Constipation Medicine – What to EAT to get rid of constipation long-term (no medication)

Constipation Medicine – What to EAT to get rid of constipation long-term (no medication)

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100 thoughts on “Constipation Medicine – What to EAT to get rid of constipation long-term (no medication)

  1. Hi, Thanks for this video and I am suffering from this problem. From today onwards I will follow this diet. Today is 29th July , lets see the results after a week. I m hoping good.

  2. Hey for the cucumber juice, do i have to filter the pulp or keep it with the juice? Btw, thank you so much for the tips, i've been on off constipation for months and it really stress me out. I will try these tips tomorrow.

  3. I have the urge of feces in morning but I don't feel complete evacuation this may be constipation? I usually go toilet 2-3 in morning this has made my life worse (not always).

  4. I have had chronic issues for years due to med's for chronic migraines, hives, fibromyalgia. I started Medical Medium protocols to address these issues over 3 weeks ago, went totally raw vegetarian (I use raw honey) and start day with celery juice, wait 20 min, then 32 ounces of warm lemon water with honey (for hypoglycemia)…and…NOTHING!!! I am still having 1/2 cup organic coffee and using some fat in almond butter, coconut milk, avocado…I wonder if that's the hold-up?

  5. how do you make the cucumber water? do you just add the cucumber slices to your water or do you blend them and drink it?

  6. Even if I have Gerd, and gout? I do want to heal my stomach so let's do this but I am on a budget. Thank you so much. Yes

  7. For some reason every time I take probiotics I get the worst stomach aches I’ve ever had in my life. Do you know why this could be happening? I was taking them consistently and like the bottle saif

  8. Hello im very serious and happy to earnestly try this. The first 2 steps i feel confident about , and as it is for "just" 7 days i feel certain i can go with step 3 also….However, where i know im going to need help from you is a more detailed itinerary of a daily plan/ timings on how and when to eat in short more guidance.

    For e.g.
    8_10 am just drink lemon water.
    For rest of day ONLY eat friut and veg , 70% raw and is that it til bedtime , and therefore repeat this process × 7 days.???
    Please reply with anything else i need to do. I dont want to be doing it wrong , e.g not getting enough energy in my diet.
    Hope this makes sense?

  9. Guys i also my gut problem even when I'm a child. My method is chugging water ( i usually do 1 litre or 2, and i will start feeling coming),
    Also i don't eat dairy because I'm intolerant to eat, i try to keep what i eat simple, have been pooping every morning , TRY IT!

  10. Hi! My name is Robbie & I'd like to share a little story with you, I'm about to turn 69 years old in just under a months time, when I was about 26 years old I contracted hepatitis, how or where I caught it I have no idea but thankfully it was picked up & treated extremely early, I was able to get rid of it completely, however some of the symptoms come back from time to time such as the horrible metallic taste in the mouth, feelings of weakness, extreme tiredness, weight loss through loss of appetite. I've had ct scans ultrasounds & a colonoscopy done & they've all come back clear. The problem I have is mainly the loss of appetite I usually only eat once every 3 or 4 days & then it's usually not very much just enough to feel full for that meal but not overeating, consequently I only weigh between 60 & 66 kilograms which is between 10 & 10 & 1/2 stone or 132 to 145 & 1/2 pounds ( at least I don't think I will ever have to worry about obesity )so my bowel movements are all over the place, sometimes it's normal, sometimes it's like diarrhoea & sometimes it's like constipation so I'm going to give your technique a try & if it works I couldn't be happier to finally be given the shits (the right kind for a change) after all I've tried just about everything thing else I could think of without much success so here's hoping.

  11. Thank you for the most helpful video. It worked for me in 24 hr. I stopped eggs, dairy and bread. Then I started warm lemon water in the morning , chicken and salad with olive oil dressing for dinner and fresh fruit for dessert. So happy to finally have an easy solution.
    Thank you!

  12. Try for 1 week
    Step 1
    Wakeup: in the first hour (2hrs will be better)
    Option 1: Drink warm lemon water
    Option 2: cucumber juice
    Black tea/coffee (x)
    Herbal teas okay for extra hydration

    Step 2
    Eat more fruit&veg (raw is better)
    Water content, minerals, nutrients
    Key point:low in fat and low in protein

    Step 3 (the challenging one)
    Leaving out 4 trigger foods
    Processed foods

  13. Can you go back to protein, and the “4 triggering foods” after the week? I dont want to be restricted to fruit&veg for the rest of my life🤯

  14. No offense. I don’t see any benefit in this as this may not work for everybody. This doesn’t address every issue related to constipation. Not everybody has a intolerance to dairy, eggs, gluten or processed or fried fats. unless your body can’t handle them or you just have weak or abnormally slow digestion. Cleansings should only be done in limited circumstances such as being backed up in the colon or having large amount of stool that is extremely difficult or impossible to evacuate. But you should then combine moderate dosage of laxative with one day or so diet of foods low in fat, protein like you say. The laxative is could be a natural one or a conventional one. Wait, I forgot fruits n vegetables contain potassium which is vital and a natural laxative itself so then no need for those conventional laxatives. You need sodium to produce a bowel movement. You would need to add in some salty foods to ensure you maintain the proper sodium levels in the body. Sodium deficiency can constipate you. This would at least reduce amount of straining required to poop.

  15. Rule of Thumb . . . Everybody’s circumstances is different in one way or another. For example muscular or bulky people may have better digestion than others. You get the idea. Also my trigger foods are a lot of vegetables when eaten raw or high fiber grains but I can obliviously tolerate them in moderate or smaller amounts. Not all bloating is bad. Bloating due to constipation which happens often when you are backed up in the colon. Any bloating lasting longer than 3 or 6 hours is bad.

  16. Hey i loved the way u discussed and elaborated.thankyou for helping us.
    I have a question.
    What if we have. Constipation and hypocalcemia together.? If we avoid dairy especially milk we will become more deficient.

  17. take this for constipation 2 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon water, mix it drink it before breakfirst, be at home when consuming this, because you will be flush your body, drink it every morning to get rid of constipation, its good for gallbladder, heart, skin, liver,

  18. What is your opinion on thyroid hormones? I have to take synthroid and I am vegetarian sometimes eating fish….I consume lots of greens

  19. महाराष्ट्र सुशिक्षित बेरोजगार फेडरेशंन M S B FEDERATION says:

    Nice video

  20. I am just 13 years old and I have constipation and I thought maybe I was sick and I was so scared and now that I found this video, I will try it.

  21. How do you make the cucumber juice? And you also mention dandelion root tea instead of coffee. But, isn't this tea a diuretic? Thank u

  22. I can say it works and I learned by experience before hearing this talk… My family gave me a few cucumbers and I ate the entire cucumber with salt and pepper with garlic… It tasted great but I must say it worked as strong as Gatorade with laxative pills before a colonostrophy that same day… LOL

  23. Hi Peggy 👋
    I have already written questions under this video because this is a huge problem for me. Chronic, severe constipation! I started with the lemon water in the morning and I saw a marked difference. Then I went to lemon water and cucumber juice. Now I have just started on the lemon juice and celery juice yesterday (tiny amount to avoid major detox issues) and each day the efficiency of the lemon water is getting less and less. 😟 I have been taking magnesium glycinate at night as well as a second dose of cucumber juice. My question is now that I've started on the celery juice should my constipation get better? (I just started taking Spirulina again). This his become a real health problem. Will celery juice help with this?

  24. If I am intermittent fasting, would I still have the full lemon? Or would partial lemon be ok. It wouldn't break the fast but still be healing

  25. Over consumption of caffeine gave me terrible terrible constipation and health issues. Coffee sucks! Especially if you have it with dairy / sugar.

  26. I buy your book but i think it’s not effective in case of candida or sibo? Is it ok to initiate with 1week plan and then turn to candida diet 😣??

  27. I do understand the good intentions of people wanting to help others and quiet frankly it's something our world is in short supply of. If we all would just put the effort out there to help just one person in my opinion it would spread like wild fire. And no, it's not unrealistic. But when people like this lady truly cares there's always one to try and rip apart human kindness. Thank you.

  28. I have been constipated for a week and i still am, i REALLY don't know what i should do because i have tried everything and no thing works.Every morning i wake up always having the thought of death and how my stomach will explode and i will die.Please help

  29. Which do you think is the worst culprit? grains, eggs or dairy? I seem to be able to tolerate a few slices of bread per day. Thanks.

  30. My brother suffers from it and it bugs him. it comes out in balls. he told mum had and it and was the same has my brothers.later it turned out to be bowel cancer and she died of it 2010 so I can understand is concern..

  31. I don’t know what to do I’ve suggested things but it works for a while then it goes back in balls I worry he might end like mum if he doesn’t get help I’m lucky I don’t have any problems with my bowels yet but it’s worrying when he tells me he can’t go to the toilet or he hasn’t been for a few days I’ll tell him about your video and I hope it works for him thanks for sharing..

  32. Let me tell you peggy
    I had some dried cherrys,
    I boiled them the night before ,had some cherry juice ,warm very good.
    Then I ate the cherrys cold the next morning for breakfast .
    I want be constipated. For a long while

  33. help gut feelings, so my problem is never ending acid reflux, according to the naturopath I have an overly ALKALINE Digestive system, according to ph saliva and urine tests. I have to get more acidic , but he suggests a crappy diet, wheat, coffee, meat dairy, I want to know if celery juice helps with this? I know that celery juice is very alkaline in nature, but you also say that it strengthens the stomach acid. do does it raise the ph of the digestive system, the second concern is f I embrace celery juice and dandelion smoothies ( dendelion being very good for the digestive system and the liver) can I still eat some of the crappy acid ash food? or should I embrace one of the protocols from medical medium?

  34. how long should I follow this diet for? Is it fine to take some foods (like healthy fats/ eggs) back in after that week in case it helps me?

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