Cheap Airlines Funny Safety Video

Cheap Airlines Funny Safety Video

so welcome aboard passengers on this cheap airlines flight 152 to heaven or hell depending on how Christian you were now please regard the safety information on this aircraft it might be helpful for you in the future and so roll the clip thank you for flying cheap airlines now please watch the following safety video put all your data so please pay close attention to this beautifully animated clip on your seat there should be a seatbelt from time to time securely fasten your seatbelt tight and low lift the buckle down fasten your seatbelt normally it unfastens automatically without you opening it so who cares our wing might fall off a little bit and all that all so please keep received elf fastest reroute the flight also keep it fast and when you pass out die or just normally sleep disclaimer smoking is gay [Applause] Brad please turn off your cell phone or set it to airplane mode the engines are going to stop if you don't please turn off other electronic devices during takeoff and landing yes the safety video is straight out of 2008 these behaviors are prohibited by law so you don't want to break the rules through you store your baggage properly as shown don't leave your baggage in the aisle throw at passengers flight attendants even dogs Lal India Delta kilo rich people apparently none of our passengers seem to be rich at all use seats that have no space under them and don't overload the bins the emergency access looked like this on our airbus 777 Boeing 330 Airbus 740 hundred seven McDonald's md80 and Boeing 320 please now locate their nearest emergency exit you will definitely thank me later today we loaded some extra low fuel long rib if someone receipts to wave on this aircraft you need to follow the emergency lights to the exit [Applause] oxygen masks will appear when needed though they will only work when you paid the oxygen mask fee while booking online pull the mask to start oxygen flow [Applause] contact the oxygen in every aircraft from every airline is enough to breathe for 10 minutes in the case of us actually landing fasten your seatbelt tightly and brace to protect yourself against impact your life West is somehow placed under the seat or your armrest the lifeless will only inflate if you pay for extra life rest during checkout put it over your head which is like the easiest thing ever just kidding it's pretty hot mmm also needed like fasten those things [Applause] inflate your vest when you exit the aircraft blow into the tube for additional inflation and this is no kind of wave so don't even draw our crew members might open the door mid-flight for fresh air every emergency exit has an escape slide and these animations are very realistic [Applause] just suffer every night I can feel my leg and my arm my fingers the body has lost the comrades have lost for additional information by the safety instruction booklet we also got a nice deal for our passengers we wish you a nice flight [Applause]

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20 thoughts on “Cheap Airlines Funny Safety Video

  1. Actual disclaimer: This is just a parody of budget airlines. I took a JAL safety video and made a voice over basically. Just wanted to clarify that.

  2. Lol isn't from 4:04 until 4:23 is the song or something in prepare for impact ? Lol any body who reads the comment please watch the video type (swiss001 prepare for impact) there is part 1 and 2

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