Clinton's Welfare to Work Act 1996 Affects

Clinton's Welfare to Work Act 1996 Affects

tomorrow Homans was the mother of the six-year-old boy in order to get food stamps and health care for her children tomorrow was forced to work as part of the state of Michigan's welfare to work program this program was so successful in tossing poor people off welfare that its founder Gerald Miller was soon hired by the number one firm in the country that states turned to to privatize their welfare systems that firm was Lockheed Martin with the cold war over and no enemy left to frighten the public Lockheed had found the perfect way to diversify in the perfect way to profit from people's fears with an enemy much closer to home poor black mothers like Tamar lavon's we've got a one parent family and the mother's traveling 60 mile an hour an hour and a half away to go to work and I will know where to have to come home how does that help a community and but that's part of the state you know making parents responsible making them work for the altar or else to work that's a program that would have been stopped because it really has no merit I think it adds more to the problem and best to solve really I know you're the sheriff and you feel this way I do I do I wish I could put two parents in every home and make pretty repair and equally responsible but you can't do that but we're not doing anything by taking the one parent and putting them on a bus and sending them out of town and they fight I wasn't 56 this is the bus that she was forced to ride every day in order to work off the welfare money the state of given her she and many others are flat who were poor would make the 80 mile round trip journey every day from Flint to Auburn Hills and Oakland County one of the wealthiest areas in the country tomorrow would leave early in the morning and return late at night rarely seen her young children what's the point of having what's the point of doing that where does the state benefit weirdest Flint understand counting basics on that we have a child did I think that maybe import part of the problem I shake my head

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11 thoughts on “Clinton's Welfare to Work Act 1996 Affects

  1. Wait a second. It is WRONG to make poor people work for their money? Are you people fucking crazy? I have to get up every day at 5am and go to work, and these fuckers should just get free money off of my taxes for doing nothing because they popped out a bunch of unwanted kids? FUCK YOU PEOPLE THAT SUPPORT HER! FUCK YOU! No, seriously, FUCK YOU! I hope you all get cancer and die you sacks of fucking shit! Scumbags!

  2. I raised 2 kids alone and never took a dime from the state. I worked some awful jobs, some great ones, but my worthless husband left us penniless so I had to do it. I don't see what the big deal is.
    Of course I never got my hair or nails done, used coupons and didn't eat out. I did that for ten years, until I met and married my current husband. It can be done.

  3. The rich make their money off of investments and investments are taxed differently than wages. Sometimes the wealthy pay no income taxes, but make plenty of money off of paying the poor nothing and forcing them to work at awful unsustainable income jobs. Non of our mainstream presidential candidates have stepped up in any real way to support minorities and the lower class.

  4. In Illinois women were only allowed to work 17 hours A MONTH- and had their AFDC and stamps taken away regardless of work. i was told I had to go to my child's biological Dad in order to repay eight years of welfare receipts. I was not allowed to pay the debt.

  5. Corporations are fascistic state creations, which have nothing to do with the free market, that are invented in order to levy further taxes on the worker by having a corporate tax that reduces their wages and second it is the way the government pays off the rich for supporting the government. So, the costs of the corporation’s failures can be offloaded to the common worker and the CEO’s can be excused. It is a way to give the rich a legal shield for their operations

    You're right, it's kind of like welfare for the rich.

  6. i also condemn the type of welfare for the rich you are talking about. These two situations ( unreasonable welfare for rich and poor) are not mutually exclusive.

  7. and BP, PG&E, EXXON/MOBILE, countless DRUG manufacturers, Monsanto, Dow etc, etc have murdered workers, customers, citizens, the environment and somehow they are pillars of society? Let's get clear on who is the addict!!!

  8. so helping bail out corporations is helping the rich by giving THEM welfare…along w/ tax subsides and tax havens, etc etc. Better to keep welfare for the rich is what you are saying.

  9. *title -effects? how does allowing people to stay on welfare without finding a job help them in any way? it just pretty much ensures the fact that they will be extremely poor for the rest of their lives. the only way for these people to ever get out of poverty is to get a job and some type of skill or work experience.

  10. Okay, I get it now. Video doesn't NY Times uncovered at the time that Tamarla Owens was evicted for being a property-destroying crack addict who had also found enough money to smoke marijuana daily.

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