Cell Nutrients and PEMFs (Cell Injury and Anti-Aging solution)

this is Doctor William Pawluk this video
is about nutrient absorption and pulsed electromagnetic fields or PEMFs there are
about a hundred trillion cells in the body each cell has about two thousand
chemical processes happening every second anything that disrupts the
ability of cells to do their normal metabolic processing can end up damaging
the cell a cell that is not working properly cannot absorb nutrients
supplements or even medications normally because of this imbalance of cell
membrane function the doors or channels from the outside of the cell to the
inside of the cells stop working by reversing the imbalance in cell membrane
function PEMFs help to restore the channels in the cell and there are over
200 of them when the channels are restored nutrients are able to get into
cells better and metabolic waste is eliminated from the cells better at this
point the cells can become healthy again and nutrients are able to move into the
cell better almost all pemf’s can restore cellular function and nutrient
absorption the amount of time that would take for pemfs to do this depends on the
degree of damage to the cell and the type of cell involved nerve cartilage
and bone cells can take a long time to recover but almost all cells can benefit
from PEMF stimulation cellular dysfunction is more common and typically
takes more time to recover as we get older infants and animals generally have
faster capacity to recover so PEMFs used regularly daily are able to restore
cell function before it gets to a point where significant cell damage happens
and can keep the body younger and functioning better and slowing aging
than almost any other treatments available

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