Can’t wait to come home and shop at Walmart , variety and value is incredible and great job on label reading which is so important. Cooking a tri tip grass fed sirloin roast for dinner and it just beeped. Love your Carnivore e book.

  6. Prices are pretty similar to the UK & good thing about the meat here is the EU regulations keep everything at good standard, not sure how Brexit will affect things though.

  7. Problem with the pork rinds is you don't know what type of oil they were fried in. If lard/tallow – OK, but if they used a vegetable oil – nope.

  8. I haven’t shopped at Walmart in ages and this video was great because it’s been so long I honestly had no idea Walmart had such a great selection of organic and grass fed meats! I will have to go to my local Walmart and try to get some of those good deals😃

  9. My Walmart does not have even that good of a meat selection! However, it is carrying bonafide broth in the freezer section. I don't like making my own

  10. I was curious if you use Redmonds Real Salt? I think I feel better (electrolyte balance, less swelling) than with other salt types, but it’s hard for me to get past the tiny sand/rock fragments lol

  11. You look so healthy. Great review of what Walmart has to offer. I felt like I was shopping with you and you were giving me the perfect carnivore tour. Btw, I bought some shredded Tillimook cheese once because they were out of the block cheese. It gave me a stuffy nose almost immediately after consuming. I think it may be the added mold inhibitor or some impurity in the added cellulose. Never again.

  12. The labels are misleading. The meat is not strictly grass fed. It is fed with corn with the starch removed which is still grain fed. Government allows the label to say grass fed if the animal ever are a single blade of grass. Labels for mass production are evil.

  13. Why didn't you show the 10 lb. tubes of 73% ground beef for $2.10 per lb or 5 doz. boxes of eggs for under $10 ? Last time fir me. Bye, bye.

  14. If you are a person who is really wanting to help yourself with your health, please do not pay attention to these videos. Save your time and money and don't go to Walmart for things. Because this person thinks this is the best Walmart has does not mean it is the best. You cannot eat healthy on a low budget sorry.

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