Concierge and Integrative Medicine – Denver, Colorado

Concierge and Integrative Medicine - Denver, Colorado

what keeps me going is being able to better understand why we do what we do there's been an apathy in the medical community about our ability to affect change and I think part of that is due to the fact that we keep emphasizing and focusing on the symptoms and we're not really delving into why the initial consultation was nothing that I had ever expected it would be I thought it would be you know the usual 5-10 minutes and instead it was more like three to four hours and I couldn't believe all the tests that were done and when we got done you know he had a full picture of Who I am I think not only is he listening he's anticipating and I think that's important because you know patients sometimes put up a a good front and I think that he listens to what you had to say but I think he also you know he digs down to find out truly what's going on with the individual in the past I've always felt rushed with my doctors who were eager to treat symptoms I've never before had somebody sit down with me for two hours and actually talk about my whole health it's a very conscious decision on our part to form a practice that really takes the time to get personally acquainted and I find that caring and taking the time to see who is in front of you is one of the most essential aspects of being able to impact the life the thing I like most about dr. Levin dusky is that he seems to care about my health as much as I do what I think separates them is is not only does it care but you know in this busy world he's available I do not hesitate at all to look either to call him on his cell phone or text him and I know that I'm going to get a response when I come for an appointment I feel like I'm visiting a friend I'm visiting someone who knows me who I like who likes me who is genuinely concerned about me and it's a very very company thing what I love about what I do the most and what makes this so impactful for me is being able to have the privilege to take a glimpse at someone else's life and make a positive impact because this is how change starts that's the motivation and the fire that we need to make good decisions and I'm thrilled to be the catalyst and to help people make better decisions that lengthen their lives

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