Chinatown London Mid Autumn Mooncake Festival Street Food Vlog

Chinatown London Mid Autumn Mooncake Festival Street Food Vlog

Hi guys welcome back to London tonight I’ve
come to Charing Cross station maybe you can make it out behind me today is September the
15th which here in London for most people in many places is just another Thursday but
in in China and for Chinese communities around the world and I think in a few other Asian
countries and again for Asian communities around the world its the mid Autumn mid Autumn
festival AKA moon festival or moon cake festival so tonight I thought I’d head to London’s
China town and get some moon cake I’ve also my girlfriend’s also ordered some moon cake
I don’t mean she’s ordered pre ordered moon cake and I’am collecting it I mean she’s ordered
me to go and get her some moon cake when I get mine so yeah I’am going to head up to
China town get some moon cake hopeful they’ve decorated it a little bit maybe some lanterns
it would be a shame if China town is like the rest of the rest of London and just another
Thursday too but yeah we will go and see what is going on and maybe I’ll get a little bit
of dinner while I’am there getting the moon cakes and maybe a drink some bubble tea from
one of the many bubble tea shops what can I tell you about moon cake festival I’am no
expert in Chinese culture I just like to jump on any band wagon but try not to die yeah
moon cake festival its obviously Chinese a Chinese festival not a British one its a public
holiday in in China I guess there is two answers to what is it there will be the traditional
history lesson answer to that question and what it is today like many traditional festivals
its just a time traditionally it would have been Chinese equivalent of our harvest festival
today its like many things a time for friends and family to get together celebrate eat drink
eat moon cake the Chinese have two calendars the official one like ours where its 2016
365 days of the year in it except for leap years but they also have the traditional Chinese
calendar which is I think its about the year 4713 or 14 and there is not 365 days most
years and everything is linked to lunar cycles so the sun and the moon so that means festivals
like this and Chinese new year which are all anchored to the traditional Chinese calendar
change dates each year they are movable festivals and also this one is linked to a full moon
so tonight there should I think there is quite clear sky’s but yeah tonight should be a full
moon and not only a full moon but its supposed to be one of like the fattest and fullest
full moons hence the name of the festival so hopefully we will catch a glimpse of that
the weather has been typically unpredictable for Britain its definitely not autumnal its
the past few days have been the hottest of the year although that is due to change tonight
and it does feel like it is going to get a little bit stormy you can feel the pressure
in the air but yeah it is supposed to rain possibly quite heavily later so we will see
but yeah hopefully we will get everything done before the storms start and Autumn does
kick in but yeah funnily enough rather than it being mid Autumn here they are pegging
Autumn to start tonight so the temperature is going to drop by about ten degrees and
stay that way after today but right where are we Charing Cross road China town China
town basically starts from the edge of Charing Cross road here we are just heading up to
the tube station here Leicester Square tube station sort of starts here and runs across
the edge the top edge of Leicester Square basically bridges the gap between Leicester
Square and Soho and yeah home to many Chinese businesses many Chinese restaurants bubble
tea bars a few gambling spots you can just make out some lanterns there so yeah hopefully
they have decorated it for the festival there will be the thing is with the festivals I’ve
noticed here in China Town like New Years festival and I guess this is the same I guess
they are a little pragmatic about it because obviously not I guess not all of the Chinese
community here in the UK has easy access to central London so they generally like Chinese
New Year the main event festivities will be held obviously stuff happens on the days themselves
but the main events are held at weekends and during the day so they will have dragons blessing
all the shops dancing but yeah it will be a day time thing the following weekend this
weekend for mid Autumn festival and its always the weekend after for Chinese New Year but
yeah they have got the lanterns up check it out during these festivals New Years and mid
Autumn its definitely the best time to come here because they have all these lanterns
strung up it looks super cool I also think it looks better at night which is a shame
because they have all the dragon dancing during the day but yeah I think if you squint you
could be in Asia during the during the evening when it is dark during the day its pretty
typical London street scene well that’s not strictly true but yeah black taxis don’t help
right I think I’am going to grab some food here one of my old favourites Boazi Inn then
maybe we will get the moon cakes we’ve got to make sure I get the moon cakes or I’ll
get killed I think I might get some bubble tea from one of the bubble tea stores maybe
a new one I’ve vlogged a few of my old favourites from China town in a few of these videos we’ll
get some bubble tea and them maybe we’ll get some Taiyaki from one of the Taiyaki stores
there is a new one at the other end or the newest one is at the other end of the other
end of the main strip of China town so maybe I’ll try that also I haven’t vlogged that
one yet yeah here is the main the main street of China town and it looks amazing with all
the lanterns up for the festival check it out there have actually been a number of China
towns in different locations here in London throughout history and they would have been
renowned as China towns for different reasons at different times originally they would have
fundamentally been an area with a high concentration of Chinese or Asian residents here in town
before smoling opium became illegal or restricted certainly in the 1860’s with the pharmacy
act China town would have been more renowned for its opium dens than Chinese food and produce
but that was not the Chinese doing it was actually the British there was a huge demand
here for Chinese goods like silk spices tea but the Chinese didn’t want anything we made
so it created a big trade imbalance so basically the British East India company who needed
cash to buy Chinese goods grew opium in are Indian colony sailed that to China and sold
it raise silver for buying other goods getting China hoked on opium when the Chinese authorities
opposed us doing that we went to war with them not once but twice which in hind sight
is beyond disgraceful its pretty atrocious period dramas and most works of fiction depict
Georgian and Victorian Britain as civilised but they were they were wolves in sheep clothing
underneath all the pompous pretence just a bunch of marauding savages always have been
the modern day China town we have today really only began to develop here in the 1970’s until
then this was a regular street with a regular mix of stores in a run down rough edge of
Soho obviously it developed a reputation for Asian restaurants services and supermarkets
slowly but surely expanding one store by store but one thing you won’t read about is when
I was kid it was renowned for all night gambling and drinking dens which you’ll probably never
hear about because legally they didn’t exist but I’am pretty confident they contributed
to what its developed into today which really is a cultural centre a little taste or feeling
of home for people from many different Asian nations not only China its super popular today
with Chinese British British Chinese and many other Asian nationalities and of coarse tourists
all come here to get some great Asian food drink produce and yeah I definitely recommend
a trip here OK before I dive straight in and start eating cake there is a handful of bakeries
down there the supermarkets probably have moon cake and yeah before I dive in to the
cakes I’am going to go and get something to eat I think I’am just going to go to one of
my old favourites Baozi Inn they sell the Bao the little steamed buns and skewers I
think today do I fancy Bao or skewers maybe I’ll get some skewers today but yeah its its
just at this end of the street Jen cafe here is pretty good as well if you fancy fancy
dumplings but yeah Baozi inn have a restaurant there eat in kitchen and take away there so
if you want a take away you just go straight into the kitchen and order then come rain
or shine you have to wait outside for them to cook it there is so little room inside
its just a kitchen so the menus images of the food and the price lists are in the window
on the outside but its so dark tonight you can barely make them out there is more on
the counter that is my dinner I’ve ordered five skewers and they are bubbling away in
that spicy oil mix sorry thank you lets get back in the light I’ve ordered my skewers
they take them out of the fridge I dont know if you can make out the fridge they take them
out of the fridge stick them straight in the pot when they are cooked in a take away pot
and your good to go super fast food delicious as well I’ll show you what I’ve ordered when
they’ve finished frying in the pot OK I’ve got my skewers they do a deal its pretty dark
so I’am not sure if you can make out the menu but each skewer is normally buy one skewer
£1.30 or they do deals bulk buying discount 5 £5 10 for £9 15 for £12.50 right now
I’ve gone for I would let you read it but I don’t know if you would make it out I’ve
gone for beef tripe pig tripe fish tofu what else was it black black ear fungus and broccoli
so lets go and tuck in I was tempted to get one of the some of the bao the little fluffy
white buns filled with pork or some of the bigger steamed ones but we’ve got a lot of
eating to do its quite a lot they are quite filling and I want to eat some cake so yeah
that’s their restaurant next door there and if you want to sit down enjoy a meal go there
normally there is queue though and that’s baozi inns kitchens next door written only
in Chinese so yeah that’s great if you want a take away a bit of street food I don’y know
the price difference if there is a price difference but if you hang around here long enough you’ll
see them whipping food in from the kitchen there into the restaurant next door but apparently
its rated like one of the best the restaurant sit down bit is one of the best Chinese restaurants
in town apparently a lot of bloggers and that write about it I never actually gone a ate
in sat and ate in there not I have actually I lie I have once it was great right lets
dig into the skewers I found a traditional Chinese what are these called pagodas right
I’am not entirely sure I’am going to be able to tell the difference between pigs tripe
and beef tripe I’am guessing that is beef tripe and then as you saw they deep fry it
in that spicy oil super tender as you can imagine tripe would be nice and spicy I think
this is the pig tripe but I might have them backwards thats a lot more chewy equally spicy
this tripe is a lot more tender I’am going to be honest I don’t know which one is which
fish tofu at first it is just texture and spice but then you get the fish afterwards
broccoli the broccoli is good not overly cooked nice and spicy right what was this black ear
fungus pretty good and again quite soft and chewy texture super spicy OK right lets if
its raining that would make a and your getting take away that pagoda there will make a amazing
dinner table mainly people hanging out drinking and smoking there right maybe I’ll get no
we’ll go and get the cakes and then finish eating my skewers from Baozi Inn I’ll go and
get the cakes maybe I’ll get some bubble tea as well to help wash the cakes down with definately
recommend Baozi inn the skewers they do if you don’t want to be eating tripe and what
not well they do sort of like hot dogs and like luncheon meat like what would the brand
bee like Spam you know like the tinned sort of man made sort of compressed meat that looks
a bit like ham but to be honest with you there is no like if you don;t know what tripe is
look it up at least you know what your eating with those I think use like for hot dogs they
use like the Jared frankfurters and god knows what is in the luncheon meat but its probably
not much better than tripe I quite like the tripe especially the one if you know the difference
between pork and beef tripe what it looks like from what I was just saying I like the
softer texture one the bigger one but let me know in the comments below right we’ve
got a choice of a few different bakeries there is one down Macclesfield street the golden
gate cafe there is my girl friends favourite one at the end The Kowloon bakery so I think
she will only moan if I tell her I didn’t get them from her favourite one if she doesn’t
for some reason there is something else wrong with them so I think I’ll go Kowloon but I
think the golden gate which is just there might be a little better value on most things
but they don’t do the cream cakes she likes that is the only reason she likes this one
the cream cakes right lets go and get some cake OK the Kowloon cake shop next to the
Kowloon buffet looks like its got moon cake my girlfriend also loves luckily she has ordered
moon cakes this time she loves the cream cakes from here they are in previous vlogs there
is a lot of condensation in the window down there because its so warm still but yeah they
do hello kitty hello panda cakes my girlfriend loves them they are super challenging to transport
home if you want to see them you’ll have to check out my previous China Town vlogs that’s
all you can see condensation right lets get some moon cake cash only you order from these
ladies here pay here then go you can eat in as well the ordering system in here is super
efficient you tell the cake lady which cakes you’d like she gives you a ticket with the
price on you queue up pay the cashier its cash only like much of China Town by the time
you’ve paid the cashier cake lady has boxed and bagged your cakes and your good to go
OK I got four moon cakes in total I got two filled with red bean two filled with lotus
paste nineteen pounds which I’am pretty confident I just got fleeced but once a year I think
its like buying Easter eggs on at Easter its the wrong time of its the wrong time of year
to go and buy chocolate but yeah anyway let me show you whats a moon cake OK before I
dig into the moon cake my mouth is still a little bit on fire from the the spice of the
Baozi inn skewers if you like spicy food I definitely recommend that if your not huge
on spice maybe try the maybe try the bao they are not they are not spicy at all they are
soft and fluffy and pork there delicious so yeah anyway palate cleansing tea I think kind
of bubble tea traditional Taiwanese bubble tea I’ll get some from Chatime I think as
I’am here yeah lets go the queue doesn’t look too big actually ordering Taiwanese bubble
tea is one of the most intense things you’ll ever do its a decision making process so complex
if you don’t go in mentally prepared to make a lot of decisions at high speed it will bewilder
you and you’ll simply stumble out of the store disorientated its the only shop you really
want there to be queue and the longer the better as it gives you time to stare at the
menu to think about the choices you want to make first you need to choose the type of
drink you want here they have milk tea fresh tea ice blend moose fruit tea tea latte or
a cooler I’am getting milk tea that decision alone means I then need to choose from plain
milk brown rice green milk roasted milk jasmine green milk oolong milk chocolate milk matcha
milk taro milk or peach milk I’am getting roasted milk tea you then need to choose the
size and if you want it hot or cold I’am getting regular and cold then you need to choose what
they call toppings which is a weird thing to call them as they stick them in the bottom
of the cup and if they didn’t they would sink there anyway they have a choice of pearl which
is the tapioca beads grass jelly pudding coconut jelly rainbow jelly red bean aloe vera and
a few odd specials I can’t pronounce or even begin to imagine what they taste like in milk
tea then at this store you choose you ice preference no ice less ice normal ice or extra
ice its hot out so I’am getting regular ice normally I would get less ice or none then
you have the sweetness option here normal extra 80% sweetness 50% sweetness 30% sweetness
or 0 sugar and the thing is every store or chain of stores has different systems and
different options so anyway when they’ve blended your bespoke drink they then put it in a machine
that seals it up makes it look mass produced and then give you the fattest straw you’ve
ever used to drink it with OK bubble tea traditional Taiwanese bubble tea from Cha Time the choices
are pretty endless I went for milk tea cold milk tea roasted cold milk tea with pearls
they are like little tapioca beads its like a drink and desert you get like little gummy
sweets in the bottom when you are finished I’ve also gone for Aloe Vera because its good
for me but if you’ve ever had Aloe Vera I’am not even going to tell you what it tastes
like so on top of that I went for coconut jelly as well improve the flavor hopefully
regular ice regular sugar you can change the you can set your ice levels you can set your
sweetness levels as well super popular queue out the door they are made to order and sealed
up with a machine you get a super fat straw so you can get the jelly up as well I think
I got I think I got some Aloe Vera there yeah I think I’am getting the the jelly is in little
pieces cha time there the jelly is in little pieces so I’am getting bits of jelly bits
of Aloe Vera I’am not sure if the pearls will fit up the straw though yep stick the straw
right at the bottom the straw is the fattest diameter fat enough to get the pearls out
and they are like a soft super chewy tapioca but yeah the best way I can describe it is
like Haribo sweets a little bit less sugary definitely recommend cha time pretty much
blend your own drink whatever you like right lets crack open one of the moon cakes now
I’ve got my tea to wash it down with lets find somewhere suitable here in Chinatown
no thanks love OK admittedly this kind of takes the Micky I’am sitting on the step of
the golden gate cake shop eating cakes from the Kowloon bakery the reason I was sitting
here because of the lighting that’s karma that is as soon as I go to do my little review
of the cakes they turn the lights off OK I got two types red bean and I think they’ve
got the red dot on red bean filling and lotus filling the reason I got two of each one for
me and one for my girlfriend lets try lotus paste first I think lotus from memory is my
favourite I think with all all Chinese cakes I like them but they are different to British
cakes they are never quite as sweet they always balance them that’s pretty hood sometimes
they come with egg yolk in as well the amount I was charged I probably should have got egg
in it lets try the red bean paste I think I prefer the red bean I’am not actually sure
I’ve got them the right way around its hard to see I can know you can see me but as soon
as they turned the lights out I’am struggling to see inside these yeah they are both pretty
good not overly sweet I’am going to have half each and then close the box yeah they are
both pretty good right I’am going to shut the box up and head back have another quick
last walk through China town this has definitely been karma I thought I was taking the Micky
sitting outside the cake shop the competition of where I got the cakes from as soon as I
sat down the lighting was great I start eating then they turn the lights off as soon as I
start talking I’am sure you could hear I had that girl rabbiting non stop the whole time
I’am trying to talk to the camera Its yeah when people its like when people shout down
mobile phones on the on the train and stuff its just hard to its hard to keep your train
of thought while someone is shouting like that right next to you I don’t know why people
feel the need to shout down phones or to people standing next to them karma OK right cakes
away in my bag just opposite where I’am sitting the the golden cake the golden gate cake shop
is the candy cafe just through that its just a little door way down this side street you
can see the little light there on the floor and yeah its on the first floor so there is
people up there enjoying bubble tea yeah candy cafe there just through the door way first
floor tea store is another popular spot pretty good for bubble tea they sell deserts so if
you want takeaway the golden gate cafe if you want Chinese deserts somewhere to sit
down and enjoy them or even sit down and enjoy a bubble tea candy cafe will take care of
you its pretty reasonably priced for central London as well like every where around here
every one moans especially visitors to London they moan like endlessly about the the price
of everything because saying somethings relatively inexpensive its relative its inexpensive compared
to your rent OK guys I hope you enjoyed this trip to Chinatown for the Mid Autumn festival
moon cake festival moon festival its got a number of different names its a shame the
moon is not high enough in the sky yet the full moon the fat full moon to see it above
the streets here in China town but its only its only nine O’clock so its probably going
to be a few hours until its high enough to catch it in these little narrow streets high
enough in the nights sky but yeah as you can see the bakeries shut reasonably early a lot
of the restaurants the bubble tea shops open from 11am to 11pm Baozi inn where we went
will be open late but the bakeries I think the Kowloon bakery is open later than some
of the others but the others don’t stay open until late they are bakeries so yeah I wanted
to get here quite early the main thing was to get the moon cakes plus I’ve got to get
the moon cakes home for my girlfriend to eat and she is not going to want them at midnight
another good tea store there happy lemon in fact there is a few tea stores down this little
this little street but yeah I definitely recommend cha time I’am getting down to the dessert
part now the bubbles they are good yeah Baozi inn definitely recommend if your not too into
spicy food the skewers might not be for you but definitely check out my other china town
vlogs Chinese New Year I think I had the bao tried the bao there on one of the films so
yeah you can check them out that’s great the bakeries are good the Kowloon probably fleeced
me for the moon cakes but they do taste good they are not too sweet the pastry is good
the filling plenty of filling so yeah they are pretty good but yeah they probably cost
less on every other day of the year so if you want to try them its probably best not
to try them on the moon cake day cha time was great I mean how good cha time is is pretty
much up to you because your going to create your own drink there is possibly thousands
of combinations so yeah I still can’t see the moon up in the sky yet but as I said its
nine [email protected] so its probably not high enough so anyway right I’am heading home from China
town so until next time I hope you enjoyed this trip thumbs up if you did if you want
to be the first to see my new films subscribe Toodles! OK I’ve come to the middle of the
Thames so I’ve got 360 degree views of London and the London skyline I still can’t see the
moon still no sign of the moon I’am pretty sure you see that light spot in the sky there
below Big Ben is kind of pointing at it I’am pretty sure that is the moon above cloud cover
as you can see its pretty cloudy its supposed to be stormy now for the next couple of days
so yeah I think that is the full moon its supposed to if your into superstition that
comes with moon festival its supposed to be good luck so people move house today on the
full moon and yeah the full fat moon they move house get engaged get married make babies
pretty much anything you want good fortune for most things yeah that’s as good as its
going to get I bet you thought I’d forgotten the Taiyaki I hadn’t I’am just too stuffed
to eat any everything I’ve eaten it didn’t look like much but its super filing the skewers
were pretty filing the the cakes are pretty filling believe it or not and so is the tea
the tea is like a meal so yeah Taiyaki maybe next time I feel like I’ve eaten one of those
I’am so stuffed a Mr Wu’s buffet

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23 thoughts on “Chinatown London Mid Autumn Mooncake Festival Street Food Vlog

  1. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival for kids, part of the Lunar calender. Well, in Vietnam it is for the kids. We call it Tet Trung Thu. My favourite moon cakes are the ones with mung bean and egg yolks inside. Very nice with a cup of tea. Cut it into 4 quarters. Try the double yolk ones next time. 19 pounds sounds about right. In Sydney, they are AU$10 each at the Chinese bakery in Chinatown. I buy them in the tins at the asian grocery store a week after the Moon Festival when they are half price ($20 a tin instead of $40 for 4 moon cakes). As for the pearl milk tea, I like the original milk tea with coconut jelly. I don't mind the black pearls but you are right, it is a meal in itself – very chewy. The fruit syrups in the teas are too sweet so I don't go fruity. Thanks for sharing. This is a great video X

  2. Love your vlogs, how you convey the atmosphere together with background information and own stories 🙂 I hope I'll manage to live in London one day, but until then, your videos take me there every week

  3. great video. Those cakes looked pretty fancy with the pattern. Tripe was always something my siblings and I would have a fit over when it was on the menu growing up. I haven't had it since then and who knows, I might like it now.

  4. Enjoying your vlogs Robert. another good Asian tripe dish worth seeking out is japanese motsu nabe.

    Beef tripe typically has a furry texture on the outside.

    Keep em coming.

  5. you got that mooncake flavor name wrong as I can immediately tell by the color of the paste inside these mooncakes you ate. So the first one you ate was actually the lotus flavor not the red bean flavor..

  6. LOVED IT!  Best narrative ever!   THANKS>
    Now I'm gonna search to see if you have a vlog on St. Pattie's Day – we'll be in the UK then in 2017.

  7. Hmmm yum Malatang! Dude you're just as bad as me lol I practically live in Chinatown. I hit up them spots all the time! we've probably met before.

  8. We also celebrate mid-autumn festival or called moon festival in Taiwan. I prefer to eat Cantonese style moon cakes, which have salted duck egg yolk inside.

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