Comedian David So Reviews Las Vegas’ Food Scene || InstaChef

Comedian David So Reviews Las Vegas’ Food Scene || InstaChef

– You ready? – I’m too ready. I’m three ready. – Oh, my goodness. That’s mine, by the way. – Welcome to “InstaChef.” We’re profiling chefs who are
creating a new food tradition by using Instagram to bring
their creations to the world. I’m your host, Cliff Skighwalker. Me and some of my friends
are hitting the road, in the pursuit of pure deliciousness. And we are going in. One dish at a time. Sin City, the entertainment
capital of the world. For many, Las Vegas is seen
as the proverbial playground, where fun and trouble
are a phone call away. And when you talk about food in Vegas, the first thing that comes
to my mind is variety. From the over the top
buffets covering a myriad of cultures and cuisines. To that infamous, $3.99 shrimp cocktail. But beyond that, seen the
tweets, read the comments deciphered through hundreds
of DMs telling me that Vegas is a dope spot. Where chefs and cooks are
using social media to promote and sell their food. Now, when I see exceptional dishes online, and have the opportunity to try them, that’s a gamble I’m willing to take. Let’s roll. So being that we’re in Vegas, you know I had to bring
someone special with me. This man is one half of
the Thrillist hit show, “Send Foodz,” host of the
“Genius Brain” podcast, actor, comedian extraordinaire, my dog, David So. – Am I walking in frame,
what am I doing here? Walking in frame. Awkward intro walk in, handshake. Back on Thrillist baby
but, I’m on “InstaChef” now. (Beep) Tim. – Damn. Tim, I still love you dog. – Not me. – We did numbers on that first episode. But look, Dave I got
you out here in Vegas. I gotta chop it up with you,
we’ve got some food to try. – I’m ready to do it man,
bring fat David back. – I’m bringin’ him back, let’s go. First off, David, thank you so much for being a part of this show. – Hey, it’s not a problem man, when I heard they were flying me out to Vegas for some food, drinks
and underground eats. I was all about it. – Not only are you in
the entertainment world, not only are you doing the podcast thing. But you have food spots. – Yeah man, it’s a passion of mine. And then I kinda met up
with the right people. Like, one of the biggest
things that I learned, especially when it came to a food biz, was to find partners
who were really honest. Just having open communication without getting your feelings hurt. So when we were making this food, they asked me, yo what did
you think about the food, I wrote a whole bunch
of (beep) I didn’t like. You know, and they didn’t
take it personally, either. – Right. – They go, oh OK, well
let’s try to rework this. – The underground food world,
what do you know about it? – I feel like, this is not something new. There’s just a lot of light being shed on it right now, right? There’s like the elote lady,
the taco truck in the corner. In the OC there’d be ladies
who’d make spring rolls out of their house, and they
would give it to supermarkets. This stuff has been around for a minute. When you go to Japan, a lot
of the foods you’re eating, is done through apprenticeship. These people didn’t go to culinary school. They were taught through somebody else. – Let’s talk about the come up man. Let’s talk about the
adversity and everything you had to go into to kinda
get where you are today. – I think number one, like
being an Asian-American kid, that grew up in Sacramento California, you don’t really expect that person to go into entertainment, right? So I just had to go on my own. I had to make all those risks. And on top of all of that too, at the time like this is probably before
YouTube was really poppin’, and a lot of people didn’t
really see a lot of Asian people like me on the scene. For me that was an uphill
battle I had to go against. So I just tried to do
anything, and everything and that means I failed
a lot, at a lot of things. But you know, failure’s
just a part of the process. You know people get scared of that. It’s like when dudes ask girls out. They kind of stop themselves before they get that opportunity. – They don’t want that
feeling of being curved. – Exactly.
– Yeah. – Me, I’ve been rejected by
every ethnicity woman on earth. – I don’t care.
– It just goes right over. – At the end of the day
steel sharpens steel. It’s all learning. We are about to pull up on Chef Jeff Cook. He’s making New Orleans-inspired seafood dishes. I looked through his Instagram. I am so excited. – Yo, look at this gumbo! – Yeah man. Are you down to check this out? – I’m ready to go.
– Let’s get it. – I’m about to wife this man up. I’m ready for that
experience, I’m so hungry. He better be home, I’m dying. – Chef Jeff. – What’s goin’ on my brother? – Yes. – My guy, thank you so much for having us. – Of course, of course. – That was amazing. – Thank you sir. – Close this door right behind me. – Oh yeah, take it all in. – David do you smell that? – Smells like butter and deliciousness. – There we go. – Let’s just get this out
the way, chef Jeff Cook. – Yes sir, that’s me. – You being named that, I feel like this is divine intervention. – Has to be. – You can’t even be anything else man. – You can’t. – Can’t be an accountant, can’t be nothin’. – Let’s just get right into it. What’s on the menu today? – So today, I’m gonna be
having gumbo, seafood gumbo with shrimp, crab, chicken,
sausage all that good stuff. – You just killed every animal on earth, and threw it in the pot. – Why don’t we have a seat at the table, I’ll bring the meals
right on over for you. – Let’s do it.
– Oh, I’m ready. – So here we have the gumbo. – Yes.
– Oh my goodness. First off… Just waft it with me. – You see that bay leaf
right there, that’s a must. – So first off I see the bay leaf, I don’t know what a bay leaf does, I just know it makes
everything taste better. Especially gumbo.
– Yes. – Got that, is it andouille
sausage that we got in there? – There we go you know it. – There it is, cheers.
– Toast it. – I’m just gonna go again. – Oh my goodness. – I gotta make sure
for quality assurance. – Quality purposes, there we go. – All right, first I wanna start from the beginning, with the roux. You definitely have an attention
to detail with the roux, and I feel like with a good roux, then the whole dish ends
up perfuming and blooming into just a beautiful pot of gumbo. – So with the roux, just
take my time with it. I don’t try to rush it,
just make it my own way. – You know, one thing about this gumbo, is that you first take the bite and you’re just hit with flavor, and then as you chew, the
flavors blossom into just new depths of this gumbo, and then the spice hits you like a, “Hey, how you doin’? I’m
here, nice to meet you.” – Right.
– “I’m in the building.” Dave, the spice how are you doin’? – Yo the spice isn’t that
bad actually so like, the typical spice I’m
talking about is Thai spice, that (beep) just burns your spirit. – Yeah so Tim I’m not weak, remember what you said on Episode 1. That sauce got some kick to it. – You know what, the sauce
isn’t even all that spicy guys, he weak. – How dare you. I’m not weak, Tim. – With this stew it has just enough heat, which kinda gets you in
the back of the throat but it’s not overpowering,
you know what I mean? A lot of the times when I have gumbos a lot of people don’t do the roux right, so they do it a little too blonde, and you gotta get it to
that brink of destruction, where it’s nice and deep,
that deep dark brown, that brick color. – Yeah we weren’t messing
around bringing David on, he knows exactly what it’s about. You might as well get into the other dish. – Oh yeah, oh yeah. Let’s not forget my famous boil. – Oh I’ve got the wrong claw then. – So this is what pretty
much I started with, doing the boils. With potatoes, sausage,
corn, shrimp, and crab legs. – This man don’t play,
look at this sausage. He don’t play, he don’t slice
it up in little baby pieces. – Enjoy. – I don’t care I’m gonna
get messy, I don’t care. – It’s cooked in flavor man. – Cooked in flavor. – Andouille sausages are
already flavorful as it is, you put that sauce on it, oh my God. – There we go. – What’s up with this boil, he’s hitting us with two levels of flavor. First of all, he’s boiling
everything in a certain flavor, I don’t wanna give it away. But, he’s boiling everything,
in and steaming it in a flavor so that flavor is able
to penetrate, the meat. It’s able to penetrate the vegetables, and you get hit with the flavor. Then, he pours over this magical elixir, I don’t know what the hell
we gonna even call that. Can I call it a magical elixir? – There we go, I’ll take it. – You’re building flavors with this that I haven’t had before. – See I just put a little
bit of soul in it you know, add all that nice garlic flavor
to it, the spice with it, then a little bit of my secret seasoning that I put together myself,
so makes it all right. I don’t want to put too much time on this, because that gumbo. – Torn in between, I get it. – Once again, chef, thank
you so much for having us. David I know you’re enjoying that gumbo, we have one more spot to check out. Matter of fact: Chef,
are you down to join us? – Let’s go.
– Let’s get it. Chef Jeff, I wanna talk
about your beginnings, in this element of cooking,
this Instachef world. – Man it happened, summer 2017. I always would cook for,
like, friends and stuff, and I always loved seafood. So one day, I was making these boils, and I was like, “I want my
friends to try this out.” So I let them try it out. They was like, “Man you
gotta sell this right here, this is it, you made it.” – Was there a period of hesitation, where you were like, “Mmm I don’t know?” – I kind of just took a leap
of faith and jumped into it. – OK. – I thought about it for like a couple, maybe like a week or two. I even wrote out all the
things I was gonna say to my friends and family on Facebook. I just always look at it like, “I can’t sell food to anybody. No one’s gonna support like that.” The first day I post, seemed
like everybody bought plates and I was sold out in no time. – That time where you
were going back and forth, with you know your job as a
waiter and your job as a cook, can you talk about the stress, and the focus that you had to
have just to keep that going. – Oh man, it was so much,
’cause I also have a son so, I wasn’t just cookin’ for
everybody then going to work. I still had my son to take care of. I’m a single dad, I take
him to school everyday. And I still had to do all the dad stuff. And still had to prep, do all the cooking even at the beginning I was
doing all the deliveries. So many times I was burnt out, I was like, “You know what,
I mean it’s good and all, I love doing it, but I don’t
know if I’m gonna last.” So I was like, “You know what, I’m just gonna go back to my 9 to 5,” and then just when people started to
give me so much great feedback, I was like, “You know what, Jeff, just jump into it, and do this
full time instead of a 9 to 5.” – Yeah. – And it’s like the best
decision in my life. – So I feel like being exhausted from
all this other stuff like what kept you going? – Pretty much my son,
my family and friends. They would just always push me like, “Jeff don’t give up, keep going. You’re the first one really
doing something like this, so if you keep going, you motivating us.” – People think word of mouth is dead, and word of mouth is not dead. – Never!
– That’s the best. – Never.
– Right. I don’t know what I’d
do without Instagram. Instagram or Facebook
oh I wouldn’t be here. That’s all my Instagram is, it’s pretty much me sellin’ my food. As soon as I post, my phone is going. And sometimes it’s like, is
this really happening right now? Man Instagram and Facebook, I don’t know what I’d
do without it right now. – For a customer I know
it’s sad sometimes, when that chef that you like, posts that sold out image. – Oh man. – But chef, it feels good.
– It does. That’s the best feeling. They might be upset, but to me I’m like, “Aw, mission accomplished.” – Exactly. – That’s exactly what
I wanted to do today, sell out of everything. – So we’re headed to Redd’s Kitchen, and their take on just barbecue and soul food is unique. And just their twist on
it, is something to behold. I believe we’re almost there,
we’re about to check this out. Are you ready? – I’m excited man, I think
it’s kind of ironic that we’re going into a soul food kitchen
spot, that’s back at home, when that’s where it originally started. But it’s going back and putting the business back in the home. – Exactly.
– It’s kinda weird you know. – I didn’t even think about
that till just now, it’s crazy. Man, let’s get it. As if we couldn’t see through it. Hello how are you?
– Come on in. – Thank you very much.
– How you doing? – I’m fine how are you?
– How you doing? – Hey what’s going on? – What do you smell
Cliff, what do you smell? – Man I smell all types of just
greatness and goodness and.. Just blessings that have
been bestowed upon us, In Jesus’ name. Chefs once again thank you so much, for allowing us in your home. Can you tell us what’s on the menu today? – Today we’re gonna have, pork spare ribs with a nice Hennessy
barbecue sauce glazed over. – Hennessy. – We got your onion rings. You’re gonna get a homemade aioli, and we also have Cajun corn elotes. – Doing elote?
– Yeah we are. – What’s up, ese? You doin’
elote, fool? What’s good homie? Almost out, fool, let’s do this! So Redd’s Kitchen, Instagram
brought you three together. – Instagram, yes. – Can you tell us just
how that came about? – Redd’s Kitchen we were
cooking and I kept seeing chef Bray and I’m like, “Who is that? – So met through Instagram, how was that, those first few interactions
with each other? – It was cool, I was
making medicated popcorn. – Whatchu mean medicated? Yeah, I know what that means. – Medicated caramel
popcorn, infused with THC so she bought a big ole bag, I made a big ole bag of popcorn for her, and next thing you know, we’re cookin’ – You got Redd’s Kitchen.
– We had a marriage. – Chef you had mentioned these ribs. – Yes. – Are they ready? – Wrapped up like a Christmas gift. – Like a big ole baby. – Whoo! – Glistening. – You gotta talk us through the ribs. – Oh yeah hold on. I’m completely distracted. Chef Bray
– Where’s my plate? – Please talk us through
the making of those ribs. – The ribs are marinated
overnight for extra flavor. Then I sauce them up, that
way they’re nice and glazy. – Oh. – Would you like to taste that? – Now hold on you can see the smoke ring. That’s when you know. You don’t want them falling off the bone, but you want a little bit of pull … Oh my gosh I’m done talkin’ is it cool? – I like how she specifically
didn’t give you a rib. – Ha-ha. – Cut that piece right there for me. – Oh my gosh.
– Boom shakalaka. – Oh, you still got meat, you didn’t eat the whole thing? My bad. I forgot to show it. My (beep) look like an archeological dig. – You cooked down the
Hennessy to where it’s almost like molasses.
– Yes. – You’ll see a nice little
pink layer around the meat, and that’s the smoke ring. – Like when you see smoked meat, and you see that nice,
like pink ring around it that’s when you know it had
a long, low and slow cook. And a lot of the times,
especially like people who live in the city, they’re
trying to replicate that, doing it at home, and you can’t do that. I think people try it a lot but
you can taste the difference – You can 100% taste the difference. And aye, Mom. Hey, I’m sorry
I’m licking my fingers. – You gotta do it. – I’m doin’ this all on camera. – Only way to do it. – ‘Cause I feel like, as in home chefs you guys have a lot of competition. Just because in Vegas on the strip, the top restaurants get
brought in to the strip. But then you as a home chef, I feel like you’re battling
out those restaurants. Like we can do food
just as good as you can. – This city’s definitely an influence, especially for the street chefs. This city is the glue. – Man, the city is pretty much everything. We get, I know they have the strip here, so they get all the tourists. We get to have all the locals. Once we get all those people, they give the word of mouth,
and it’s like the best. I have people come in
from Texas, New York, just to come try my food. – Instagram is everything. It really is, it’s everything. You know, it’s better than
Yellow Pages ever were. It’s almost like being right there live in every ones kitchen. – Oooh. – That meat cologne. – Hold on, hold on. OK, so chef, when you do the second one, can you do the second one
just a little bit slower? I wanna hear Barry White,
“Practice What You Preach.” – Felt that.
– Here we go. – If you don’t mind, y’all don’t mind? – You ready? I’m too ready, I’m three ready. – Get it.
– Oh my goodness. That’s mine by the way,
I just wanna be clear. That one is 100% mine. We didn’t even talk about, can
you talk a little bit about the corn that you made? – It’s like a Cajun version
of the Mexican-style elotes. So I did put a little mayonnaise on it, but I used Parmesan and I
put Cajun seasoning on it. – You mentioned you had an
aioli for these onion rings. – Oh yeah!
– I do have an aioli, yes. – Where’s this aioli?
– This is aioli. It’s homemade, with a little bit of mango. Drip, drip. – I feel like I’m in a
food line just askin’ – Please, sir, may I have some more? – Oliver Twist stuff. – And I wanna ask one more question. How did Redd’s Kitchen, and Chef Jeff get to know each other? – It started out me and Chef Jeff, we were sharing recipes
and just sharing notes with each other, this
big head he’s just … Can’t stand this guy! – But she loves me so much.
– Yes, I do. – She showed me a lot of
the street chef stuff, ’cause I was new into it, and she already knew what was goin’ on. She’s like, “You need to do this. You need to do this to make
sure your name gets out there, do this.”
– It’s community. – Yeah.
– You know? Like somebody else’s success
doesn’t take away from yours. – Not at all.
– Not at all. – The city loves to see that
we’re all comin’ together. You know, making positive
moves for each other. – Definitely, so look
as much as I appreciate all the conversation, that we’ve had here. – For real?
– I was thinkin’ it. – Man you talkin’ too much
bro, I’m hungry! – Well, look, I’m done talkin’ – let’s get straight to it.
– I’m done talkin’. – Uh oh. – Oh wow. – Lemme get a little more on there. – That aioli. – This right here tho, is the truth. – Yes it is.
– Oh my goodness. – This is so good.
– Thank you. – You gotta bottle this. Tell you what, I lost 65 pounds last year, it’s all comin’ back. – Ahh.
– Ooh. – Drip, drip.
– To Redd’s Kitchen. – Oooh. – Mmm oooh.
– Mmmnmm. – Mmm mm mm. – I think it’s on my chin. Ima leave it there, Ima
leave it there for later. It’s a party favor. These ribs have the
perfect pull from the bone. – This glaze is like icing on a meat cake. – Yes a meat cake, perfect analogy. – Meat cake. – I wanna try this corn. – We tryin’ the elote? – Mmhmm. – It’s that twist, so typically with elote they do it with cotija cheese. – Cotija, yeah. – Cotija tends to be a little
sharper, little saltier. This is a little more mellow, and instead of the
tajin, we’re using what? Cajun spice right?
– Yes. – Yes I love it. – It’s good. – Really it’s paying homage, but then also putting your own spin on it. – That’s what home cooking is though. You know what I mean? Like every time it goes down
to generation to generation something changes. And that’s really up to the chef, that’s really the artistry of cooking. Did you guys try the slaw though? – I’m about to. – It kind of ties everything together. You need that vinegary fresh bite, with all the heavy meats
and stuff like that, this right here. I gotta chew my food, so good
I’m just eating like a duck. – There’s a running joke about coleslaw, you know the best way to eat
coleslaw is to throw it away. Let me tell you, and let me tell you. For everything we ate, that
coleslaw provides the perfect balance.
– Yes it does. – Chef, I am so thankful and blessed, that you all have allowed us here. Thank you so much. You know one thing that you talked about, is home, the element of family. How important that is and not only that, the element of family is so
important when it comes to the American Dream, this
is a redefinition of it. Going into business for yourself. Being in both your homes today is such a beautiful thing to see. And I think more people need to see it. Not to mention, three
strong black women here. – What does the future
hold for Redd’s Kitchen, Chef Jeff and David So? – Probably counter shelf products, more branding, basically more
collaborations with Chef Jeff. – More food. – Drip, drip Miss Lisa. – We got some more food
comin’ and brand new dishes. – Oh nice.
– To wow you with. – Man hopefully in the near future, I have my own brick and mortar going. I’ll get something started. – My future is right here. You guys keep talking this
is my future right now. That’s all I’m here for just to eat food. – There you go, enjoy life. – I just wanna personally
thank each and every one of you for allowing us in your homes,
allowing us to try this food. But, this day can’t end without me getting a
selfie with everybody, so is that cool? – Let’s do it.
– Let’s get it crackin’. All right one, two… – OK (beep) it hold on a second. – What the hell. – I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it. – One, two. Boom there we go, yo thank y’all so much.

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