Chinese people don't UNDERSTAND hygiene?- Grandma cleans for me

Chinese people don't UNDERSTAND hygiene?- Grandma cleans for me

hello everyone I hope that you are doing well so I just want to show you this tree at the mess here and that's a classroom and why it's like this because it's really shocking for me it's shocking and it's when you see this you understand that the education of the people it's not the same you know I mean in France it's where like this I don't know how maybe in the ghettos is like this have no idea but for me yeah of course maybe you don't have time you don't want to clean and everything but at some point like you I feel like I know it's not possible I have to do something even on the individual level here nobody cares who can we show you around the classroom see look especially in the drawers look inside the drawers so this is what because the students they eat in class okay eating starts who your partner and you just leave the seams like this and it stays stays this way everywhere and I'm not judging you know because the kids the students are really kids even they are 18 years old 19 years old 20 years old they behave like kids they are not idiots they don't know you know they don't know this and they are not responsible even as a job it's hard to be responsible why why they are this way of seeing is part of the education is part of the things maybe also the one side policy the parents will do everything for them when they are at home you see here in China the girls are very childish accustomed the boys also there are custom that their parents would take care of them all the time it was the same for me you see I have to tell you my mother she was always doing everything for me and I was the second kid and was oh okay but the the other side the the other side of the coin is that I had to study very hard at school for high school for all my studies it was very hard right but I think even though my I wouldn't have done it because my mother was always telling me hey you have to clean your room you have to do this you have to do that you cannot accept it you know it's not not acceptable so yeah I really want to show you not to judge but just to tell you two things one thing is the individual education of the people when she is of course to school they are not going to teach this and quite often you see this I always show you this whenever I come inside the classroom I need to erase the board because the guys the teacher the Chinese teacher who use it before they don't erase you know it's the basic it's the basic you use something you put it back you use it you put it back you make it dirty you clean it this is the basic rule you know Spacek rule but you you have to know this it's a little bit concerning sometimes when you have a kid like me I know you will be in school I know it will be there okay so it's not the basic rules of egn easy a nice nice you can catch some disease it's dirty you know and also it's a basic rule of Education respect the other one but this is also not and then there is the thing with responsibility you have to be responsible you know if you throw the things here it will damage the wall society it will impact now people are not going to do it except there is the penalty except that I don't know I don't know again I don't want to judge too much because I know yeah like 20 years ago in France people used to spit everywhere and now since we have many many migrants and I don't judge microns but many of them they don't have the education or traditional French education and then of course they were no it's the same as the guy who come from the countryside they don't have the same indication that someone who has been and now is one education Bears and the other one now maybe not you know it's just different different and I have to show you this ok take care guys

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37 thoughts on “Chinese people don't UNDERSTAND hygiene?- Grandma cleans for me

  1. Yeah it's too bad they don't clean up after theirselves. They get that from the adults. Nobody cares to keep things clean. Only their own house because they must live in that.

  2. English blonds don't understand hygiene.
    English English English English English English. Blond Blond Blond Blond. White White White White White

  3. Australian blondy poop in bus. Blond girls don't understand hygiene.

  4. French whoremasters car drivers don't understand hygiene
    French blond producing poop in train station
    Americans do not understand hygiene.
    Paristan citizens don't understand hygiene
    Englishmen don't understand hygiene

  5. This is shocking. The blame should go to the president/dean of the college. There should be a cleaning person to keep the place clean and place trash disposal in every class. The word should come down from top to bottom.

  6. So, you, as a teacher, what have you done to educate your students on personal hygiene ? Do you get them to clean out their desks and throw rubbish away appropriately or you just don't say anything because its not the subject that you teach ? What have you done to try and improve the situation ?

    A teacher showing off a classroom like that to the rest of the world has no pride in his/her profession. The video presents evidence of the failure of the teacher to impart knowledge to the students. As a teacher, I would have been ashamed to show anyone such a classroom. It would have been a record of my own failure.

  7. Let Chinese stink up China. You are a French man, you should go back and arm yourself and your fellow proud countrymen to defend France before Muslims and Africans turn it into shithole county.

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  9. very interesting.. it seems to me the students still have their parents old social aesthetic of a few decades ago when china was very'' very'' poor.. but their social aesthetic is not keeping up with their economic change.. believe me.. their street was as bad as they are in India.. but it has improved by many thousand percent.. i'm always astonish by this.. those old dirty habits is changing very'' very'' fast in other first tier city in china.. ''PS''.. happy birthday to you.. and your little lad is a beautiful little boy..


    Be careful you could be lowering your points ?

  11. Even in Canada, most Chinese household are not clean. And I never want to use Chinese restaurants or supermarket toilet. I talk about this issues with my Chinese friend and they always find excuses. I was born in India, our house there and that of our Indian neighbours were clean. And I clearly remember that Chinese co worker of my parents will spit on our home floor when they pay visit. It is just normal and they have no will to learn good habit and behaviour even after living in the west for many years.

  12. The walls are so dirty. Only thing missing is graffiti only walls lol. Crazy how the school allows this. Filthy.

  13. George I am with you. I always criticize them as dogs and pigs. Dogs and pigs dungeons are like that and they live happily throughout their life. What can we say when they do not feel anything wrong with that.

  14. It is so damn dirty. Looks like some shitty private school. But still better than drug problems in some American public schools.

  15. omg, it's disgusting. i'm teacher too. it's ture some chinese students have poor hygiene. they bring food or snacks into classroom and leave behind bag or bottle in drawer after class. I think parent's education is very importand to children . Because they are the childen's first teacher, so if parents have no good hygiene habit, their children have not also. of course提醒学生带走自己的垃圾,这是教师的职责之一, 有教无类。

  16. Don't tell the Students to clean the mess! During a Class, all of a sudden you should act extremely shocked, surprised and agitated. Explain that you may have just seen something perhaps a rather large rodent running in the back of the Class, and that it may have come from one of the empty desk cubbyholes. A few times you need to abruptly stop class, point at the floor at the very back of the classroom and shout "wo de ma ya!". "What is that?" Add in a few more "aiiiiii yaaaaa's" for good measure. Tie fishing line to the bottom of the drapery at the back of the class and run it up high near ceiling, after shouting the first time, as the students look towards the back of the room, pull the line gently but quickly as they will be looking away (more effective if pulling drapery was to reveal typical desk garbage). Film the whole thing and let us watch. Send it in to the Oscars as a short film entry.

  17. Well, in past 5 years in China, I've seen people with good hygiene, I've seen people with terrible hygiene. I understand how you feel your classroom looks dirty but that also happens in Europe. For me, I wouldn't use ''Chinese people don't UNDERSTAND hygiene'' as a video title because there are 1.4 billion of them. Others will not be happy when they watch this video.

  18. Georges it might be about time YOU took action and got the students to clean up their mess. If you do not do it then nothing will change. You are a teacher, then start teaching rules and discipline. If you don't you will soon be teaching a class of rats and mice. Not too healthy.

  19. We expect no less from the very best; high culture at its best. I think you will make more money setting up a cleaning and consulting services company.

  20. That is the nastiest classroom I’ve ever seen. What a disgrace, and a terrible waste of good infrastructure and resources. Has to be due to poor upbringing and lack of rules and discipline. Even the poorest schools in impoverished rural Nepal with thatched roofs, mud walls, and earthen floors are kept as clean as a whistle because children are raised to regard schools as a sacrosanct temple of learning.

  21. Have you ever mentioned to your students in class that they should start cleaning up after themselves? I would.

  22. From my experiences, many Chinese people have terrible breath. Especially the older ones but also many kids in grade school thru college.

    I was teaching my friend to brush teeth and rinse with Listerine mint antiseptic. He went home and taught his family to brush and garble.

  23. pour l’hygiène en asie , les japonais sont les plus propre . ici a wuhan les chinois crache partout , dans les bus , en classe , dans ascenseur ,… ca changera peut etre un jour

  24. I am guessing that its kind of a pampered thing and a status thing. If you are 'forced' to clean up after yourself, you show that you are a peasant, rather than a party leader, a business leader, an academic leader. If you clean up, you have lowered your status. "Why would you lower your status?"

  25. I'm waiting for Dark Energy to make a comment. Trying to understand behavior is better than judging it. But it's hard not to be shocked by such great differences in culture. I am certain you could find many parallels between China of today, and Europe and America in the past. In fact, I sometimes think America is retrogressing. I don't know about Europe. My cousin lives in a small town in Southern Spain. From her photographs, public spaces seem well maintained, and you don't see the clutter that seems so common in China.

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